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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFALLIBLE

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Discipleship1, 7:Hierarchy who must be obeyed and whose word is infallible. Let this be remembered, otherwise workDiscipleship1, 27:disciple believe himself to be an authority and infallible. It is the background of the theologian.Externalisation, 9:powers, such as spiritual perception with its infallible knowledge, the intuition with its unerringGlamour, 67:and substitutes for it a true spiritual and infallible perception is contemplation, - aGlamour, 84:glamor and it is difficult to give a clear and infallible rule whereby that recognition can come.Glamour, 92:as to the governing rays is a statement of an infallible rule, except in the case of acceptedGlamour, 101:intuition which puts into the disciple's hand an infallible instrument whereby to discriminate andHealing, 279:or light and color, food dietitians with infallible cures for all diseases, the many who practiceHealing, 308:of "clear knowing," which is a soul faculty and infallible, once a person has been rightly trainedIntellect, 84:same power shows forth as pure perception, and infallible spiritual vision. The higherIntellect, 164:and direct knowledge, for the intuition is ever infallible. This process is in turn repeated by theMagic, 12:man a range of contacts and a knowledge which is infallible, free from error, and which admits himMagic, 169:inherent in the lower sheaths. They can use the infallible knowledge of the intuition, and thePsychology2, 395:reason here referred to is that pure intuitional infallible comprehension which grasps cause andPsychology2, 396:of the mind will be seen to be direct and infallible and will usurp the place of the presentPsychology2, 490:embodying divine guidance and as constituting an infallible leading (thus demanding and evokingPsychology2, 492:divine voice, then - and only then - do you have infallible guidance, and the voice of the innerRays, 39:cold light" is the light of pure reason, of infallible intuitive perception and its unremitting,Rays, 141:and progress from the angle of the pure reason (infallible and immutable), of true spiritual willRays, 180:the three worlds. The Law of Correspondences is infallible, if rightly approached and applied. ThisTelepathy, 110:an entering door or concept - becomes eventually infallible; in its earlier stages (where methods
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