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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLOW

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Externalisation, 311:thinking, and thus clear the channel for the inflow of spiritual force. The major prerequisitesExternalisation, 335:and expression of love, the freer will be the inflow of that which is needed to carry forward theExternalisation, 345:purposes were disclosed, made possible the great inflow of ancient and focused evil which hasExternalisation, 351:and capacities which will make possible the inflow of energy from Shamballa. Their work is with theExternalisation, 419:of the spirit of invocation and the resultant inflow of responsive influences. The truth lyingExternalisation, 456:Full Moon. This is dedicated to planning for an inflow of the Forces of Restoration. Do notExternalisation, 466:people. It is they who must receive the inflow of "lighted wisdom" and of loving understanding;Externalisation, 467:on behalf of humanity - a demand for the inflow of light upon the decisions of men. I would ask youExternalisation, 495:of real interest: There was a clearly directed inflow of extra-planetary energy released by theExternalisation, 519:who are in contact with Them, and through the inflow of ideas and through revelation TheyExternalisation, 525:has now been established as a result of the inflow of certain extra-planetary forces and by an "actExternalisation, 525:comes into manifestation. It is this direct inflow to the kingdoms functioning exoterically in theExternalisation, 552:Produces a direct channel. Conditions the inflow of power energy. Relates the will-to-good toExternalisation, 553:known that His main duty is to bring the initial inflow of the threefold energy which theExternalisation, 554:Hierarchy, via the Christ, that deep unending inflow of Love which will make it possible for theExternalisation, 554:this emergence will entail, and only a vast inflow of divine love can make it possible. An effortExternalisation, 555:signifies the sound which preceded each major inflow at the May Festival; these energies will beExternalisation, 562:of initiates and disciples and a tremendous inflow of what is esoterically called "angelic essence"Externalisation, 602:to the Father's House would result in such an inflow of spiritual strength, insight and creativeExternalisation, 645:an effect or contact as may the others. Its inflow will, however, serve to bring about a "fixedExternalisation, 655:levels. This, when combined with a powerful inflow of the energy of prana, produces and stimulatesFire, 160:of depression makes its appearance, marking the inflow and outflow of force or heat. We are hereFire, 694:apparent that we are, at this period of manasic inflow and development, concerned with the comingFire, 694:The response of deva substance to the inflow of force on the mental plane has a threefold effect inFire, 699:persists, and is the cause of the continued inflow of manasic force; it is connected with theFire, 759:or love aspect, may respond more rapidly to the inflow of force at the Coming than other movementsFire, 759:could not stand the tremendously increased inflow of force, and recognition of Them and of TheirFire, 775:permanent atom is the first to receive the inflow, passing it through its system to the astralFire, 978:in group work and consequent arrest of the inflow of force from the Master temporarily is based onFire, Chart:within the planetary sphere, and frequently the inflow of force or energy to these internal centersFire, 1098:problem may be forthcoming. There is a constant inflow of energy from these great Entities onFire, 1098:great Entities on cosmic mental levels; this inflow is the very life itself of the solar units whoFire, 1104:rate of vibration is brought about by the inflow of energies of different kinds. These variousFire, 1112:circle of petals, and which is the result of an inflow of monadic force, or atma. d. Finally,Fire, 1134:is the negative basis for the [1134] positive inflow which can be seen pouring in through the upperFire, 1179:four-leaved plant through new and fresh [1179] inflow becomes the plant with seven leaves and threeGlamour, 5:will immediately respond. The continuance of the inflow of the light of the intuition will drawGlamour, 7:and when that is brought about, the inflow of the intuition and, consequently, of illumination andGlamour, 52:and right purpose enhance the directed inflow of spiritual energy. He knows. He loves. He seeks toGlamour, 183:forward; the intuitives continue to work and the inflow of that which is to be revealed neverGlamour, 241:taught, glamor can only be dissipated by the inflow of clear, directed light; this is true of theHealing, 35:contact which indicates a beginning of the inflow of soul energy. With the disciples of the world,Healing, 52:types of disease which can be the result of the inflow of energy. It is only intended to beHealing, 66:and powerfully demonstrating, on account of the inflow to a greater [67] or less degree of theHealing, 75:rhythmically, and are therefore receptive to inflow, while others are still entirely inactive andHealing, 115:block his contact and the consequent resulting inflow of soul energy. The disciple reverses theHealing, 115:(prior to the third initiation) to the terrific inflow of soul energy - the energy of the secondHealing, 116:will be the result of over-stimulation or the inflow of energy to one particular center, producingHealing, 121:They [121] are primarily related to energy, its inflow, its assimilation or non-assimilation, andHealing, 122:and physical reactions and disease because the inflow, distribution and direction of energy do notHealing, 129:are many other conditions brought about by this inflow of force. The disciple becomes, forHealing, 129:is all due to wrong direction of force and the inflow of force from one or other of the [130]Healing, 141:the response of the centers to the higher inflow, the point in evolution achieved, and the freeHealing, 151:arrive at some of the effects which this energy inflow and conflict with forces will produce. Healing, 154:purpose of the soul, transmitted to it by the inflow of energy from the ajna center; the fusion ofHealing, 158:is superseded by group consciousness, and the inflow of hierarchical energy follows as a naturalHealing, 162:be opening and presenting free channels for the inflow and the transmission of the three majorHealing, 162:movement of the centers and to the constant inflow of energies we can trace much of the discomfortHealing, 168:art - based on the understanding of energy, its inflow and circulation - this treatise will dealHealing, 209:the spine is uneven, owing to the fact that the inflow is uneven, and that the etheric web -Healing, 209:type of force is aided and paralleled by the inflow of planetary prana or vital energy from theHealing, 210:is gradually added to this inherent force an inflow of "qualified" energy which is expressive ofHealing, 210:the man and also the ray type of his soul. This inflow comes from the second divine aspect, fromHealing, 213:is ever intelligently receptive, but a constant inflow of spiritual life. There will then be thatHealing, 223:of life and the casualties of war by a fresh inflow of life into form, thus preserving the humanHealing, 284:upon the diseased area; or they lessen the inflow of force in the other case, and thus weaken theHealing, 381:dreaded inherited diseases. The inspiration and inflow of occult knowledge, via the disciples andHealing, 386:of thought and of desires which could hinder the inflow of spiritual force - a force which mightHealing, 388:be prepared to make in order to facilitate the inflow of the healing force. He must be induced toHealing, 407:by His cosmic experience and the need for an inflow of energy from extra-planetary Beings. I haveHealing, 503:should result in less opposition to the inflow of the new type of energy; it should facilitate theHealing, 539:own plane. Where there is complete unobstructed inflow from the soul to the seven vitalizingHealing, 541:with a view of attracting, if possible, a fuller inflow of the soul energy of the patient into theHealing, 542:greater soul contact and producing a resultant inflow of soul energy into the head center and fromHealing, 542:of the will-to-live, bringing on a flooding inflow of the life principle. This makes its impact tooHealing, 617:the etheric body. It creates (in response to the inflow of energies from the etheric body, via theHealing, 629:as a whole, which can be energized by the inflow of streams of energy, bringing new life and healthHealing, 662:it rebels against the curtailment of the steady inflow of material goods. Humanity has made thisHealing, 674:therefore created an unclogged channel for the inflow of pure love. Perfect poise, viewed from theHealing, 677:become a pure channel and the hindrances to the inflow of pure love will be automatically removedHercules, 171:because its correct delineation would produce an inflow of force that would be undesirable; alsoIntellect, 162:language, is a 'return to his Origin'. Hence an inflow of new vitality, extended powers of vision,Intellect, 211:and, therefore, presents no barrier to the inflow of spiritual knowledge to the brain. When theseMagic, 23:It is the breath of Life and is that rhythmic inflow of vital energy which manifests in its turn asMagic, 62:being", or are they being subjected to a cyclic inflow of forces? In this case the worker must seekMagic, 130:will be superseded, and we shall have simply the inflow of the intuition, taking form through theMagic, 183:along meditation lines, mind control, and the inflow of spiritual force. [184] b. The aligning ofMagic, 188:staying there; it is produced by the inevitable inflow of spiritual force and not by strenuousMagic, 215:conscious development, right alignment and the inflow of soul life. Then its magnetic controllingMagic, 462:peril, will be [462] found to be related to the inflow of unused and unrecognized energy which isMagic, 501:and the opening in that region permits the inflow of light, information and inspiration; it confersMagic, 512:of opportunity and the night of inactivity, of inflow and output, and of those many appearances andMagic, 525:I. First of all, humanity is responsive to the inflow of spiritual energy. This pours into it fromPatanjali, 218:and the solar body). It therefore concerns the inflow of energy into the etheric body and itsPatanjali, 277:forms or pictures in the akasha produced by the inflow of solar force via the planets. Those formsPatanjali, 277:forms or pictures which are produced by the inflow of cosmic force from one or other of the signsProblems, 163:will evoke wisdom and understanding and the inflow of light into the minds of men everywhere. ThisProblems, 164:to contact its Head a great and general inflow of spiritual light and love would occur; if theyPsychology1, 74:will thus constitute focal [74] points for the inflow of these four types of divine energy, andPsychology1, 74:also subjectively the focal point for a triple inflow of energy from the center in the Body of God
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