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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFERENCE

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Astrology, 4:and in connection with the general public - the inference is permitted and accepted by theAstrology, 13:"veiling either Vulcan or Uranus." This hint or inference has always been here and astrologersAstrology, 289:and program. Where [289] these are present, the inference is that there is mental perception andAstrology, 661:planets of which astronomy knows nothing. The inference is that these planets, A. B. and Y.Z. existAutobiography, 245:attention. This had been done by H.P.B. by inference and statement but not in any sequential form.Bethlehem, 108:their attitude to a logical conclusion. The inference is that we are allowed to know about theDiscipleship1, 777:attention. This had been done by H. P. B. by inference and statement but not in any sequentialDiscipleship2, 419:a new and further understanding. Each grasped inference is like a seed thought in an ordered,Discipleship2, 421:the expanding Whole. This leads naturally to the inference that, from a point of limitation, theDiscipleship2, 693:to entering the Ashram. When he does this, the inference is that detachment is now one of hisEducation, 59:though suspected, still remains unknown. The inference is that to be an esotericist is to be amongExternalisation, 225:itself so paradoxical as to give the lie to the inference. Either the spiritual worlds and theHealing, 371:are several definitions of vibration, either by inference or defined, and these you might searchHealing, 587:of those expressing it are vast indeed, the inference is that the antahkarana is firmlyHercules, 11:a realm where all appears to be hypothesis and inference. All that we surely know is that all formsPatanjalithat which the rational mind (using testimony, inference and deduction) cannot reveal. 50. It isPatanjali, 15:as form manifestations. Deduction or inference, the use by the cognizer of the reasoning powers ofPatanjali, 58:omit the final three words, though the inference is clear. The expression "the sounding of thePatanjali, 106:that which the rational mind (using testimony, inference and deduction) cannot reveal. The meaningPatanjali, 106:to a spiritual force or life in the world; the inference to be garnered from the life experience ofPatanjali, 150:the line of pain-producing effects. This dual inference will cause in the life of the yogi a dualPatanjali, 403:own world, and create our own environment. The inference, therefore, is that (given the one basicPsychology1, 165:and I think we are justified in drawing the inference that the rise of Molinos and the Quietists inPsychology1, 349:conditions of a set and static nature. The inference is therefore clear that in the later stages ofPsychology2, 201:are only to be inferred by those who can accept inference, deduction and conclusions which cannotPsychology2, 207:Souls Higher than this we need not go, except by inference. A detailed analysis is not, however, inPsychology2, 210:no standard of comparison nor can they judge by inference [211] what is important. All that can bePsychology2, 558:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics The inference then is that there are two sets of powers latentRays, 708:statement (page 534). There you will find the inference that three energies are necessary for theSoul, 65:this other side - the necessity for indirect inference - depends essentially and entirely on the
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