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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INDIVIDUALS

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Psychology2, 190:group. The members will work as souls and not as individuals. They will learn to communicatePsychology2, 316:of each of us will depend upon where we each, as individuals, lay the emphasis, and where we arePsychology2, 324:process of evolution, of the relationships of individuals, and the nature of the unfoldment of thePsychology2, 347:to say concerning each ray and its work with the individuals upon it in integrating thePsychology2, 407:a time in racial unfoldment, as in the lives of individuals, when the blind process of evolutionaryPsychology2, 420:this possession alternates between the two individuals concerned. Sometimes more than two arePsychology2, 486:there are groups of people as well as solitary individuals who are practicing various forms ofPsychology2, 504:people, to the teaching of groups rather than individuals, etc. These differences, when carefullyPsychology2, 516:on today all over the world. Simultaneously, individuals in all these countries and in practicallyPsychology2, 517:is having a serious effect upon sensitive individuals. They are pulled in two directions: outwardPsychology2, 565:apprehended, as appertaining to them as individuals; they regard some clairaudient injunction orPsychology2, 618:of a number of persons is focused on one or two individuals. The more highly evolved the groupPsychology2, 619:the act of one individual or a small handful of individuals within the group. I refer to the way inPsychology2, 623:of the Will aspect of certain nations and individuals is connected with the coming intoPsychology2, 637:partisanship of a leader or a cause, attacks on individuals whose ideas or manner of living isPsychology2, 640:and [640] well-intentioned experiments of individuals in all departments of human thought and lifePsychology2, 645:have felt separated, useless and unimportant. As individuals, they are. As part of a great worldPsychology2, 657:secondly, the truly self-conscious thinkers or individuals who have assumed world control andPsychology2, 662:far to outweigh any temporary happenings to individuals and smaller groups. In the work of the NewPsychology2, 666:Plan as they are. They question the authority of individuals in the New Group of World Servers andPsychology2, 675:disturbance, and feeding no hatreds, either of individuals, nations or races. They will stand asPsychology2, 697:intelligent devotion of the group carries the individuals of which it is composed to greaterPsychology2, 709:entire human family is reacting, even though, as individuals, they have not made a soul contact.Psychology2, 743:of self-consciousness was born, and men became individuals. Now the race faces another fecundation,Rays, 97:of group lives which compose it. Though individuals of varying points in evolution form the group,Rays, 205:and which constitutes the goal of such advanced individuals as the Christ, are a group of Lives orRays, 220:As you know, every individual and every group of individuals have their own peculiar note or soundRays, 559:now in the far distant and forgotten past) when individuals who had attained a certain state ofRays, 589:and are producers of crisis in the lives of the individuals influenced and in the Hierarchy, asRays, 623:expression. Forget not that nations are like individuals, expressive of soul and body. The nationsRays, 681:to situations and the emotional exploitation of individuals and nations by those who are in [682]Rays, 682:possible terms. With these I shall not deal. Individuals are rapidly discovering the nature ofRays, 735:closer spiritual interrelation in which you, as individuals, can share if you are linking your fateRays, 743:free; they can only be liberated when they - as individuals and later as groups - liberateReappearance, 180:cleansing of the subconscious to which individuals submit themselves; it presages the inaugurationReappearance, 182:and reconstructed by groups far more than by individuals. In the past we have had world saviors -Soul, 10:those expressions of the Absolute that we call individuals. If such a parallelism exists, one willSoul, 32:and orientated individual in contact with other individuals in a complex external environment,Soul, 50:acts of courage have been recorded most often of individuals of the ante-pituitary type." - Berman,Telepathy, 13:above instruction, state that in connection with individuals: Telepathic communication is BetweenTelepathy, 13:is concerned. When it is found between individuals, telepathic communication is Between soul andTelepathy, 23:ways in which the Hierarchy of Masters work, as individuals. It is, however, not possible forTelepathy, 28:of all telepathic work you do, as a group or as individuals, will be dependent upon your capacityTelepathy, 38:tune in on some individual or some group of individuals unknown to them in their personalities?Telepathy, 40:you may make in order to work as a group of individuals with groups or individuals. An appreciationTelepathy, 40:to work as a group of individuals with groups or individuals. An appreciation of the power whichTelepathy, 172:to make a needed impact upon those centers or individuals which the disciple seeks to aid. These
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