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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCE

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Discipleship2, 527:criticism than not; and you know that under the influence of glamor you oft wield the weapon ofDiscipleship2, 531:and the soul. The soul is seen but its influence is insulated. But - because there is a vision ofDiscipleship2, 534:through the use of the lower mind and under the influence of its rationalizing influence, you areDiscipleship2, 534:and under the influence of its rationalizing influence, you are liable to make mistakes. Always inDiscipleship2, 537:the focal point of his Master's [537] sphere of influence, the Ashram, and as experience proceeds,Discipleship2, 537:travel the Way of the Disciple) your sphere of influence and the number of those affected by youDiscipleship2, 537:of co-workers. This whole question of spheres of influence is one upon which you need to ponder. ItDiscipleship2, 537:The problem of radiation and of magnetic influence is apt to be viewed from the one-sided point ofDiscipleship2, 538:other lives than your own within your range of influence. I am going to suggest that you take eachDiscipleship2, 542:a wider field of service, a greater spiritual influence and an understanding which graspsDiscipleship2, 545:mind which is governed by the fourth ray. This influence too is frequently found in this seedDiscipleship2, 562:alone, becomes a focal point of power. His influence can then reach out to points unexpected andDiscipleship2, 581:were received with simplicity everywhere; their influence culminated in the highly successfulDiscipleship2, 611:"middle point" between the auras or spheres of influence of the related Ashrams should form yourDiscipleship2, 685:(engendered by the potency of the sixth ray influence dominant for so many centuries) could beDiscipleship2, 685:truth and of life carefully fostered. Under its influence, the stage was set on which many mysticsDiscipleship2, 685:way. It is therefore a masculine or positive influence in its general effect, but its positively isDiscipleship2, 686:duality, i.e., the bright and powerful light or influence of the solar plexus and the wavering,Discipleship2, 692:you must learn increasingly to work under the influence of the Law of Abstraction. [693] This is aDiscipleship2, 695:relation to the Hierarchy is made under the influence of the Law of Abstraction. Be strong,Discipleship2, 698:under the urge of your soul and oft under the influence of a restless and unhappy personalityDiscipleship2, 700:in remaining on the periphery of its sphere of influence. Let love and light and music enter moreDiscipleship2, 705:you to include all within the range of your influence and also to be included within the range ofDiscipleship2, 705:and also to be included within the range of influence of those greater than yourself. Thus is theDiscipleship2, 711:my brother, for all that you have done, your influence has been good and useful to many, and I amDiscipleship2, 742:helped a person here or there and your general influence is good. But I look for more than thatDiscipleship2, 752:the periphery of the hierarchical sphere of influence. This is somewhat rare. But outward andDiscipleship2, 753:nature and circumstances, and also by the influence of several people. Come out from behind thatEducation, 85:studied from the angle of their effort and their influence for good or evil upon their period; theEducation, 86:in the scheme of things? The livingness of the influence and the proclaimed purpose behind theEducation, 102:life experiences. It leaves out also the influence of the many conscientious, spiritually-mindedEducation, 104:in every country has been brought up under the influence of three foundational ideas. The result ofEducation, 127:effected on a mass scale by [127] means of the influence of the prevailing culture andEducation, 127:impact and through the medium of its telepathic influence, makes a gradual and slow change, for atEducation, 130:In the period which is coming, and under the influence of the new education, these four basicEducation, 140:as the child matures, by the teaching and influence of the illumined educator. This all sounds toExternalisation, 15:following fact. All schools which recognize the influence of the Trans-Himalayan Lodge and whoseExternalisation, 18:entire system, and bring the lower man under the influence and control of the spiritual man; itExternalisation, 30:with the aid of those whom he could impress and influence to think as he did; a man sensed an ideaExternalisation, 40:glamor can find their way into the vortex of influence wielded by the group, empowered thus toExternalisation, 53:the fact that they held office under the influence of some idea, which was in itself intrinsicallyExternalisation, 63:of individuals and of those in power, or of influence, and hatred of ideas and of religiousExternalisation, 64:Remarks Group One can telepathically influence leading people and speak to their minds so that theyExternalisation, 76:in every land without exception, that their influence is potent and widespread (far more so thanExternalisation, 78:the rest of you to detach your minds from undue influence and wrong ideas. I ask you, in this work,Externalisation, 86:and the men and women who respond to the love influence - can change methods (though not theExternalisation, 99:of the vision, which is evocative in its influence and produces amazing results. Ponder on this.Externalisation, 102:of the aspects of this group work is that its influence is pervasive, and not at the beginningExternalisation, 102:pressures and the steady spreading of the group influence and ideals. It is therefore ultimatelyExternalisation, 103:manifestation the activity is then abortive. The influence of these new groups is due to the closeExternalisation, 105:in all lands, so that a pervasive, intelligent influence can ceaselessly make its impact felt uponExternalisation, 127:and creative by the force of the Shamballa influence. But another result of this inflow of theExternalisation, 129:which are inherent in matter itself and whose influence and work are dedicated to the preservationExternalisation, 132:also that people are most sensitive [132] to the influence of the Hierarchy. The U.S.S.R. expressesExternalisation, 132:that great federation of republics. Thus the influence of the three great world centers about whichExternalisation, 134:ends or - as is more often the case - under the influence of some group ideal or wisdom plusExternalisation, 139:rid the world of the focal points for material influence and power, must yet carry forward the taskExternalisation, 143:come about. Each of you has your own sphere of influence and of contacts and each of you is inExternalisation, 156:name of Nirmanakayas are responsive to Their influence in any conscious manner and then only whenExternalisation, 156:in any conscious manner and then only when that influence has been stepped down by certain powerfulExternalisation, 159:with Whom the Christ came into touch and Whose influence played through Him at the time that HeExternalisation, 161:vitalize the responsiveness of humanity, via the influence of the Hierarchy, to the will of GodExternalisation, 164:in man achieve practical expression through the influence of the Great Invocation, both in livingExternalisation, 175:but they have hitherto come at a time when their influence was limited by world communications andExternalisation, 184:nations grew more closely interrelated, their influence and their field of expression increased.Externalisation, 188:must be brought under the German sphere of influence. The totalitarian powers will dominate theExternalisation, 200:blocs but simply geographical spheres of influence. They would all three work in the closest unityExternalisation, 209:settling of national boundaries and spheres of influence will be one of the utmost difficulty andExternalisation, 209:restoration of national and racial spheres of influence in accordance with the present situation.Externalisation, 214:composed of those who throw the weight of their influence and of their action on neither side;Externalisation, 215:fear, and to throw the weight of their combined influence on to the side of the most spiritualExternalisation, 216:by the law of brotherhood, who respond to the influence of the Forces of Light and of the spiritualExternalisation, 221:of this world crisis, to swing the weight of any influence you may have - objective or subjective,Externalisation, 228:on which side you will place the emphasis of any influence you may wield; I would have you noteExternalisation, 230:refrained from positive action or the use of any influence. A few resented the implications of theExternalisation, 238:to right and truth: "We shall use all our influence when the time comes in the building of a newExternalisation, 256:true light, they will throw the weight of their influence increasingly on the side of goodwill andExternalisation, 260:or matter aspect of manifestation, whose influence has been predominantly upon the physical plane,Externalisation, 260:along selfish personal lines. This type of influence is felt predominantly upon the physical plane,Externalisation, 263:and the establishing of a line of factual influence along which They can move and consequentlyExternalisation, 265:other, with humanity throwing the weight of its influence upon one side or the other. When I speakExternalisation, 265:When I speak of throwing the weight of human influence upon one side or another, I refer not aloneExternalisation, 265:for world disaster, believing thereby to influence them for good. I would remind them that love isExternalisation, 267:the attention of mankind. Her action, under the influence of the enemies of human freedom, simplyExternalisation, 272:thunder of His horse's hoofs will be heard. The influence which He will wield and the energy whichExternalisation, 294:to flow into him; he may be succumbing to the influence of the dread sumtotal of his evil andExternalisation, 298:achieved complete manifestation and the Piscean influence is entirely removed, the seventh rayExternalisation, 306:plane. The methods whereby Avatars reach and influence Their agents or those who respond to TheirExternalisation, 308:contacts in the three worlds - will necessarily influence sensitive, spiritually oriented disciplesExternalisation, 326:Forces of Light - aided by you - did nothing to influence the minds of men, the forces ofExternalisation, 330:of great potency can be built which will influence the minds of men. 5. Keep in touch with peopleExternalisation, 348:towards the Buddha, seeking to come under His influence and blessing and that of the Hierarchy atExternalisation, 359:circle, the focus of power within a sphere of influence or aura. So it is today with the entireExternalisation, 362:and of those who respond to [362] Their blended influence. This test has to be carried out in theExternalisation, 380:indicate to him his very real sphere of influence, and then set him to work in that sphere and withExternalisation, 382:to become a focal point of constructive influence. He will then discover that, as a result of this,Externalisation, 382:as a result of this, his sphere of constructive influence is continually enlarging. These are theExternalisation, 385:opinion, sufficiently strong to mould ideas, influence the masses, and aid the world leaders toExternalisation, 408:of great power, however, and the thread of Their influence can be traced throughout history inExternalisation, 411:to, and a broader comprehension of the work and influence of those great Lives Who are waiting
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