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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INEVITABLY

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Astrology, 17:mean the death of the physical body, which is inevitably followed by the two stages of the [18]Astrology, 81:resulting in a "period of polarization," leading inevitably to a fresh surge and sweep onwards.Astrology, 121:no more sea" says the ancient book, which means inevitably the "death of the fishes" and theAstrology, 172:decanates, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, bringing inevitably difficulty, illumination and brotherlyAstrology, 234:solution of the problem of sex. Humanity will inevitably work it out as the aeons slip away and asAstrology, 309:an apparently negative attitude to life; he inevitably believes that his destiny is determined andAstrology, 356:our sorrowful humanity upon this woeful planet inevitably to the very gate of initiation inAstrology, 359:from the Earth because that small planet is inevitably for that unit the very center of his knownAstrology, 381:intelligently grasped, will lead eventually and inevitably to their fusion in your individualAstrology, 410:or great expansions of awareness, are followed inevitably by upheaval in the outer forms. This isAstrology, 422:you have not yet accomplished but which some day inevitably you will. Once man is impersonal andAstrology, 443:emerging good and the developing crises which inevitably lie ahead in the period of reconstruction.Astrology, 443:point out that the attitude of many students, inevitably participants in world events, that "suchAstrology, 444:to experience the needed, forceful awakening; inevitably then there lies ahead a repetition of theAstrology, 451:conscious control of the throat center must inevitably take place provided the disciple fulfils twoAstrology, 459:but the urge towards betterment will inevitably triumph. Astrology, 515:Science of Esoteric Astrology; this must inevitably take shape in terms of energy, received,Astrology, 527:From the angle of identity of forces, leading inevitably to identity of interests and activities.Astrology, 598:(because man is self-conscious), which 'produces inevitably and unavoidably the struggle betweenAstrology, 613:will - a new state of consciousness. This leads inevitably to a new realization of being. In thisAtom, 19:of the factor of the intelligence will inevitably lead us to the contemplation of the evolution ofAtom, 25:the [25] materialistic point of view, and leads inevitably to selfishness. It involves theAtom, 66:the churchmen and theologians of the ages, must inevitably disintegrate, but only in order that theAtom, 109:this reaction of the self to the not-self we inevitably learn, and finally break loose from theAutobiography, 30:conscience prompted me to confess. She knew I inevitably would confess, as she had confidence in meAutobiography, 48:before one a promised land to which one must inevitably proceed; but (across that promised land andAutobiography, 81:with women. If he would not so change his life inevitably he went to hell at death where he burnedAutobiography, 101:the soul, the strength to master circumstance is inevitably present. The result then is always (inAutobiography, 281:in man and in the universe, and this leads inevitably to the acknowledgement of God Transcendent,Autobiography, 300:in most cases before the disciple departs but inevitably not very long thereafter. Those movementsBethlehem, 47:obliged to pass, rapidly if it will listen, but inevitably, whether it now hears or no. Our themeBethlehem, 80:own individual part to be played eventually and inevitably has been forgotten. We have allowed HimBethlehem, 121:from physical ills is quite possible, but not inevitably so. In time and space, in a particularBethlehem, 126:the glamors which the emotional-feeling nature inevitably bring could cause him to swerve theBethlehem, 139:The higher self exists, and finally and inevitably must gain the victory over the lower self. OneBethlehem, 156:His steps. This is a point at times forgotten. Inevitably "we shall be like Him, for we shall seeBethlehem, 170:the Mount of Transfiguration, service leads inevitably to increased illumination, and illuminationBethlehem, 175:steadily forward towards a new age wherein men inevitably will live as brothers because ChristBethlehem, 176:said, have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Inevitably we are moving forward towardsBethlehem, 195:forth as the interpreters of the divine Plan, inevitably are repudiated, and usually die as theBethlehem, 239:be inherent in the human consciousness. It will inevitably occupy more and more of man's attentionBethlehem, 250:in combat in man's nature, and that good must inevitably triumph. Down the ages, man has assertedBethlehem, 265:guidance of the inner mystical Christ which will inevitably lead them direct to Christ theDestiny, 10:of the Nations - Introduction All this must inevitably be brought about by the work of those whoDestiny, 17:also remind you that the use of first ray energy inevitably means destruction in the early stagesDestiny, 19:scientifically and is a phase which leads inevitably to the individualistic life of nations - aDestiny, 28:condition the immediate future and which must inevitably lead to definite and tangible happenings.Destiny, 32:races, can everywhere be seen and this must lead inevitably to events and effects hithertoDestiny, 36:are being made today) and many mistakes must inevitably take place. The major requirement thereforeDestiny, 40:the experiences and the type of incarnation will inevitably lead him to "his desired haven." HisDestiny, 45:susceptible to their influence and this inevitably leads to these groups (responsive to either theDestiny, 47:more purely psychic. This will lead in time and inevitably to the world of spiritual realities. ItDestiny, 53:subray of the seven rays and hence they were inevitably the transmitters of first ray energy. It isDestiny, 62:the Fascist and the Communistic - has been found inevitably in Spain. The triumph of the FascistDestiny, 94:but the innate urge to betterment will inevitably triumph. Destiny, 102:From the angle of identity of forces, leading inevitably to identity of interests and activities.Destiny, 116:the process. It is thus that points of juncture inevitably occur throughout the evolutionaryDestiny, 121:the plans of the disciple, conditioning as it inevitably must his activities and life output. ThenDestiny, 132:East" will be over Europe and America. This will inevitably bring about the needed and desiredDiscipleship1, 8:and spiritual cooperation with the others. This inevitably takes time and the success of this newDiscipleship1, 27:to deal with any or every problem. This leads inevitably to isolation and loneliness. The glamor ofDiscipleship1, 30:has all the difficulties which pioneer work inevitably and necessarily has. Thereby strength toDiscipleship1, 72:and the consequent physical liabilities, there inevitably comes the cooling down of the earlierDiscipleship1, 107:as to the phenomenal achievement. That must inevitably come if the fiery aspiration of each of youDiscipleship1, 116:turn is developed through suffering. This leads inevitably to detachment. That process ofDiscipleship1, 127:learn to live and from which all disciples must inevitably suffer. t will stimulate your brainDiscipleship1, 135:causes and not with effects. The effects are inevitably effective. NOTE: This disciple is stillDiscipleship1, 191:pouring through that which is uncontrolled, will inevitably destroy. Keep on with the sameDiscipleship1, 205:and use your first ray Will, for it will then be inevitably modified by your personality focus. YouDiscipleship1, 250:in the light, your sense of proportion must inevitably be wrong and the first and necessary thingsDiscipleship1, 254:consciousness nor let the satisfactions - which inevitably come - supersede the longing for theDiscipleship1, 265:you have had many conditions to face which have inevitably promoted growth and developed yourDiscipleship1, 266:at the time of the full moon each month) it will inevitably produce a stimulation and a pouring-inDiscipleship1, 287:the inner recognitions, and the task, should inevitably change, though growing all the time inDiscipleship1, 287:of the potent life at the center; that life must inevitably find its outlets. You have much to giveDiscipleship1, 289:you are to grow at all, you will find yourself inevitably within some other group for service. YouDiscipleship1, 301:find at a later date, though probably - not inevitably - in another life. Who can set a pace to aDiscipleship1, 323:signifies. Such cycles of realization must inevitably be succeeded by periods of quiet unemotionalDiscipleship1, 331:All this leads to loss of time and produces inevitably the over-emphasis of the personality. TheDiscipleship1, 336:case of the average person for in due time and inevitably a proper sense of proportion will emerge.Discipleship1, 349:Do you believe that a man's karma must inevitably lead always towards physical healing in thisDiscipleship1, 421:and joy (which produces right magnetism) will inevitably quickly "speed you on your way." You willDiscipleship1, 441:world of psychic events and psychic phenomena inevitably [442] must. The focus of your attentionDiscipleship1, 477:of your dislikes. When this is the case, you inevitably receive from them that which you give toDiscipleship1, 513:hidden depths of yourself, whence again it must inevitably raise its head. End its power in yourDiscipleship1, 532:the Law governing disciples, opportunities will inevitably arise which will enable you to adjustDiscipleship1, 581:flows through a first ray mental body. This inevitably produces the accompanying characteristics ofDiscipleship1, 616:the stimulation, which such a contact would inevitably bring, might (as it always has in the past)Discipleship1, 619:now exists in your consciousness and which also, inevitably, involves your fellow workers. DreamsDiscipleship1, 631:to mature in your mind, then there will be inevitably produced, upon the physical plane, certainDiscipleship1, 721:to refrain from [721] the use of this fire inevitably creates a gap or barrier. Among the majorityDiscipleship1, 748:to you. When you are "on the thread," you will inevitably have the information given to you. ThisDiscipleship1, 772:karma and pain will find their entire progress inevitably slowed down, for they will have putDiscipleship1, 772:of all the world aspirants and disciples and is inevitably a sign that they are setting their feetDiscipleship2, 30:Those who are in preparation for initiation must inevitably work alone. I would have you rememberDiscipleship2, 35:have it otherwise; this threefold position which inevitably you have to take and which you cannotDiscipleship2, 66:astral or emotional vortex which humanity has inevitably set up as a result of registered pain andDiscipleship2, 66:by the uprising cry of humanity itself, which inevitably shapes and moulds astral substance. TheDiscipleship2, 70:from the effects of this planetary situation. Inevitably, changes are wrought by the soul in theDiscipleship2, 86:should be no doctrinal teaching given. If it is, inevitably the School will die. The new truths are
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