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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFALLIBLY

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Autobiography, 52:this now but in those days the English Bible was infallibly [53] correct and I knew nothing aboutBethlehem, 196:in which all ideas (intuitively perceived and infallibly right) are distorted. Men's minds andBethlehem, 274:reflection," Dr. Hocking tells us, "that can infallibly break the walls of the Self, opens up atDiscipleship1, XIV:it was amazingly interesting to me to note how infallibly right the Tibetan was in his diagnosis ofDiscipleship1, 682:that his interpretation of what is needed is infallibly correct and that others must be mouldedDiscipleship1, 686:all that a Master says be accepted as true and infallibly correct? Is the disciple wrong when heDiscipleship1, 722:The aspirant learns to distinguish, eventually infallibly, between the pairs of opposites. TheDiscipleship2, 759:needs to have such an understanding and to know infallibly what is in a disciple's heart and mind;Intellect, 161:omniscient soul. It is immediately recognized as infallibly true and arouses no questioning. AllMagic, 438:only horoscope, which is basically and almost infallibly correct is that of the entirely low gradePsychology1, 343:factors upon which a man may count and infallibly depend. They are the guarantee of attainment, butPsychology2, 592:easily established and the psychic situation infallibly indicated. The intricacy of the subject is,Psychology2, 678:the growth of human consciousness demonstrate infallibly. The fact of immortality, or of life whichRays, 436:the interpretations registered by the brain are infallibly correct. I have here given you a majorTelepathy, 35:glory in the Aquarian Age. The intuition is the infallibly sensitive agent, latent in every human
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