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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCE

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Astrology, 214:are only now beginning somewhat to lose their influence. A study of the processes of death as theAstrology, 215:The entire west is at this time under Martian influence but this will end during the next fiveAstrology, 216:as Mars nears the end of its present cycle of influence. Already, the trend of modern science isAstrology, 216:This development is inevitable as the influence of Scorpio and of Mars begins to lessen, as is theAstrology, 216:as is the case today. The year 1945 saw this influence almost completely vanish, particularly fromAstrology, 216:Astrologers would do well to remember that the influence of the constellations, signs and planets,Astrology, 218:the angels in primordial times. This sixth ray influence coming from three angles - orthodox,Astrology, 219:Neptune or Uranus. These three create and influence certain aspects of the Mother principle, whichAstrology, 219:point which I am here making is that through the influence of Mercury and Neptune the groupAstrology, 221:From this tabulation, it will appear that the influence of only one ray, that of the third Ray ofAstrology, 222:values) is not desirable. Therefore, the influence of the third ray is omitted or "occultlyAstrology, 224:must in [224] due time be brought under the influence of the purifying water in Scorpio. Baptism byAstrology, 224:necessarily brings in the will aspect or the influence of the first ray (Vulcan) blended with theAstrology, 224:Carried forward to its logical conclusion, the influence of Uranus finally produces an unfoldedAstrology, 225:and assumes a position of power and of directed influence. Venus, the intelligent mind, has itsAstrology, 225:and the Sun - as a symbol of Deity - must wax in influence and finally take its place. Such are theAstrology, 225:upon this, for in Scorpio the Moon falls and its influence fades out. Extremes ever meet in theAstrology, 227:materialistic nature, lived under the influence of the material aspect of Virgo, the Mother, orAstrology, 228:two where the preponderance of the personality influence is not possible. Libra can also be spokenAstrology, 234:as a prurient mystery. This again is due to the influence of St. Paul but not to the teaching ofAstrology, 237:are the needed approach to the young. The influence of Libra should be imposed in childhood alongAstrology, 238:rule, and the end of this century will see the influence of Libra steadily coming into pronouncedAstrology, 238:legislation will be universal in its sphere of influence and control. All this will come aboutAstrology, 238:a higher turn of the spiral and is under the influence of Scorpio. [239] That in the past preparedAstrology, 239:in understanding the real nature of its influence. The significance of the energies working outAstrology, 248:him more definitely and consciously under the influence of the sign of the zodiac. But in LibraAstrology, 251:to point out that the result of the Jupiterian influence is to "open the door of the womb" in VirgoAstrology, 256:of man to the planetary forces and to the influence of the [257] zodiacal signs is dependent uponAstrology, 265:all signs of crisis and indicate the progressive influence of the other nine and the situationsAstrology, 277:is preserved for us in the teaching anent the influence of Jupiter, the second ray agent of theAstrology, 279:to bring a man to the point where the world and influence of the two solar systems have done theirAstrology, 280:that Virgo is subjected predominantly to the influence of the second, fourth and sixth ray energiesAstrology, 282:spite of its latent power, is also "lessened" in influence at this time because of the secondAstrology, 283:The disciple enters the sign under the influence of that decanate which is for him the first butAstrology, 286:on or nearing the path of discipleship and the influence of the esoteric planets is becoming,Astrology, 288:material existence and experience. Thus the influence of the three Crosses is brought to bear uponAstrology, 288:when the fiery triplicity plays its part and the influence of Aries-Leo-Sagittarius begins toAstrology, 292:advance made by the form, and employs every influence for the perfecting of the great work which itAstrology, 293:dawn upon the consciousness of the man and the influence of Aquarius (the polar opposite of Leo)Astrology, 298:about by what is called "the sublimation of the influence of the Moon" which is, as you know, theAstrology, 300:mind may bring insight to you in time. The influence of Sirius is not consciously felt until afterAstrology, 301:to you that we here have another sphere of influence of major importance, governed by Leo. It is aAstrology, 301:which H.P.B. refers in The Secret Doctrine, the influence of which she was endeavoring toAstrology, 301:was endeavoring to elucidate. So potent was the influence of this triangle that its effect upon theAstrology, 301:out all the "seeds of life," thus destroying her influence, for it was undesirable where humanityAstrology, 303:only a unit of energy within the sphere of influence of the soul ray which can at any time "pick itAstrology, 304:upon the Fixed Cross, Leo comes under the influence, direct or indirect, of six planets: The Sun;Astrology, 306:- Full self-consciousness. This - through the influence of the physical Sun and the "heart of theAstrology, 308:present point of intelligent understanding and influence. I would here call to your attention that,Astrology, 310:initiate who responds powerfully to the esoteric influence of Uranus. The same basic teaching isAstrology, 319:incarnation he begins to respond to the inner influence of Pisces. He thus demonstrates his abilityAstrology, 319:his ability to react to the Shamballa influence and, when this influence is established, he goesAstrology, 319:react to the Shamballa influence and, when this influence is established, he goes out to salvageAstrology, 319:it might be stated that: In Cancer, the influence of the human Hierarchy begins to make itsAstrology, 319:The human center is active. In Scorpio, the influence of the occult Hierarchy begins to set itsAstrology, 319:is affecting him powerfully. In Pisces, the influence of Shamballa claims the initiate as its fieldAstrology, 321:other and all of them through the medium of the influence of Neptune, which the Moon veils. LikeAstrology, 323:aspiration has taken place, then the Virgo influence comes in and the responsive soul - developedAstrology, 327:will come into physical incarnation under the influence of "divine duality" to carry forward theAstrology, 327:fourth Creative Hierarchy) is a predetermining influence in all world conflict up to date and isAstrology, 328:stabilized upon the mental plane and - under the influence of the salvaging, serving egos of theAstrology, 331:man, whereas the purpose of their coordinated influence is both planetary, solar and cosmic. TheAstrology, 344:more specifically psychic effect and subjective influence than their strictly phenomenal andAstrology, 344:general statements anent the zodiacal signs and influence before they take up the intensive studyAstrology, 345:the Crosses of the Heavens there is one sign and influence which, in any world cycle, dominates theAstrology, 345:present cycle, Gemini determines the paramount influence within the fourfold influence of theAstrology, 345:the paramount influence within the fourfold influence of the Mutable Cross. The main objective ofAstrology, 346:as I have earlier told you - organized under the influence and impulse of this sign and is governedAstrology, 346:constellation Gemini and its inherent second ray influence which control every one of the pairs ofAstrology, 348:the most important of the twelve signs and its influence lies behind everyone of them - a fact butAstrology, 351:available to the exoteric astrologer) it is the influence of these three constellations which willAstrology, 353:again to be found, enhancing and enhanced by the influence of Gemini. Mercury is the expression ofAstrology, 355:versa. It was the activity of Venus - under the influence of Gemini - which produced the greatAstrology, 357:you have: Ray 3 - Active Intelligence, under the influence of this third sign, Gemini, slowlyAstrology, 357:Ray 4 - Harmony through Conflict, under the influence of Gemini-Sagittarius, staging thoseAstrology, 357:Ray 5 - Concrete Knowledge or Science, under the influence of Capricorn, focused through Venus,Astrology, 359:of consciousness, within the planetary sphere of influence, to conceive of conditions as they existAstrology, 359:instance, what I can still further add as to the influence of these related constellations and seeAstrology, 360:forces. Let me, therefore, add: [360] The influence of Mercury, as it relates Aries and Gemini toAstrology, 360:to an intermediate consummation in Libra. The influence of Mercury as it relates Virgo and GeminiAstrology, 360:This leads to a final stage in Capricorn. The influence of Mercury as it relates Scorpio and GeminiAstrology, 363:out-drawn activity, though not through their own influence) are in this third sign effective inAstrology, 363:and its work of releasing the soul from the influence of form. We have here considered the raysAstrology, 363:(should I say, resultant effect) of the ray influence, just as in the human being the physical bodyAstrology, 364:the instability and the fluidity of the Gemini influence, and is largely responsible for theAstrology, 364:great Masonic ritual was inaugurated under the influence of this sign, and yet - the ray of ritualAstrology, 364:trials of the Masonic procedure. The indirect influence of the Moon as it symbolically embodies theAstrology, 365:of this sign becomes apparent. When the Jupiter influence becomes strong and powerful in this sign,Astrology, 365:in consciousness is fostered by the indirect influence of the planet Mars. Mars carries the warAstrology, 365:to respond consciously to the fourth indirect influence - that of Pluto, producing the death of theAstrology, 369:falls. Mercury is, however, in detriment or its influence is lessened. In Gemini, the above is trueAstrology, 372:and sensitive people in each country) to this influence and the corresponding magnetic interplayAstrology, 374:world disciple, is beginning to come under the influence of Taurus. It is this influence which willAstrology, 374:come under the influence of Taurus. It is this influence which will bring about at this time theAstrology, 374:evaded. The great question is: Will this Taurian influence, increased as it is by the incomingAstrology, 375:between men and between nations. The Taurian influence must now be regarded as being of exceedingAstrology, 375:it is Taurus which is the ruler and the guiding influence of that which is occurring everywhere. IAstrology, 376:the eye of illumination into those spheres of influence upon the sorrowful planet, the Earth,Astrology, 376:in vibration via one of the Pleiades (hence its influence upon matter and hence also its pronouncedAstrology, 387:will that the true significance of the Taurian influence will be grasped. Both the sign, Aries, and
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