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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLOWING

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Astrology, 197:the Pointers. Scorpio is under the influence or inflowing energy of Sirius. This is the great starAstrology, 452:conditions are fulfiled, then the impact of the inflowing energies will produce the requiredAstrology, 493:It is humanity which - under the urge of great inflowing and outflowing energies - is concernedAstrology, 610:hour glass is to be found in this diagram of the inflowing energies. The above diagram can be usedDiscipleship1, 262:imposed inhibition, but swept away through the inflowing tide of love. You have a difficultDiscipleship1, 406:by you. Therefore, you have to learn to use the inflowing force, and to turn it into constructiveDiscipleship1, 721:There can be the needed stepping-down of the inflowing energy which the Avatar would bring with himDiscipleship1, 721:recognizing it and absorbing it. Distribute the inflowing energy. Interpret to humanity the newDiscipleship1, 731:of the planetary government. These step down the inflowing energy so that accepted disciples canDiscipleship1, 731:disciples in a Master's group focus the inflowing energies; the accepted disciples, through theDiscipleship2, 66:plane as the result of three intermingling and inflowing streams of energy: The energies set inDiscipleship2, 66:shapes and moulds astral substance. The new inflowing spiritual energies which the planetary LogosDiscipleship2, 70:through the first three initations, then the inflowing energies work through the heart, [71] theDiscipleship2, 81:of the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. The inflowing force is beneficently potent and theDiscipleship2, 271:of their disciples; these latter step down the inflowing energies so that the thinkers andDiscipleship2, 280:after civilization, the fresh stream of inflowing ideas have conditioned the dwelling places of manDiscipleship2, 420:difference is brought about by the effect of the inflowing spiritual life and the divine will uponDiscipleship2, 509:reflection, you will deliberately pour out the inflowing spiritual power into: Your immediateDiscipleship2, 640:principle and which is only the automaton of the inflowing forces and of the inner man. The energyExternalisation, 56:- creates the new forms, as expressions of the inflowing life. [57] This group of disciples willExternalisation, 57:purpose existing in matter or substance, and the inflowing enlightened and different purpose of theExternalisation, 85:nature of his bodies, so will man react to the inflowing energies. This is a fundamental statement.Externalisation, 86:so will be their reaction to the five kinds of inflowing forces. The Shamballa force, for instance,Externalisation, 292:but the record of man's cyclic reaction to some inflowing divine energy, to some Avatar or someExternalisation, 525:Today, however, things are somewhat changed. New inflowing energies and the partial "sealing" ofExternalisation, 525:labors of the past cycles. Some of the available inflowing Shamballa forces are being absorbedExternalisation, 657:of its exceeding potency and also because this inflowing energy has to use the vehicle of theExternalisation, 663:to God, laying Himself open to certain powerful inflowing energies, absorbing into Himself streamsFire, 122:dense physical body. Second. It circulates the inflowing vitality or pranic fluid and carries onFire, 156:negative; it is receptive or negative where the inflowing force is concerned, and positive orFire, 430:activity will be noted as in process. The inflowing force will cause an astral stimulation in theFire, 441:etheric body of all forms and it is through His inflowing force that we may look for that increasedFire, 446:a similar part. Herein lies the reason for His inflowing force at this time, for a profoundFire, 775:atoms, and so will be the apprehension of the inflowing force. In the earlier stages, the physicalFire, 1056:upon the planet. It likewise brings it under the inflowing streams of energy from what are termedGlamour, 115:he lives, and the increasing potency of the inflowing soul energy (which comes in conflict withGlamour, 120:man easily succumbs. There are also the inflowing forces of the sign into which the sun may beHealing, 34:factors are these two streams, plus a steady inflowing and increasing tide of mental energy. WithHealing, 74:the case where these centers, through which the inflowing energy from these sources of supply flow,Healing, 75:and therefore predominantly attractive to any inflowing forces; still others will be only partiallyHealing, 75:the unfoldment varies, and the response to the inflowing forces is slightly differentiated. All ofHealing, 123:the forces of desire. In the early stages, this inflowing love-force establishes personalityHealing, 247:force and not an integrated energy: The stage of inflowing, of vitalization and of growth. TheHealing, 366:is due most definitely to their reaction to the inflowing spiritual influences. They knowHealing, 556:soul so that his etheric body focuses all its inflowing energies in order to bring relief to theHealing, 617:glands - in their turn and in response to the inflowing energy from the etheric body - produce aHealing, 618:the dense physical body, of one aspect of the inflowing energy. I would have you note that only oneHealing, 651:he could not fail to see the signs of it in the inflowing energy to the heart and from the heart toIntellect, 193:till then, it comes in touch with God." "In this inflowing grace there forthwith arises that lightIntellect, 255:should be made of where (in the human body) the inflowing energy seems to go. Energy is tapped inMagic, 230:the paths of the bodily forces and the spiritual inflowing tides meet, can rightly practice truePsychology2, 134:begins to emerge. The first effect of the inflowing force of the soul, which is the major factorPsychology2, 137:between the Real and the unreal, then the inflowing force will flood their lives with effectivePsychology2, 453:release through the proper expenditure of the inflowing energy and consequently no serious effects,Psychology2, 456:and thus give proper release for the recognized inflowing energy. As long as it does this andPsychology2, 590:with that color, for it serves to keep the inflowing energies in the head or to prevent theirPsychology2, 607:force and where there is no real use made of the inflowing energy in the production of creativePsychology2, 687:of, or the custodians of, as much of that inflowing spiritual force as we can possibly hold. AsRays, 12:family, are effects of their response to the inflowing energies and indicate their basic wickednessRays, 13:and the meeting of subjective forces and inflowing energies. It is of course not possible for me toRays, 130:Plan" is the response of the Hierarchy to the inflowing purposeful will of the Lord of the World.Rays, 502:poised in the lower concrete mind, the inflowing magnetic energy of the soul, streaming out fromRays, 688:Initiation III. The fifth Ray of Science. This inflowing energy produces its major effects upon theReappearance, 11:the record of humanity's cyclic reaction to some inflowing divine energy, to some inspired leader,Reappearance, 91:the new Earth and all the outer evidences of an inflowing new life. Following this inflow, at theTelepathy, 92:goal, a wider field of service - leads to the inflowing energies (arriving on the wings ofTelepathy, 108:increasingly sensitive to these spiritual inflowing impressions, and also increasingly sensitive toTelepathy, 144:seven major [144] centers which respond to the inflowing energies of the seven rays. All lesser
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