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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFALLIBILITY

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Autobiography, 47:do things, the sureness of my knowledge and the infallibility of any advice I might give. I had anAutobiography, 246:portrayed were characterized by an impossible infallibility because the Masters are ThemselvesDiscipleship1, 778:portrayed were characterized by an impossible infallibility, because the Masters are themselvesDiscipleship2, 415:the intuition - with its swiftness and its infallibility - for the slow and laborious work of theFire, xv:the world making no claims as to its source, its infallibility or the correctness in detail of itsFire, 483:must remember that H. P. B . makes no claim to infallibility. S. D., II, 25 note, 273. I, 293. H.Healing, 280:proven value), and their biassed belief in the infallibility of their experimental techniques, haveHealing, 541:true spiritual perception with its quality of infallibility. His first task is to investigate orMagic, 16:all things exists, and we call it omniscience, infallibility, the "correct knowledge" of the HinduPatanjali, 378:and are distinguished by their accuracy and infallibility when rightly employed. Their working isProblems, 126:is today completely exploded and with it the infallibility of interpretation; all the worldPsychology1, 165:at Rome (1870), with its declaration of Papal Infallibility. The Tractarian Movement in EnglandReappearance, 143:Virgin Birth, the Vicarious At-one-ment or the Infallibility of the Pope. Humanity is in desperate
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