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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INERTIA

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Patanjali, 147:sattva, raja and tamas, or rhythm, activity and inertia, and are inherent in all forms. The studentPatanjali, 148:it might be said that: [148] The attribute of inertia (or tamas) characterizes the lower personalPatanjali, 149:It is primarily the quality of the desire life. Inertia is the quality dominating the physical bodyPatanjali, 149:whole objective of the ego is to break down that inertia and drive its lowest vehicle into anPatanjali, 153:sattva, rajas and tamas (rhythm, mobility and inertia); it consists of the elements and the sensePatanjali, 154:out into the larger life of the cosmos. First inertia distinguishes him, and his forms are of soPatanjali, 155:mobility, activity, 3. Tamasic substance inertia, stability. These three are divided into: 1. ThePatanjali, 189:a settling down and an acquiescence producing inertia, but a recognition of present assets, anPatanjali, 281:spirit life Rajas mobility soul light Tamas inertia body substance All are differentiations in timePatanjali, 344:in the manifested scheme is characterized by inertia, activity or rhythm. It is inherent inPatanjali, 401:and away from the tamasic condition of inertia, of immobility. This is achieved through theProblems, 49:new order of carrying on. The fatigue, inertia and lack of interest, incident to war andPsychology1, xxv:go forward. Let nothing in the past - physical inertia, mental depression, lack of emotionalPsychology1, 97:expectancy carry the seeds of danger, of static inertia, and of idle imaginings. But "where therePsychology1, 206:ray the qualities of rajas (activity) and tamas (inertia) are so strangely equal in proportion thatPsychology1, 223:agency: Sound. Quality: Extreme density. Inertia. Brilliance. [224] Students must remember that wePsychology1, 226:out of [226] manifestation a certain measure of inertia settles down on the kingdom, though thatPsychology1, 254:a beloved master and friend. Quality: Tamas or Inertia, - but in this case it is the tamasic naturePsychology1, 415:- Astral permanent atom - Vegetable. Tamas - Inertia - Physical body - Physical permanent atom -Psychology1, 423:Agency: Sound. Quality: Extreme density. Inertia. Brilliance. The Vegetable Kingdom Influences: ThePsychology1, 428:of a beloved master or friend. Quality: Tamas or inertia, - but in this case it is the tamasicPsychology2, 187:must not be set in motion by any personality inertia or mental questioning. This great groupPsychology2, 250:an attention to mental training. It is based on inertia which finds creative work the line of leastPsychology2, 511:undesirable reaction against them in the latent inertia of the mystical mind, plus the loweredPsychology2, 671:of unity, and the dead weight of the surrounding inertia. The powerful thinker or the ambitiousPsychology2, 671:are today availing themselves of the general inertia and of the world crisis and depression inPsychology2, 704:These interludes of apparent silence, of inertia and of inactivity are part of the greatPsychology2, 738:full of activity, men are forced into a hated inertia through unemployment, and millions of men andRays, 4:Subhuman lives express the guna of tamas or of inertia. They work blindly and have no ability toRays, 5:the plan. They are the sumtotal of the "units of inertia" just as the human units are called "theRays, 9:all other voices and the man be swept back into Inertia Blindness Bondage Many people are not onlyRays, 29:could make rapid progress but are too prone to inertia - perhaps I could say that they do not careRays, 29:certain personality relations are adjusted and inertia is overcome. Then and only then can "theRays, 468:a reaction from the Triad. There is far too much inertia demonstrated by aspirants at this time. Reappearance, 166:delay before Christ can return. They are: The inertia of the average Christian orReappearance, 166:for the Reappearance of the Christ 1. The Inertia of the Average Spiritually-Minded Man The averageReappearance, 168:to get worse. The only cure for this creeping inertia is to ignore the body and take your joy inReappearance, 168:the Hierarchy. Still another alibi, leading to inertia, is the fear people have of speaking aboutSoul, 94:- that is, that which has mass, weight, and inertia. Matter has been dematerialized and reduced,Telepathy, 78:mineral kingdom, this reaction is very slow, for inertia or tamas controls the spiritual life
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