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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFINITE

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Astrology, 9:Lives whose cycle of expression and whose infinite purposes lie outside the comprehension of theAstrology, 12:of man - a divinity which is to be found in the infinite grasp of man's consciousness whenAstrology, 52:and selfish impulse. Thus gradually, and with infinite pain, the human soul learns to functionAstrology, 75:to remember nevertheless that there are an infinite number of permutations possible, ofAstrology, 115:nature), and the attempt to interpret His infinite purposes in terms of our own finiteness. Let usAstrology, 637:aspects their combinations must be almost infinite." (S.D. Vol. I, 626) That which is the survivingBethlehem, 7:knowledge, the present formulated truth, and the infinite and divine possibilities of the future.Bethlehem, 104:faint glimpse (with his dim inner light) of the infinite possibility lying ahead. He caught aBethlehem, 141:self and the "individuality." The finite and the infinite must be brought into a close relation.Bethlehem, 143:of the divine ways of life, and feeling with the infinite Power, which works through life and deathBethlehem, 145:which preserves the life of God, latent yet with infinite potentialities. Christ revealed theBethlehem, 218:that matter itself, being divine, was capable of infinite suffering; and in these words there wasBethlehem, 247:indubitably a part, veils or hides something of infinite value, of which we are also a part. WeBethlehem, 255:common ends, the mastery of means, the glory of infinite enterprise, the pride of creativity andBethlehem, 274:break the walls of the Self, opens up at once an infinite World-field. Set a second to my One, andEducation, x:is in need of a world philosophy in which the infinite and eternal cosmos yields the other pivotExternalisation, 65:what can I do? [65] First of all, I must exert infinite patience and give to each person full timeExternalisation, 165:The patience and sustaining love of Shamballa is infinite. The fourth phrase runs: May forgivenessExternalisation, 623:bewilderment, disturbance, yet mentally aware of infinite possibilities, emotionally fighting forFire, 41:in plain language means that the Time past is infinite and the Time to come is equally infinite.Fire, 41:past is infinite and the Time to come is equally infinite. The Universe is formed, dissolved, andFire, 49:Consciousness. It is the All, the Eternal, the Infinite, the Changeless. Consciousness, thinkingFire, 329:of wisdom, and opens the door to those infinite reaches and to those cosmic expanses, where standFire, 683:world and hence they emerged as angels from the infinite womb of Aditi under their karmic impulseFire, 750:ultimate goal was the expansion of the self into infinite existence and potentialities; and,Fire, 928:adept or initiate its possibilities for good are infinite and far-reaching. Mantrams are of manyFire, 1042:It is on the illusive nature of matter and the infinite divisibility of the atom that the wholeGlamour, 66:unalterably. Yet, nevertheless, in this infinite and supreme realization, there entered for aHealing, 290:recovery [290] of past incarnations is one of infinite possibility, and when I use this wordHealing, 290:infinite possibility, and when I use this word "infinite" I immediately put the whole subject outHealing, 383:is largely speculative and still subject to infinite research and investigation. Many minorHercules, 159:of the fact that latent within himself was the infinite Christ; that the personality, the formHercules, 229:outside, to be finite and yet ready to serve the infinite." D. T. Suzuki. Initiation, 119:illimitable, and (to the finite mind), infinite in its abstractness and absoluteness. The secondIntellect, 35:they miracles, emerging from the heart of the Infinite, and, hence, can never find their equal? AreMagic, 65:this difficult work must watch themselves with infinite care, and keep the inner serenity and peaceMagic, 103:and are but externalizations of [103] the one Infinite Being. This realization, let me remind you,Magic, 136:more attractive, and can only be transcended at infinite cost. Intuition must be developed in manyMagic, 192:sense, which is a finite parallel of an infinite Reality - is "carried up into Heaven" there to sitMagic, 237:Mind, which are prompted by boundless and infinite love, and are the expression of the One Life.Magic, 294:for the registering and recording of those infinite possibilities which these avenues ofMagic, 325:or the thoughts of men about God, about the infinite, and about the Life which has brought all intoMagic, 434:which form our solar zodiac. Their effect is infinite and the permutations of these three groups ofMagic, 434:of these three groups of energies lead to the infinite complication which we find in nature. TheMagic, 454:This is true both of the Macrocosm and of the infinite world of microcosmic lives, which areMagic, 455:the Law of Attraction. [455] It is formed of an infinite number of living entities who areMagic, 527:Just as the human brain, made up of an infinite number of sentient responsive cells, can beMagic, 607:yet complete. They bridge, and therefore support infinite problems and respond to world pain. TheyMeditation, 27:and metal, - and be makes, therefore, at infinite cost, the necessary channel. He attracts theMeditation, 57:slow and the man has to pick out the chord with infinite care and pains. First, be finds out thePatanjali, 12:conveying the subtle [12] truth concerning the infinite divisibility of the atom; these are thePatanjali, 49:as well as the souls of men are a part of His infinite realization. The soul of the human being isPatanjali, 112:through the concentration of the mind upon the infinite. 48. When this is attained, the pairs ofPatanjali, 215:through the concentration of the mind upon the infinite. This covers the two aspects which inPatanjali, 346:of sorrow and toil. (Sutra 30) Attainment of infinite knowledge. (Sutra 31) Eternity entered.Patanjali, 351:4. Pervasiveness. All the senses are capable of infinite extension and every sense when consciouslyPatanjali, 352:the five elements and when this is realized, the infinite possibilities open to the aspirant, beginPatanjali, 369:(chitta) by a remoter mind is postulated, an infinite number of knowers must be inferred, and thePatanjali, 369:the sequence of memory reactions would tend to infinite confusion. 22. When the spiritualPatanjali, 414:(chitta) by a remoter mind is postulated, an infinite number of knowers must be inferred, and thePatanjali, 414:the sequence of memory reactions would tend to infinite confusion. One of the explanations of thePsychology1, 29:from this thought. The past guarantees the infinite expansion of the future. [31] Psychology1, 70:the qualities of the life, and so produce the infinite multiplicity of forms which will enable thePsychology1, 70:is seen. Sound and the soundless One meet in an infinite point of peace. Time and the timeless OnePsychology1, 127:predominates, and some one tone sounds forth; infinite are the gradations and many the shades ofPsychology1, 301:we are, with a nature essentially perfect and an infinite destiny, this has always been regarded asPsychology2, 27:the broad outlines, and [27] have ignored the infinite detail of process. The work starts atPsychology2, 247:hidden in the multiplicity of forms with their infinite detail, and that in the simplicity of formsRays, 5:of the use or misuse of energy is capable of infinite expansion, and in my other books where I giveReappearance, 170:bewilderment, disturbance, yet mentally aware of infinite possibilities, emotionally fighting forSouland attitudes of pride and shame, the infinite interest of art, the versatile significance of theSoul, 82:back into itself again all worlds, this eternal infinite divine power is identical with the atman,Soul, 97:By the power of Prana. Just as Akasha is the infinite omnipresent material of this universe, so isSoul, 97:material of this universe, so is this Prana the infinite omnipresent manifesting power of thisSoul, 107:and to perceive, catch, and assimilate the infinite conscious movements going on around us in theTelepathy, 72:use of such phrases as "tuning in with the Infinite" or "tapping the Universal Mind" serve only to
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