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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INEVITABLY

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Discipleship2, 101:you as life proceeds and you face eventually and inevitably the discarding of the vehicle, to holdDiscipleship2, 107:elements that enriches an Ashram and tends inevitably to successful service in the three worlds. IDiscipleship2, 183:as a Master upon the physical plane. It must inevitably produce the initiate. It "seals to him theDiscipleship2, 203:members of the New Group of World Servers, must inevitably be reflecting thinkers, must haveDiscipleship2, 207:with the hierarchical meditation, will inevitably impress the sons of men who are seeking andDiscipleship2, 238:of an identical approach to truth renders inevitably activity in unison. The whole point, brotherDiscipleship2, 298:that new type of humanity which the future will inevitably demonstrate. On this I shall notDiscipleship2, 312:to make this clear because students almost inevitably think in terms of sequence. The effects ofDiscipleship2, 333:(as, for instance, two disciples) creates inevitably a point of tension which can release energy inDiscipleship2, 335:evoking like or dislike, praise or blame, but inevitably putting you - as an individual - upon theDiscipleship2, 360:his predominating attitude must be, and how inevitably the group relationship to the planningDiscipleship2, 376:realized fixed intention and service bring them inevitably, eventually, on to the occult way. TheyDiscipleship2, 377:entangled? At this point, he knows that he must, inevitably and eventually, contribute something.Discipleship2, 380:of the will of a transcendental Deity, and leads inevitably (though totally inconclusively) to theDiscipleship2, 394:obedience to his spiritual instincts leads him inevitably into the realm of knowledge, and thatDiscipleship2, 395:fuller knowledge; the latent significance will inevitably reveal itself, as you work throughDiscipleship2, 403:of those new and more correct ideas which must inevitably be substituted for the old, as theDiscipleship2, 416:The hint upon which he is working will lead inevitably to revelation or into the light which willDiscipleship2, 425:plane, the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes place in moments of planetaryDiscipleship2, 428:of these penetrating energies is such that they inevitably evoke response. They become polarized orDiscipleship2, 443:life of the disciple does not stand still but inevitably - if he is sincere and earnest - proceedsDiscipleship2, 448:to a point of tension which will, in its turn, inevitably lead to a point of crisis. When these -Discipleship2, 450:which the two above processes will generate must inevitably eventuate in a point of crisis. AboutDiscipleship2, 451:in the mechanics of right breathing seem inevitably engrossed with the processes involved, with theDiscipleship2, 471:about a life of inner tension which can lead inevitably to the next point of revelation. There areDiscipleship2, 482:he is totally blind. Vision will eventually and inevitably come, but it will come as a result ofDiscipleship2, 506:your interior development and will also inevitably make your outer work more dynamic. One reasonDiscipleship2, 512:with the soul of those you seek to help - inevitably aids suffering personalities. I think youDiscipleship2, 547:automatically once the light is focused; it must inevitably bring release and knowledge. SeekDiscipleship2, 560:radiation begins to make itself felt; this must inevitably be the case when head and heart areDiscipleship2, 624:- desire-mind - for all feeling-emotion inevitably evokes desire. If the emotion evoked by theDiscipleship2, 629:yourself and there await the revelation. It will inevitably come if you care enough and haveDiscipleship2, 703:have my understanding and her unfailing support. Inevitably, my brother, this situation which youDiscipleship2, 761:of time and with persistent effort you [761] inevitably will. Think of me as you know me to be; letEducation, 42:far, and in the swing of the pendulum we shall inevitably return to a middle position, to theEducation, 47:educators of the different countries take will inevitably determine the nature of the comingEducation, 82:to know the reason why certain actions are bound inevitably to produce certain results and whyEducation, 99:the minds which are formulating them; they are inevitably conditioned by past history, by nationalEducation, 105:and takes place in the formative years which inevitably condition and determine the young person'sEducation, 113:- an innate, inherent characteristic which is inevitably present - to which one might give the nameEducation, 121:- of the new, incoming influences. These will inevitably condition the future, determine the typeEducation, 127:is so slow as to be scarcely recognizable. Inevitably, however, subjective changes are wrought inEducation, 130:develop the new form of family unit which must inevitably come into existence. Education, 135:is an insult to the woman), will eventually and inevitably cease. It is, in the last analysis, aEducation, 142:goal of pure service (which such a consciousness inevitably entails) proceed with their appointedExternalisation, 12:that trance Mediumship, as it is called, must inevitably be superseded by that Mediumship which isExternalisation, 44:(and those stages are the present ones) results inevitably in the development of a critical spiritExternalisation, 83:to grasp that which he has, it must and will inevitably disappear. Reflect upon this law. TheExternalisation, 102:present, factor which leads unerringly and inevitably to the organization - interior and subjectiveExternalisation, 103:that the results are seen with clarity and must inevitably materialize. It involves also theExternalisation, 149:material rewards will arrive normally and inevitably but as secondary effects; they will dependExternalisation, 177:be the case, then - without so intending and yet inevitably - they will stand on the side of evilExternalisation, 219:in its inclusiveness that state policies must inevitably conform to the larger ideal, and theExternalisation, 221:emphases and its separative tendencies, carries inevitably with it the seeds of its own eventualExternalisation, 230:that - as the New Age is ushered in - there must inevitably come a judgment day (speakingExternalisation, 252:For ages man has generated energies which must inevitably produce events upon the physical plane,Externalisation, 258:that, again in their case, there appears inevitably an initiatory seven - the base and darkExternalisation, 272:will transmit from the Lords of Liberation will inevitably be potently felt, evoking an immediateExternalisation, 294:and can stand steady and unafraid, response will inevitably come from the very Presence Itself. AExternalisation, 334:quarters of the earth, then certain difficulties inevitably appear. It is the dynamic quality ofExternalisation, 335:inner cohesion and one-pointed effort which must inevitably and surely produce the outer resultsExternalisation, 355:nature of the soul of mankind. This inevitably brings in the concept of the Presence, or of GodExternalisation, 360:and through Their initiates must and will inevitably shatter illusion and dispel glamor - the oneExternalisation, 365:and perhaps some of the solutions, which must inevitably fill the interlude between the ending ofExternalisation, 370:relations can institute (slowly to be sure, but inevitably) that new civilization which men ofExternalisation, 374:or individual who attempts so to do must [374] inevitably perish off the face of the earth. AllExternalisation, 394:rapidly, sometimes more slowly, but always inevitably. In modern history, two such Approaches areExternalisation, 461:usually a large majority. Their attitude leads inevitably to trouble and hinders the work ofExternalisation, 476:of ancient evil with men's selfishness would inevitably prove too strong for even the UnitedExternalisation, 486:spiritual energies which will be released will inevitably evoke opposition. Selfishness and hate,Externalisation, 526:and the adjustments that this necessitates and inevitably enforces. For the sake of humanity in theExternalisation, 532:with the universal will, and such a unification inevitably brings knowledge. It is, however, notExternalisation, 552:presence. Because the new Invocation will inevitably bring it to us. The Reaction of the HierarchyExternalisation, 578:failure and lacking vision, will eventually and inevitably crash upon the rocks of unwarranted andExternalisation, 598:direction in time and space that the end is inevitably sure; the looked-for spiritualExternalisation, 608:you to ponder on the difficulties which He must inevitably face - the difficulty, above all, ofExternalisation, 611:based on an educated goodwill, which will lead inevitably to right human relations, and thereforeExternalisation, 651:attitudes and points of view which will inevitably bring about right human relations. I would callExternalisation, 681:a rapidly deepening telepathic relation will inevitably be established and sustained by the group,Externalisation, 696:upon the part of the aspirant, and that action inevitably conditions the future. There is nothingFire, xv:it anything of truth and of reality, it will inevitably and unfailingly do its work, carry itsFire, 255:dealing with stimulation, magnetic and electric, inevitably brings us back to the contemplation ofFire, 389:As this subject is more widely studied it will inevitably be found advisable to call the chains byFire, 452:served by the impartation of mantric forms. Inevitably the time will come when they will be known,Fire, 467:of this seventh Ray, the growth of masonry is inevitably sure. This Ray of Ceremonial Magic willFire, 472:units here and there contact the devas, and inevitably pay the penalty) it may be helpful [473] ifFire, 496:shall we see that control of the air which lies inevitably ahead. Third. By the discovery of theFire, 506:blazing forth of solar fire. This central blaze inevitably in due course burns up the third fire,Fire, 511:through the desire nature, the majority of men inevitably direct and control the physical vehicle.Fire, 651:a thing which is proceeding under the Law, and inevitably the whole race of men will at lengthFire, 651:desire for vegetable, and nut foods, will result inevitably in a more ready assimilation of theFire, 909:in the marriage laws. The present laxity will inevitably bring a reaction, and the laws will becomeFire, 969:giving it form. Any idea of enough strength will inevitably materialize in dense physical matter,Fire, 977:- the [977] thought form has been built up and inevitably it will find its physical expression inFire, 993:in contact with the forces of nature, and this inevitably entails the destruction andFire, 1002:but do not know how to send it forth, so that inevitably it will fulfil its mission. Thus manyFire, 1144:to any energy unit under consideration, will inevitably affect its appearance, and act asFire, 1190:has an interplay with ours and which, therefore, inevitably affects the egoic groups. We must noteGlamour, 19:All small groups of people, naturally and inevitably, arrive at a telepathic relation betweenGlamour, 37:have to wrestle with group glamor which creeps inevitably into group life through the
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