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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INEFFECTIVE

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Astrology, 267:have existed all the time but have remained ineffective and consequently undiscovered owing to theDiscipleship1, 365:way" for the inflow of your dynamic but hitherto ineffective will. 1st month - My soul has purpose,Discipleship2, 752:potency of radiation is present but is rendered ineffective by your reaction to the outer detailsExternalisation, 178:side of the neutral powers, frantically pursuing ineffective peace programs, policies ofExternalisation, 487:be made. There will be periods of indecision, of ineffective action and of negative yet deepExternalisation, 651:is not in power; organized good is still quite ineffective, largely owing to the failure of theGlamour, 193:plane. The Technique of Indifference renders ineffective or neutralizes the hold of substance overGlamour, 209:power, nor can it render existing glamor ineffective. It can only make a man aware in his waking orHercules, 118:what is the root meaning of "vice"? "To render ineffective", and that for Virgo is to negate theRays, 430:finds Great Britain temporarily weakened and ineffective (except for the clear thinking of her
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