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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INEXPLICABLE

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Astrology, 524:Light of Life itself - something meaningless and inexplicable to humanity at present but which willAstrology, 629:content of modern knowledge and is consequently inexplicable to the finite mind. All that isAtom, 14:seem to be, and that there remains much which is inexplicable; he awakens to the realization thatAtom, 50:world now. If things are to us mysterious and inexplicable, may it not be because of that greatAtom, 58:discriminate. It is, in reality, that abstract, inexplicable something which lies back of the greatAtom, 120:that which is unusual, for that which is as yet inexplicable to us, and in ascertaining the realityAtom, 121:to that atom what God consciousness is to us, as inexplicable and as far removed. If we can extendBethlehem, 104:perceived, and once perceived, remains a fact - inexplicable often, but a definitely clear andBethlehem, 125:from other experiences, as original and inexplicable, as Sex or as the sense of Beauty - as hungerBethlehem, 234:They had been through much more than a time of inexplicable miracles, healing, and voices, and aDestiny, 99:Light of Life itself - something meaningless and inexplicable to humanity at present but which willDiscipleship1, 234:developing and expressing and much that seemed inexplicable to you in my earlier emphasis (whenDiscipleship2, 307:register and accept what is conveyed to him as inexplicable but to be admitted, and to be viewed asExternalisation, 110:and tried and subjected to the working out of inexplicable conflicts and drastic changes in theirFire, 334:the life escapes into the higher kingdom is so inexplicable to man at his present stage [335] ofFire, 499:unifying results within those kingdoms of a kind inexplicable to man at his present stage ofFire, 727:Creative Hierarchy, for esoteric and for us inexplicable reasons, leave Their Own Hierarchy, andFire, 848:impossible for man to understand and will seem inexplicable, but this hint is imparted in orderFire, 989:the realms of the mystery and the domain of the inexplicable. Certain statements can, however, beFire, 1089:be accepted as existing, though for us remaining inexplicable until the higher initiations areFire, 1170:251; II, 625.) This law in a mysterious manner, inexplicable to those ignorant of the karma of ourHealing, 369:the giving of an answer which would be quite inexplicable to you, for there is no terminologyHealing, 398:nevertheless demonstrated the presence of an inexplicable factor; the laboratories of theHealing, 398:its factual nature. Upon the grounds of the inexplicable phenomena [399] of contact with theHealing, 627:that the "blood is the life" - even if as yet inexplicable in its implications from the angle ofInitiation, 5:downwards, and as one to whom time is not. An inexplicable principle of mutation exists in the MindInitiation, 181:lead often to events unforeseen and apparently inexplicable. Thirdly, initiations in which aMagic, 6:closer than ever before; unusual phenomena and inexplicable happenings are commoner than at anyPatanjali, 188:of so many observances in the East which seem inexplicable to the Westerner. A shadow cast uponPsychology1, 92:Belief, verbal testimony, hope, curious and inexplicable psychic happenings, the mass of untrainedPsychology1, 238:of the wisdom, that which is at present inexplicable to him may be made clear, and when fitted intoPsychology2, 513:in the spiritually polarized person and the inexplicable conditions which seem to exist - mentally,Rays, 363:and thoughts totally unrealized and wholly inexplicable and sometimes even senseless, to theRays, 363:which are equally unknown and temporarily inexplicable to the initiate working in an Ashram underRays, 368:forms upon our planet. It may seem curious and inexplicable to you, but the center of creativity isRays, 370:series of happenings will remain for a long time inexplicable to man, though the results can beTelepathy, 152:importance. There is a peculiar and at present inexplicable relation between this system of nadis
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