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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCE

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Destiny, 80:is characteristic of the race. It is the Gemini influence which has produced - viewing the [81]Destiny, 82:There is however little of the Taurian influence in the States and consequently you have theDestiny, 84:Destroyer aspect as there is in the planetary influence of Pluto, another agent of the first ray.Destiny, 84:and not controlled and dominated by the Libra influence. Ray 7. - Ceremonial Order or OrganizedDestiny, 86:has been offset. The planets which primarily influence Russia are the Sun (2nd ray), Uranus (7thDestiny, 86:though Rome is blinded at times by the Taurian influence which leads to a blind rushing forwardDestiny, 87:I would here point out that in this second ray influence it is the wisdom aspect more than the loveDestiny, 87:Intelligence, via the Earth. It was this Earth influence which, in the past, gave Italy her worldDestiny, 87:is also the sixth ray. You have, therefore, the influence of Mars dominating Italian and RomanDestiny, 87:- Concrete Knowledge or Science, via Venus. This influence is also dominant in Great [88] BritainDestiny, 88:the forger and the worker in metals whose influence in this case closely associates itself with theDestiny, 88:with the undeveloped aspect of the Leonian influence. In the above hints you may find much that isDestiny, 88:they can potently affect the German race and influence it towards a better adjustment to life and aDestiny, 89:Signs of trouble. Because also the Sagittarian influence is strong, there is a potent determinationDestiny, 89:from Washington to New York, the Cancerian influence will steadily lessen and the country will takeDestiny, 90:Ray 7. - Order and Magic, via Uranus. This influence is inherited from the Atlantean world, whichDestiny, 91:weaknesses of the sixth ray type. Ray 4. - This influence appears, as you see, frequently, but thisDestiny, 93:They are also more subjective in their influence than are London, New York or Tokyo. Together theyDestiny, 100:and Japan fighting at intervals against the evil influence (consciously seldom but unconsciouslyDestiny, 109:those who worked in the past under the influence of the sixth ray and those who are learning toDestiny, 109:ray and those who are learning to work under the influence of the incoming seventh ray, it might beDestiny, 110:under the sixth ray impulse or the seventh ray influence. I use these words "impulse and influence"Destiny, 110:ray influence. I use these words "impulse and influence" deliberately because they describe theDestiny, 110:upon, offset and understood and the newer influence must then be studied, the newer methodsDestiny, 111:- as I have earlier pointed out - the sixth ray influence can easily be seen. When, however, anDestiny, 111:be seen. When, however, an individual sixth ray influence can be noted in an era wherein the sixthDestiny, 111:age which is ending now and of the sixth ray influence which is so [112] rapidly passing out.Destiny, 112:of the man who is emerging out of the sixth ray influence but is still conditioned by it (being aDestiny, 114:and which has been noticeably fostered under its influence is that of taste - taste in food, inDestiny, 123:direct work upon the form but with the indirect influence of the soul, functioning in any form inDestiny, 124:I might point out here that the seventh ray influence will have three definite effects upon theDestiny, 132:as a basic essential. The seventh ray influence is that which will produce in a peculiar andDestiny, 132:down on to the astral plane and the new incoming influence carrying it down on to the physical. TheDestiny, 133:for much that happened. Under the seventh ray influence, these cleavages will end and synthesisDestiny, 135:we have seen are influencing or beginning to influence humanity at this time (the first, second,Destiny, 135:Ray of Love-Wisdom, it may be expected that the influence of that ray and of the sixth (which isDestiny, 135:characteristics. It is our characteristics which influence our conduct and our reactions toDestiny, 135:to circumstance. It will mean also that the influence of the first, third and seventh rays will beDestiny, 138:seen. This will be due to the work and influence of Saturn, which is governed by the third ray.Destiny, 142:Shamballa. Two thousand years from today, the influence of this ray will be felt powerfully uponDestiny, 142:the second ray is becoming objective in its influence upon the physical plane. It will becomeDestiny, 142:it is needless for us to anticipate its waning influence. That planetary center which is HumanityDestiny, 142:- in collaboration with the developing Saturnian influence - will lead many on to the path ofDestiny, 148:greatest of all Christmas Days and its emanating influence was more potent than was any previousDiscipleship1, XI:Only those who are beginning to come under the influence and the control of their own souls andDiscipleship1, 18:Thus they guide their workers and helpers and influence and direct their working disciples and theDiscipleship1, 23:facilitate the regeneration of the world. The influence of these groups - when permanentlyDiscipleship1, 31:is slowly integrating and slowly making its influence felt in the primary [32] work of educatingDiscipleship1, 38:under the inspiration of the Christ and the influence of the second ray and these - in theirDiscipleship1, 54:that the sons of men would come to recognize the influence and to give proof of the supernormalDiscipleship1, 59:ideas, of all personality tradition, influence or background. It is the process of detachment fromDiscipleship1, 75:a view to your group integration, to your group influence and understanding and your group love,Discipleship1, 96:pointed out that a disciple is known by his influence upon his environment, and an initiate by theDiscipleship1, 97:lack of effort. I would remind you that world influence alone does not always imply discipleship.Discipleship1, 107:perhaps is much. Its note is sounding and its influence is being organized. It will in the next fewDiscipleship1, 113:may temporarily negate your present cycle of influence but this should only be preparatory to aDiscipleship1, 120:easily transferred and transformed under the influence of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Your taskDiscipleship1, 124:brothers. You are still, however, under the influence of an ancient thought-form, forgetting thatDiscipleship1, 142:making many contacts and the increase of your influence in your own country and throughout theDiscipleship1, 151:first ray mind that gives you undoubted mental influence. This is felt most strongly [152] by allDiscipleship1, 152:your soul (which is in its turn under second ray influence) you have a combination of forces whichDiscipleship1, 152:second ray aggregation of energies and hence the influence of love which you carry everywhere withDiscipleship1, 168:with the seventh ray, as it is coming into influence so rapidly. At the same time it provides aDiscipleship1, 169:in all whom you draw into the circle of group influence as collaborators and cooperators with theDiscipleship1, 177:that is sometimes called that of "light-giving influence" or the "ray of the illuminator." The taskDiscipleship1, 177:It was, therefore, obvious that the major influence, dominating the group, would be that of theDiscipleship1, 177:it is the soul ray which has this predominating influence. There are no second ray personalities inDiscipleship1, 179:best technique is to produce this harmonizing influence within your environment as the result ofDiscipleship1, 180:lower nature are on the same line as the soul influence, two difficulties will be present andDiscipleship1, 180:will be present and should be recognized: he influence of the ego or soul will come so easily atDiscipleship1, 182:from the soul and raying forth as a mental influence to others, as an emotional benediction toDiscipleship1, 191:should be your goal, and from that point of soul influence you can some day work. But as the soulDiscipleship1, 198:as criticizing others. If you will let your soul influence your personality more definitely,Discipleship1, 206:must not be made as the result of any outer influence. You might ask me at this point upon what aDiscipleship1, 222:definitely aware (are you not?) of the powerful influence you can call into play and thus affectDiscipleship1, 226:now find yourself. It was the coming under my influence subjectively that led you to theDiscipleship1, 226:combinations necessitated this and my second ray influence, therefore, helped. There is not anDiscipleship1, 226:increased both your vibratory capacity and your influence. Some years of potent service areDiscipleship1, 226:sensitivity increases, between: The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of your own soul.Discipleship1, 226:and outgoing) of your own soul. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of this particularDiscipleship1, 226:particular group of disciples. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of the esotericDiscipleship1, 226:outgoing) of the esoteric schools. The vibratory influence (incoming and outgoing) of the head ofDiscipleship1, 239:doing with the group which is working under the influence of glamor has been to feed yourDiscipleship1, 240:held by that past. Do not let the words or the influence of anyone lead you. May the light of yourDiscipleship1, 244:sixth ray personality can work, free from the influence of your soul ray and be one-pointedlyDiscipleship1, 244:You lose so many people out of your range of influence, and this you well know and it bewildersDiscipleship1, 245:to your goal. Leave people free and seek not to influence them or to impose your ideas upon them.Discipleship1, 246:their souls may remove them from [246] your influence in the cause of freedom to expand. In thisDiscipleship1, 252:true self-forgetfulness. The breaking of the influence of sixth ray energy, as it expresses itselfDiscipleship1, 253:Only thus can your words and your life influence carry to others that living fire which can setDiscipleship1, 255:be purely idealistically, or at times under the influence of glamor. Your astral body is a realDiscipleship1, 269:the personality potential and its vibratory influence; it also initiates those unfoldment thatDiscipleship1, 272:- using personal activity and labor, if of no influence or education, and financial manipulationDiscipleship1, 274:vibratory rate and, consequently, your magnetic influence. It will also hasten or quicken yourDiscipleship1, 310:known to me and this extension of your outer influence (radiating from an inner controlled center)Discipleship1, 311:exercise for the disciple in training. Let your influence, welling forth from a steady and radiantDiscipleship1, 312:you interfere not emotionally with that magnetic influence. This is, for you, an established habitDiscipleship1, 314:our Western civilization and under the dawning influence of the New Age, the call remains the sameDiscipleship1, 315:against mental crystallization, and the undue influence of the critical mind. This ray gives youDiscipleship1, 315:life and its natural tendencies (due to ray influence) to think truly about himself. Your rays
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