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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLOW

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Psychology1, 76:mind is intended to be the channel for the pure inflow of higher mind energy. This fifth ray is aPsychology1, 102:be dissipated, and this will permit a more rapid inflow of the third aspect of light. The lightPsychology1, 109:sense of proportion are great. But out of this inflow from the subjective side of life are comingPsychology1, 111:your tongue is rendered harmless, through the inflow of Love. Secondly, let not your mind bePsychology1, 135:to these varying urges. When we deal with the inflow of mental energy and with the forces emanatingPsychology1, 279:As the world of forms responds cyclically to the inflow of the higher energies, their effect is toPsychology1, 281:the coming may take the form of a tremendous inflow of the Christ principle, the Christ life andPsychology1, 282:The point I seek to make, however, is that this inflow of the Christ spirit of love (whether itPsychology1, 282:in the ground upon which these factors play. The inflow of love therefore will stimulate earthlyPsychology1, 284:produce a mental freedom which will admit of the inflow of new ideas and concepts. We shallPsychology1, 285:in of the new age, apart therefore from the inflow of the Christ spirit, with its transformingPsychology2, 129:Harmlessness prepares the way for the inflow of life; harmlessness dissipates the obstructions toPsychology2, 196:will. In 1942, there will come another planetary inflow of which we all are begged to availPsychology2, 265:their measure of soul contact does bring in an inflow of force which stimulates the lower nature,Psychology2, 306:and head centers, are receptive to impact and inflow of life. [307] Psychology2, 341:of the energy reception by the centers, and the inflow of soul potency. This will bring us to aPsychology2, 376:disciple remember that it will mean a tremendous inflow of power, of energy from both the alignedPsychology2, 389:an increased vital livingness, and a dynamic inflow of spiritual life into the physical planePsychology2, 390:precipitation upon earth. The result of this inflow of supremely high energies is that thePsychology2, 409:and integration, producing consequently an inflow of unaccustomed energy. This inflow may expressPsychology2, 409:an inflow of unaccustomed energy. This inflow may express itself as a high voltage ambition, as aPsychology2, 534:This is the period of interior awareness. The inflow of planetary and solar potencies, via the headPsychology2, 534:heart and from thence to the other centers. This inflow produces: Stimulation of all the centers,Psychology2, 535:of brain tumors can be induced by a too rapid inflow of the highest form of energy which a man canPsychology2, 535:a mental type. In other cases of premature soul inflow, the energy pours through the opening at thePsychology2, 540:practically exclusive use, and by the consequent inflow of forces from the astral plane, to whichPsychology2, 590:This deprives the solar plexus of a constant inflow of energy and greatly aids in freeing of thePsychology2, 607:of the throat center. Where there is this inflow of creative force and where there is no real usePsychology2, 610:ray types. First ray people will register the inflow of force and power with facility and willPsychology2, 611:as these cells are brought into activity by the inflow of the light of the soul that geniusPsychology2, 685:come in the form of a much increased spiritual inflow of energy of a kind more potent and of aPsychology2, 691:the gates of the new life can be opened, and the inflow of the new spiritual forces can take place.Psychology2, 711:consequences: - stimulation, integration, the inflow of energy, and the use of that energy,Rays, 13:outside our planetary life altogether; the inflow of this energy, its inevitable effect underRays, 14:panorama of manifestation rests, and upon the inflow and activity of new and higher energies theRays, 16:our planet. There is therefore, owing to the inflow of energy from extra-planetary sources, aRays, 17:approach to life conditions, as a result of the inflow of new energies, which is producing theRays, 69:triangle and of this symbol of energy, with its inflow and distribution, is to be found in theRays, 78:The world of men is seething in response to the inflow of spiritual energy. This energy has beenRays, 85:the human family and (as you have been told) the inflow of the Shamballa force at this particularRays, 89:can the Shamballa energy be permitted complete inflow through the medium of the two other centers.Rays, 129:soul - find its sustenance and vitality by the inflow of the intuition and of the spiritual will,Rays, 158:of the Supplementary Seven is concerned with the inflow of energy from the seven planetary centersRays, 219:love of the soul is absent and the shattering inflow of the life at the heart of the jewel is notRays, 223:and invocative activity. This brings about an inflow of the destroyer aspect of the divine Will,Rays, 232:as fully as their spiritual status permits. This inflow of Aquarian energy is one of the factorsRays, 335:had arrived, permitted (at the same time) the inflow of an aspect of energy which never reachedRays, 370:in modern occultism. There is therefore a dual inflow into the Ashram of Sanat Kumara, controlledRays, 371:you may have realized it - it is this constant inflow which aids in the intelligent application ofRays, 374:understanding and power from Shamballa, and this inflow is adequate to hierarchical need) as itRays, 374:its magnetic potency (brought about by an inflow of first ray power) "units of life and devotion" -Rays, 398:must be filled; they lead constantly to the inflow of new and powerful energies, for it must beRays, 401:their own lives and in the lives of others. The inflow of pure solar astral energy, under cyclicRays, 404:attention and directive power, permitting the inflow of energies from Libra which could notRays, 412:time, to the processes of evolution and to the inflow (since 1825) of the will energy fromRays, 415:Sirius; the Ashrams are subjected to its cyclic inflow; the higher initiations are taken under itsRays, 423:and "find the Point where They can serve." The inflow of extra-solar energy is what produces theRays, 471:the individual parallel to the present inflow of force from Shamballa, about which I have elsewhereRays, 471:personality and the Spiritual Triad, then the inflow of the will-energy becomes possible. This, inRays, 472:to offset the consequences of any premature inflow of the will force. After the third initiation,Rays, 473:a fusion of energies which is causing an inflow of the spiritual will, as well as a demonstrationRays, 535:as well as growing power to invoke the inflow of the higher light, through the medium of theRays, 593:the peoples of the world and by a stupendous inflow of love-wisdom. There is a tendency in theRays, 596:talk and phrases of the man in the street. The inflow of this mental energy into the world of men,Rays, 598:and thus are progressively responsive to the inflow of triadal energy. It might therefore be saidRays, 612:for which all men of goodwill should work. The inflow of energy into humanity at this time is allRays, 615:everywhere and in every nation. This spiritual inflow will bring about the reorienting of humanRays, 648:Shamballa, the mental plane will receive such an inflow of energy that the thinking principle, theRays, 648:signs of the coming of this new light and energy inflow is a definitely curious one; it is [649] toRays, 650:thus laying himself open to an entirely new inflow of force. This he must do consciously. It isRays, 650:as a result of first ray energy will be an inflow of the second aspect of this ray - a blazingRays, 651:substituted for desire. Then, reinforced by the inflow of the first ray Shamballic energy, andRays, 712:the Mahachohan is responsible for the inflow of ideas into the consciousness of the disciple, theReappearance, 32:are handling world matters; as a prayer for the inflow of love and understanding among men, so thatReappearance, 49:to the Father's House would result in such an inflow of spiritual strength, insight and creativeReappearance, 75:as the channel for His directed potency. The inflow of His divine energy (extra-planetary energy)Reappearance, 85:of universality"; it concerns the future. This inflow of Aquarian energy is one of the factorsReappearance, 90:of the dead and the useless; the directed inflow of life, carrying the capacity to build anew andReappearance, 91:of an inflowing new life. Following this inflow, at the time of the Full Moon of the Buddha in MayReappearance, 154:of the spirit of invocation and the resultant inflow of evoked influences. The truth lying behindTelepathy, 21:be borne in mind, which is oft forgotten: The inflow of the new ideas from the buddhic levels, thusTelepathy, 96:can flow; he learns not to dissipate this inflow but to accumulate within the aura (with which heTelepathy, 133:planetary centers; this produces a constant inflow of energies from several different sources, andTelepathy, 134:energies outside the planetary life and the inflow of cosmic and solar energies will be very muchTelepathy, 146:of the Etheric Body The powerful effect of the inflow of energy, via the energy body, has itselfTelepathy, 149:in shape and livingness" by this determined inflow and outflow, and there is therefore no part of
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