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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFERIORITY

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Autobiography, 63:I got on well with my co-workers. My strong inferiority complex led me always to admire them andAutobiography, 92:and inherent in my life. Hence the pronounced inferiority complex from which I suffer, but which IAutobiography, 256:from a worldly point of view are of a pronounced inferiority or who deal in claim-making and in theBethlehem, 80:is perhaps largely responsible for the dominant inferiority complex of the average Christian - anBethlehem, 80:complex of the average Christian - an inferiority which Christ in no way taught. He calls us toBethlehem, 193:producing in humanity that strongly marked inferiority complex with which today psychologists haveBethlehem, 278:as Christ fulfiled it. We need to transcend the inferiority complex which rises up in questioningDiscipleship1, 95:recurring expression. I refer not to an inferiority complex but to that adjusted sense of rightDiscipleship1, 95:wisdom at her disposal. W.D.S. suffers from an inferiority complex which drives him to an exteriorDiscipleship1, 129:people and, subjectively, you have a strong inferiority complex, based largely upon your sense ofDiscipleship1, 137:fuller world service has been a pronounced inferiority complex. This tendency, though it has notDiscipleship1, 138:soul contact. This will negate the sense of inferiority. I call you also to a cultivated joyousnessDiscipleship1, 332:harder than yours because (through her sense of inferiority brought about by the second of the twoDiscipleship1, 332:thought-form - and also upon her racial sense of inferiority. Her distress is deep seated in herDiscipleship1, 360:knowledges you acquire. Your inner sense of inferiority (a racial inheritance) is a definiteDiscipleship1, 360:In your executive life in a great city, this inferiority complex is negated a great deal becauseDiscipleship1, 373:totally unnecessary sense of social and personal inferiority. You assure yourself that it is notDiscipleship1, 425:of depression, based on a sense of spiritual inferiority which is not warranted, being not based onDiscipleship1, 426:to face. I warned you against the deep sense of inferiority which sometimes handicaps your lifeDiscipleship1, 526:to handle them as should a disciple. Your inferiority complex keeps you in a state of glamor and isDiscipleship1, 526:dynamically your environment. But the glamor of inferiority (which is the result of numerous littleDiscipleship1, 526:but I would ask you to cease from the glamor of inferiority and [527] preoccupation with detailsDiscipleship1, 557:for the excessive misery complex, the sense of inferiority, and the pining-for-release psychologyDiscipleship1, 562:to learn as might appear, particularly when the inferiority complex is as strong in you as is theDiscipleship1, 658:yourself as a teacher. You do not suffer from an inferiority complex, as that much misused word isDiscipleship1, 788:a worldly point of view, are of a pronounced inferiority or who deal in claim-making and in the artDiscipleship2, 475:as I have watched you, as a very well-managed inferiority complex - so well managed that you do notDiscipleship2, 477:indeed and, in your case, produces that sense of inferiority to which I referred above. I would askDiscipleship2, 483:condition you, based frequently upon an inferiority complex; refuse to permit the factors which soDiscipleship2, 752:others the prompting may come from a sense of inferiority and its consequent reaction of aEducation, 105:of material and social ambition and also an inferiority complex which necessarily breaks out intoExternalisation, 195:or by any man-made ideas of superiority or inferiority. Right human relations will come by a mutualGlamour, 207:causes of the deep depression and those profound inferiority complexes which render some peopleGlamour, 223:liberation from it by a negative attitude of inferiority and distress. They will profit enormouslyHealing, 38:generalizing. So many people are prone to an inferiority complex [39] in relation to themselves,Healing, 366:them more intelligently. A large measure of the inferiority complex which affects so many peopleHealing, 566:to which we give the name "depression, an inferiority complex, and the sense of failure." ThisHercules, 173:of evolution. Aspirants either suffer from an inferiority complex that makes them feel it is notIntellect, 246:for spiritual prominence, or suffer from an inferiority complex which must be offset. Another causeMagic, 110:not such a thing (by comparison) as a spiritual inferiority complex on the part of such as areMagic, 120:on a true foundation and does not grow out of an inferiority complex, the consideration of aMagic, 306:has brought him into contact. The result is an inferiority complex of a most powerful kind, becauseProblems, 18:questioning or revolt and with a deep sense of inferiority. The German people are consequentlyProblems, 99:complex which distinguishes him (under an outer inferiority) in his religious faith. This faith isPsychology1, 161:or frustrated complex and a strong sense of inferiority which may diverge towards an abnormalPsychology2, 424:with its concomitants, revolt, suspicion and an inferiority complex. Psychology2, 441:he frequently becomes afflicted with an inferiority complex. This is the reaction of the lower,Psychology2, 442:number of people at this time; the sense of inferiority is very great and causes many types ofPsychology2, 466:pride in achievement, a tremendous sense of inferiority, too much speech, a running hither andRays, 624:lacks the wisdom to use power, and her sense of inferiority (based on youth) leads her to misuse itSoul, 44:accompanies conspicuous moral and intellectual inferiority, and lack of self-control; but that with
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