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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INEVITABLY

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Rays, 666:will tread the occult or scientific way, which inevitably leads him out of the world of mysticismRays, 676:in [676] the Western Scriptures) carries with it inevitably the connotation of pain, and this to anRays, 680:communistically inclined "satellite states" will inevitably react divinely and potently. The trueRays, 683:is induced by dedication and produces glamor inevitably. The violent energies of the solar plexusRays, 693:which crucifixion on the Fixed Cross inevitably entails; he can now take his place upon theRays, 723:of that higher sensitivity which leads inevitably to cosmic perception. We have no adequate wordRays, 724:by points of tension, and these lead inevitably to points of crisis; the whole process is governedRays, 749:to resurrection and the revelation which will inevitably follow man's renunciation of the materialReappearance, 45:direction, in time and space, that the end is inevitably sure; the looked-for spiritualReappearance, 56:you to ponder on the difficulties which He must inevitably face - the difficulty, above all, ofReappearance, 59:based on an educated goodwill, which will lead inevitably to right human relations, and, therefore,Reappearance, 69:the Masters and the senior initiates. This was inevitably so, because Their participation and helpReappearance, 116:must be laid upon the Law of Rebirth. This is inevitably so, because in the recognition of this lawReappearance, 133:and through Their initiates must and will inevitably shatter illusion and dispel glamor - the oneReappearance, 189:the disciples and aspirants of the world will inevitably work - but the premise must be accepted ifSoul, 32:then to chemistry in general and then, inevitably, to physics as the science of matter in motion."Soul, 147:and seemingly most unimportant of these will inevitably and completely negative the whole field ofTelepathy, 94:of personal circumstances and problems leads inevitably to a clear mental release; this thenTelepathy, 134:which may lie centuries ahead but which will inevitably occur - once the Christ is again in
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