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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFECTIOUS

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Healing, 18:Such infections are the various so-called infectious and contagious diseases, and prevalentHealing, 19:life and its predisposing causes of disease. Infectious diseases are there dealt with, but suchHealing, 49:heir when, for instance, he succumbs to some infectious or contagious complaint. Diseases inherentHealing, 70:see the disease die out. They are so highly infectious from the astral point of view that theyHealing, 192:to the three indigenous diseases, to infectious [193] and contagious diseases, and to the greatHealing, 198:a result of external impacts or contact (such as infectious or contagious diseases and epidemics).Healing, 217:The fact of their falling easy prey to the infectious diseases can also be traced to the sameHealing, 221:also the ills to which disciples are prone. Infectious diseases and those which are fundamental inHealing, 221:Lemurian types; Negroes are specially prone to infectious epidemics. I have not attempted in thisHealing, 243:of man's body. I am not here referring to infectious or contagious difficulties. Perhaps one pointHealing, 312:the violent suppressed wish-life of many. The infectious diseases, such as measles and scarlet
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