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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INEVITABLE

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Astrology, 17:This is both wise and necessary, and also inevitable. Astrologers will eventually be divided intoAstrology, 100:mediatorship, in the first instance, produces an inevitable opposition between the pairs ofAstrology, 110:present, the readjustment of your ideas leads to inevitable temporary bewilderment. One of theAstrology, 139:arrest. The achievement of ultimate synthesis is inevitable, and this Jupiter promotes. The MoonAstrology, 172:sure. The influence of the ruler is therefore, inevitable. This is strikingly the case inAstrology, 208:trials and the discipline are unavoidable and inevitable. When the mind has reached a relativelyAstrology, 216:and clairaudience. This development is inevitable as the influence of Scorpio and of Mars begins toAstrology, 217:matter down on to the physical plane with the inevitable corollary of world disaster, world war andAstrology, 249:staged which makes a choice and a determination inevitable. It is a choice which has to be madeAstrology, 261:and the new civilization and culture is inevitable and sure. I would like to pause here and makeAstrology, 285:and its sense of "general distribution," it is inevitable that a point of crisis should be reached.Astrology, 289:fusion of Leo energy and Aquarian potency. It is inevitable in the long run for men and races; forAstrology, 364:also the dual tendency to harmony which is the inevitable result of all spiritual conflict. [365]Astrology, 372:Hierarchy and making certain major changes inevitable and unavoidable. This argues well for theAstrology, 374:great). This is happening and the results are inevitable and cannot be evaded. The great questionAstrology, 403:response to this cosmic light. Hence victory is inevitable for the potency of cosmic energy willAstrology, 524:relation makes certain realities and activities inevitable, once the soul of each nation isAstrology, 525:point out that in these interrelations is no inevitable fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of theAstrology, 527:ways: From the angle of antagonisms which seem inevitable and which can be accounted for by the rayAstrology, 597:in the seed; the evolutionary urge is the inevitable accompaniment of life in manifestation. It isAstrology, 622:it) is related to the will which produces inevitable union, at-one-ment and synthesis, through theAutobiography, 106:girl of your race to marry me and to suffer the inevitable ostracism, and I have not yet met a girlAutobiography, 298:fruitful work that she did, brought, however, an inevitable recognition that she was in fact aAutobiography, 300:therefore carried. It is the privilege, and the inevitable program of every senior disciple, toAutobiography, 301:and unfortunate aspects were in a certain sense inevitable and do not justify criticism of anyAutobiography, 302:of the Hierarchy certain things are known to be inevitable for the human family and certain otherBethlehem, 5:the form, till the death of that form becomes inevitable and wise. But the spirit remains to liveBethlehem, 19:future of unity and understanding which is our inevitable goal. We are today at the end of the age,Bethlehem, 20:of readjustment a period of temporary chaos is inevitable. Christianity will not be superseded. ItBethlehem, 24:of one's nature. It is no easy task. To face the inevitable tests with which one will assuredly beBethlehem, 109:He, unsullied and undefeated. Such experience is inevitable for all, and cannot eventually beBethlehem, 139:his ineradicable passion for the whole, makes it inevitable that out of the superfluity which heBethlehem, 165:be regarded as a great, sad, spiritual reaction, inevitable and terrible, expressed by Christ inBethlehem, 191:the kingdom of God in terms of the material is inevitable at first, but it is a hopeful andBethlehem, 203:and for every transgression there is an inevitable penalty. We pay the price of ignorance everyBethlehem, 241:in life, that the true significance of the inevitable future fails to arrest their attention.Bethlehem, 243:deign not to grieve in a matter that is inevitable... This lord of the body dwells ever immortal inBethlehem, 246:to Jerusalem, there to be crucified. It is the inevitable end to that which is of worth. It is theDestiny, 4:and also Show the lines of development which are inevitable, for the reason that certain majorDestiny, 34:and a frank dealing with the situation is inevitable and immediate. Four problems will be solved inDestiny, 60:of the age. This development is certain and inevitable and the indications of this happening can beDestiny, 62:served. It will be apparent to you also how inevitable has been the relationship between Spain andDestiny, 62:The triumph of the Fascist part has been equally inevitable from the start because of the egoicDestiny, 64:in group formation. This tends to produce an inevitable fusion, blending and producing interracialDestiny, 64:truest sense of the term; it will produce the inevitable recognition of vital human unity, placingDestiny, 99:relation makes certain realities and activities inevitable once the soul of each nation isDestiny, 100:point out that in these interrelations is no inevitable fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of theDestiny, 102:[102] From the angle of antagonisms which seem inevitable and which can be accounted for by the rayDestiny, 116:weaker outgoing energy. The conclusion is always inevitable for it is not the rays themselves whichDestiny, 117:of the Hierarchy is entering is, therefore, inevitable and for this stage there should be definiteDestiny, 123:therefore, useful under the evolutionary law and inevitable in its results. The rays governing theDestiny, 124:discoveries will be made. One of the inevitable effects of seventh ray energy will be to relate andDestiny, 131:to a great Word which He sounded forth and the inevitable results followed. Something of thisDestiny, 131:in the case of the sixth ray disciples. As was inevitable, they have carried the idea to aDiscipleship1, 25:at first hand, then constructive effort becomes inevitable and there is no lost motion. It is theDiscipleship1, 79:not to personal illumination - illumination is inevitable but incidental. As regards all of you -Discipleship1, 90:of the centers. This focused thought produces inevitable effects within the etheric body and thusDiscipleship1, 128:conform to the requirements and to submit to the inevitable, even if voluntary, group discipline. IDiscipleship1, 170:achieve its own momentum and travel towards its inevitable conclusion. I will [171] only add thatDiscipleship1, 175:of earlier enthusiasms. This is, however, inevitable and is one of the things which occur toDiscipleship1, 208:grasped by you in its cyclic nature and in the inevitable swing of the pendulum between past andDiscipleship1, 313:and no looking for results. The results are inevitable if the exercise is faithfully and rightlyDiscipleship1, 327:of right [327] expression in words, finds its inevitable counterpart in the exaggerated detail ofDiscipleship1, 395:work with me. This has brought about an inevitable reaction to the rhythm and tendency of theDiscipleship1, 448:not all upon the path of discipleship with the inevitable goal of initiation sometime, someDiscipleship1, 511:in daily life. When found, then glamor is an inevitable result. When recognized, however, they canDiscipleship1, 514:on the plane of soul experience, there is an inevitable reaction on the plane of daily life. ForDiscipleship1, 515:has been no marked gain. Such interludes are inevitable; there is no cause for depression, providedDiscipleship1, 619:questioning [619] and bewilderment. This was inevitable; you entered into this renewed groupDiscipleship1, 648:and of the heart center (which will be the inevitable result of the meditation I have assigned)Discipleship1, 683:a part of the evolutionary process itself and is inevitable. I want to make entirely clear to youDiscipleship1, 712:its techniques upon him. The results are [712] inevitable, because they are dependent upon twoDiscipleship1, 727:it is effort which counts. The results will be inevitable and commensurate with the effort. WhenDiscipleship1, 730:to the whole. Therein lies the secret of the inevitable and the unhinderable (is there such a word,Discipleship1, 733:- in reality - the seed or guarantee of future inevitable experiences upon the Way. People do seeDiscipleship1, 750:disturbance. It is essential to progress and an inevitable happening that every step forward isDiscipleship1, 764:and constitute simply word symbols of an inevitable evolutionary process. They describe the divineDiscipleship2did not stay very long. It was not easy. As was inevitable and very human, some as time went onDiscipleship2, 102:will all return together to continue with this inevitable experience. In the coming cycle ofDiscipleship2, 119:this, when rightly done, makes the due result inevitable. But as I told you before, "it is theDiscipleship2, 142:penetrate the area of the square and produce the inevitable consequence, the germinating of ideasDiscipleship2, 148:BROTHERS: As this world catastrophe draws to its inevitable close and the Forces of Light triumphDiscipleship2, 233:concept but not in relation to the final and inevitable divine results at the end of the immenseDiscipleship2, 243:to all this is the world situation with its inevitable all-enveloping psychic atmosphere, itsDiscipleship2, 258:soul. Initiation is in fact the essential and inevitable process of transferring the primaryDiscipleship2, 263:might be regarded as reactions - automatic and inevitable; I used this word "reaction" in my lastDiscipleship2, 281:of the planetary Logos; it is pure love with its inevitable corollaries, wisdom and [282]Discipleship2, 301:because apart from my realization of the inevitable limitations which encompass each of youDiscipleship2, 304:naught can offset; the resultant conditions are inevitable: [305] Formula I - Lead us from darknessDiscipleship2, 312:effects of this penetration; they are then inevitable and cannot be arrested. By that you may inferDiscipleship2, 327:it to a forward-moving activity is without its inevitable effect upon the three lower kingdoms inDiscipleship2, 372:takes form before his eyes, revealing to him an inevitable but future activity. The level uponDiscipleship2, 430:point in the evolutionary cycle which makes that inevitable. The moment that such a point in theDiscipleship2, 472:with the entire Hierarchy. This produces an inevitable crisis and constitutes a load which - whenDiscipleship2, 502:instructions, if I dwelt for a moment upon the inevitable problem of the working disciple, upon theDiscipleship2, 502:"creaking" of the human apparatus and the inevitable tendency which comes from constant service andDiscipleship2, 522:another, that abnormal testing is automatically inevitable? This will be particularly the case whenDiscipleship2, 529:are undergoing the painful test of war, with its inevitable nervous effects upon the constitution,Discipleship2, 537:however another point of view; these qualities - inevitable [538] and inescapable - lie behind theDiscipleship2, 628:reaction to spiritual opportunity. That is inevitable, and the method whereby a disciple learns.
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