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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLOW

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Astrology, 26:three propositions emerging which govern the inflow of life to the planet and to the individualAstrology, 140:is supplemented by an increasingly steady inflow of the energies [141] of the esoteric planets, andAstrology, 155:ability of the initiate to depict it produces an inflow of force which would not be desirable,Astrology, 162:energies from Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces - an inflow of force from each of the three Crosses.Astrology, 193:signs are in very close relation - through the inflow and the outflow of energy - with certain ofAstrology, 197:when it has been achieved then there is a direct inflow of divine energy and man is linked up in aAstrology, 440:or integration, resulting in a far freer inflow of divine energy. Both these "approaches" (whichAstrology, 447:now flowing into the center of humanity. This inflow will continue its critical work until in theAstrology, 471:brought about at this time by the steady inflow of the energies of Leo-Pisces-Virgo and these lieAstrology, 548:by the following symbol or diagram: This triple inflow of seventh ray energy, colored by the forceAstrology, 585:purposes were disclosed made possible the great inflow of ancient and focused evil which hasAstrology, 599:bottom." The significance of this fresh [599] inflow of the Will will now appear; the stage is setAstrology, 611:of planets, different to those involved in the inflow of first ray energy. The key to the wholeAstrology, 621:from now on. These energies and their inflow must be carefully studied in connection with theAstrology, 690:persists, and is the cause of the continued inflow of manasic force; it is connected with theDiscipleship1, 157:of the stage of ascent but visualizing the inflow of energy to the centers in the etheric body andDiscipleship1, 171:through conflict will be superseded by the inflow of love, working with power through the brain andDiscipleship1, 196:times. This permits you to be a channel for the inflow of light to your personality and, throughDiscipleship1, 223:much first ray energy but protect it from that inflow by an active concentration of your mind uponDiscipleship1, 223:field of service, and develop an increased inflow of soul wisdom. Concentrate upon wisdom which, inDiscipleship1, 229:of the soul are expansions, registered by the inflow of love and light. They are mentallyDiscipleship1, 298:now be evoked - those of love-wisdom. It is the inflow of this energy to the personality which IDiscipleship1, 350:used; a major problem and real deterrent to the inflow of soul light when over-emphasized. EightDiscipleship1, 365:through obstructions and "clear the way" for the inflow of your dynamic but hitherto ineffectiveDiscipleship1, 414:to touch soul levels and thus to be open to the inflow of soul force. This feeds the variousDiscipleship1, 500:are thereby encouraged and fostered by the inflow of second ray force which, finding no outletDiscipleship1, 514:you to profit by the precipitating spiritual inflow. When such a determination exists on the planeDiscipleship1, 573:owing to your mental polarization - an increased inflow of energy. Energy follows thought. There isDiscipleship1, 593:a Master's group (as you came into mine) the inflow of energy is so great that the mind isDiscipleship1, 614:undertaken to do and, therefore, they lacked the inflow of the group energy which would haveDiscipleship1, 619:and frustrated aspiration. There can be no free inflow of spiritual strength, of wisdom and light,Discipleship1, 695:earth and draws closer to humanity, and as the inflow of spiritual energy from Shamballa into theDiscipleship1, 698:love, and the etheric web is responsive to the inflow of energy from the mind, then theDiscipleship1, 699:his etheric body becomes animated by the potent inflow of desire-energy. The developed man, with anDiscipleship1, 721:so that he is set free and the barriers to the inflow of the avataric force may be dissolved." WhyDiscipleship1, 735:really to love. It does not indicate the inflow of Shamballa energy through the medium of the soulDiscipleship1, 736:so, in the lower nature; it is a free unimpeded inflow from the higher. Love is spontaneous andDiscipleship1, 751:The antahkarana is being rapidly built and the inflow of life from the Spiritual Triad increasesDiscipleship1, 763:Master's aura. The egoic lotus or soul body. The inflow of ashramic energy, via The sacrificeDiscipleship2, 19:soul. This will result, eventually, in an inflow of light from the Spiritual Triad via the groupDiscipleship2, 67:personality and of the barriers opposed to the inflow of soul energy, but the details are of noDiscipleship2, 67:very faintly at first) to the developing monadic inflow. These attitudes and reactions of the soulDiscipleship2, 69:disciples everywhere) are all reacting to this inflow of energies, and with consequent conflict;Discipleship2, 82:Hierarchy. It was the knowledge of this coming inflow and opportunity for increased usefulnessDiscipleship2, 114:and the other is brought into livingness by the inflow from the head center. I would here remindDiscipleship2, 122:the solar plexus center is awakened by the inflow of energy of a dual nature - the energies of theDiscipleship2, 140:seek to present an unobstructed channel for the inflow of light, love and strength from theDiscipleship2, 165:are handling world matters; as a prayer for the inflow of love and understanding among men so thatDiscipleship2, 176:seek to present an unobstructed channel for the inflow of light, love and strength from theDiscipleship2, 177:and aligned, and thus present no obstacle to the inflow of divine energy. These three meditationsDiscipleship2, 187:Meditation VI - The New Invocation - Spiritual Inflow I wonder, brother of mine, if you haveDiscipleship2, 187:as a result of its correct use, a spiritual inflow - right to the very heart of humanity and fromDiscipleship2, 197:with extra-planetary sources of spiritual inflow. It is through meditation in some form or anotherDiscipleship2, 199:the energies, the Beings and the spiritual inflow which hierarchical service in the immediateDiscipleship2, 200:Embodiments of the intuition, and control the inflow of intuitional energy into the minds of men.Discipleship2, 210:which will make them a channel for the inflow of ray energies from Shamballa into the Hierarchy.Discipleship2, The fu:chain of contact and the great channel for the inflow of spiritual energy reaches from Shamballa toDiscipleship2, 247:of convincing phenomena, but through an inflow of the intuition. He undergoes, therefore, anDiscipleship2, 269:indicates, when present, a measure of monadic inflow. This inflow comes naturally via theDiscipleship2, 269:when present, a measure of monadic inflow. This inflow comes naturally via the antahkarana orDiscipleship2, 270:and the other is a responsiveness to monadic inflow, and yet the two are one. More anent this willDiscipleship2, 333:[333] The directed attention of Shamballa. An inflow of extra-planetary force. The "nearing" or theDiscipleship2, 371:Logos are necessarily directed in their inflow and outflow from Shamballa, they are expressions ofDiscipleship2, 384:before one or other of the two Initiators. The inflow of dynamic energy which comes to him throughDiscipleship2, 400:You have, therefore, the reason for the sudden inflow of transfiguring glory. This is the objectiveDiscipleship2, 494:therefore, avail itself for it means that the inflow of understanding, light and love is therebyDiscipleship2, 505:teaching Ashrams are being strengthened by the inflow of first ray disciples. This should be aDiscipleship2, 520:agent upon the planet, from the angle of solar inflow, but at the same time it is the mainDiscipleship2, 525:nature is deeply self-centered, and this the inflow of soul energy in the initiatory periodDiscipleship2, 575:of personality and soul. Appropriation - the inflow of energy from the soul in to the centers.Discipleship2, 575:Awakening - the response of the centers to this inflow. You will note the sequence, therefore, ofDiscipleship2, 710:the effect of adding strength and potency to the inflow of the love factor, and they should enableDiscipleship2, 741:much that he can do. When to these tendencies of inflow and of concentration there is added aExternalisation, 4:types of men respond distinctively to any inflow of energy, and a tremendous psychic stimulation isExternalisation, 6:of humanity at this time is the sudden inflow of a new form of astral energy through the rent veilExternalisation, 7:that there is another side to the picture. The inflow of this energy has brought many hundreds ofExternalisation, 8:situation in the field of psychism caused by the inflow of astral energy at this time. I seek toExternalisation, 8:I seek to confine myself to the effect of this inflow on aspirants and sensitives. These two wordsExternalisation, 14:movements are to avail themselves of the coming inflow of spiritual energy, they must shift theirExternalisation, 17:place, producing in the aspirant a tremendous inflow of spiritual energy, galvanizing his wholeExternalisation, 45:body as disease, and act as barriers to the inflow of soul energy and the entrance of soulExternalisation, 49:This eventually produces civilization by the inflow of the light of knowledge. [50] The educationExternalisation, 50:second group so that it may be stimulated by the inflow of the light of wisdom and thus constituteExternalisation, 75:worlds. They consequently block deliberately the inflow of that which is new and life-giving; theyExternalisation, 91:with the Jews, you have a very temporary inflow of energy, and in the case of the Forces ofExternalisation, 106:we are today experiencing. The first was a fresh inflow of the Christ principle of spiritual orExternalisation, 106:free from emotionalism and selfish intent. This inflow resulted in the immediate and rapid growthExternalisation, 106:inner, spiritual unity. The third was the inflow of the force of will or power from the ShamballaExternalisation, 118:the growing tendency towards synthesis which the inflow of the Shamballa force is producing at thisExternalisation, 126:the watching Hierarchy to permit a direct inflow of the Shamballa force (in spite of its attendantExternalisation, 127:Shamballa influence. But another result of this inflow of the will-to-power has been to stimulate aExternalisation, 128:of form activity). This is stimulated by the inflow of the Shamballa energy. Because of theseExternalisation, 133:This was due to the fact that permission for the inflow of this force was given when demanded atExternalisation, 150:of the souls of men everywhere by the increased inflow of the Christ principle of love, which willExternalisation, 151:people upon the planet to warrant a direct inflow of that higher energy to humanity, thus producingExternalisation, 153:the world disciples have invoked and evoked the inflow of this higher dynamic energy. HumanityExternalisation, 154:One of the most beneficent results of the inflow of the Shamballa force through [155] the focusedExternalisation, 156:and brain so that there is a direct and free inflow from the higher Self to the lower. Endeavor toExternalisation, 160:is now becoming somewhat established; the inflow of light and love to humanity is now possible ifExternalisation, 270:between all three, and a direct channel for the inflow of liberating force. This has happened only
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