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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCE

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Externalisation, 423:major adjustments within the planetary sphere of influence and that these primarily affect theExternalisation, 423:for the great civilizations - nurtured under the influence of Shri Krishna, the Buddha and theExternalisation, 432:of this correct attitude can be found in the influence, words and actions of those wise parents,Externalisation, 435:the world disciples and of those whom they can influence has been along the lines of clarifying theExternalisation, 446:so that they may take right action and correctly influence human thinking. A powerful first rayExternalisation, 447:have from time to time been responsive to the influence of that spiritually supreme Council; but itExternalisation, 450:the conference will be under the direct influence of the Hierarchy. The consequent stimulation ofExternalisation, 460:as they are, these people and those whom they influence are landed in despair and disillusionment.Externalisation, 462:truly love their fellowmen. They are unable to influence the minds of the closed egocentric person;Externalisation, 475:should the Hierarchy throw its weight and its influence? Should it take sides at all, or should itExternalisation, 496:the work of the Hierarchy, under the direct influence of the Lords of Liberation. Externalisation, 504:on reality and alters not the fact of His influence and His esoteric coming. Certain of the MastersExternalisation, 519:of ideas and through revelation They definitely influence the tide of human affairs. The HierarchyExternalisation, 527:closer to Shamballa, and under the influence of that great first ray center. The energy which willExternalisation, 539:to do this free of hierarchical prompting and influence, and in this way demonstrating that theyExternalisation, 539:which, through their directed activity, will influence humanity in the coming large scale processExternalisation, 561:the Hierarchy and Humanity are brought under the influence of extra-planetary forces which makeExternalisation, 564:Their stand upon the periphery of the Council's influence. The invocative work carried out bothExternalisation, 581:the constant ray of the human family, its influence is consistently present, and this Ashram isExternalisation, 585:work along some particular line, able to influence and direct others in similar activity andExternalisation, 598:the arena of mankind's living. Their work and influence is already seen and felt in every land, andExternalisation, 628:kindly people in all classes and spheres of influence. The power of the little man and of theExternalisation, 633:as such, but who needed the impact of the influence of a second ray Ashram. When this was done, theExternalisation, 637:man; but the people under the sway of this evil influence and the scheming of these evil groups areExternalisation, 645:obstinate men who are in positions of power and influence, and produce increased trouble - at leastExternalisation, 648:the coming of the Christ possible. The blended influence of these energies will bring about whatExternalisation, 648:minds of men so that they may be ready for the influence of the Avatar about Whom the ScripturesExternalisation, 648:He is called the Avatar of Synthesis and His influence will be spread through the work and theExternalisation, 648:or rather, the Will-to-Good. This energy or influence, which the Christ Himself will wield (and forExternalisation, 651:are equal in force, in position and in influence, then the doors of the Hierarchy (symbolicallyExternalisation, 651:to be reached by those who can think, who can influence, and in whose hands lies the responsibilityExternalisation, 657:of the three lower worlds, and its area of influence is on the three lower planes of humanExternalisation, 658:wisdom, and this they must learn to do under the influence of the Buddha. He taught the primaryExternalisation, 668:of view and for that which is new. Under the influence of this seventh ray energy balance has to beExternalisation, 685:clarity of impression and of the potent outgoing influence, the Plan for humanity - as a Whole -Externalisation, 686:In this way the potent and dynamic influence of Shamballa will be strengthened instead of lessenedExternalisation, 687:was written by that disciple of love, under the influence of the energy emanating from the buddhicExternalisation, 689:basically anti-spiritual and subject to the influence of human desire - a desire oriented towardsExternalisation, 690:of evolution. The more a disciple is under the influence of the Law of Love, the more easily doesFire, xii:the blending of two divine aspects through the influence of a third, and produces the manifestationFire, 41:to denote the periphery of the sphere of influence of any central life force, and is appliedFire, 53:growth of that which has progressed, under the influence of latent fire, to a point receptive ofFire, 58:nucleus reaches the bounds of its sphere of influence, its ring-pass-not by means of a threefoldFire, 76:fires is therefore, in effect, the result of the influence of the planetary Logos of whatever rayFire, 76:We have to remember that all fundamental influence and effects are felt on the astral plane andFire, 76:thereby bringing matter under its sphere of influence, yet not itself originating on the physicalFire, 77:act on the exterior world, and the reactionary influence that is in turn generated from theFire, 77:world to act on him may be called karmic influence and the visible result that is produced by thisFire, 77:and the visible result that is produced by this influence under proper conditions may be calledFire, 93:from off its surface, and from its sphere of influence. (S. D., I, 179.) Man and the devas act onFire, 97:of time and space, and only the streams of influence from them descend into our system of planes...Fire, 99:and which draw within their sphere of influence the currents that come their way. The centersFire, 101:redistributes it to all parts of its extended influence, or to the bounds of the solar etheric web.Fire, 101:receiving centers to all parts of its sphere of influence. This solar prana becomes colored by theFire, 111:The circumference of the sphere of influence of any center of positive life. This includes the fireFire, 113:process of evolution, and who pass under Their influence all the sons of men. Fifth. The Deva LordsFire, 146:to us the first Logos brings in the influence of other constellations. When this first aspect isFire, 146:Rishis of the Great Bear,65 and the supreme influence o Sirius will be comprehended; in thisFire, 146:more closely with the Pleiades and their influence via the Sun, and, in relation to our planet, viaFire, 159:motivated by latent heat, into the sphere of influence of another atom. This produced the firstFire, 160:and produces the subsequent extension of the influence of the positive point within the atom ofFire, 160:within the atom of matter till its sphere of influence extends from the center to the periphery. AtFire, 160:where it touches the periphery it contacts the influence of the atoms in its environment; radiationFire, 168:a replica of this, and has within its sphere of influence seven other centers with itself forFire, 174:periods: That period wherein he is under the influence of the Personality Ray. That wherein heFire, 184:from its surface. It sweeps into its sphere of influence matter that is keyed to its own vibration,Fire, 207:a chain of seven globes. All the seven Logoi influence a chain, but one of Them is the incarnatingFire, 207:but one of Them is the incarnating Entity. They influence: Some globe in chain. Some plane. SomeFire, 229:manifesting through the Sun and its sphere of influence, is yet in a state of gradual development,Fire, 230:and has included within his sphere of influence and control the mental plane. He is then consideredFire, 232:may be felt beyond His immediate sphere of influence, the logoic ring-pass-not. Both the light ofFire, 247:arrangement, which comprises the sphere of influence of any particular atom. Its life-activity, orFire, 249:His internal arrangement; his entire sphere of influence is in process of development. At presentFire, 251:life, which includes within its radius of influence the vibratory capacity of an entire planetaryFire, 254:seen. His internal arrangement and His sphere of influence, or that activity animating theFire, 255:His [255] sevenfold nature. Note the increase of influence as compared to man's threefold radius.Fire, 255:and all that is included within the sphere of influence of the Sun. The Sun holds a positionFire, 256:or the seven Heavenly Men, who ray forth Their influence to all parts of the logoic sphere, and whoFire, 256:supernal glory, containing within its circle of influence, the planetary spheres likewise vibratingFire, 258:control, by the measure of the solar sphere of influence, or the magnetic attraction of the Sun toFire, 281:begin to touch the periphery of the sphere of influence of the planetary Logos in Whose body he isFire, 283:the lesser lives or spheres into its range of influence. The magnetic force, the life of the LogosFire, 286:utilize the fruits of past experience, and thus influence the present and prepare for the future.Fire, 288:is brought at a certain stage into the zone of influence of the lesser sons of mind - human beingsFire, 292:BE SAID. This center is formed by the sphere of influence of a cosmic Logos. In the body of aFire, 302:elemental material forms within His sphere of influence. All the involutionary lives, as earlierFire, 306:a certain vibratory movement can He truly influence the individual cells. This work of transmutingFire, 320:properties, knowledge concerning its range of influence, and its utilization will become known untoFire, 320:the body of a Logos of a planetary scheme. The influence of the buddhic plane, and the electricalFire, 325:Heavenly Man, and are held within His sphere of influence by the force of His electrical life. BearFire, 326:fourth ether is largely the principal sphere of influence of the "devas of the shadows," or thoseFire, 328:seven planes; from this we can infer that His influence finds its line of least resistance on someFire, 331:at different stages under different spheres of influence and under the three laws of the cosmos.Fire, 337:third or Brahma aspect - Their main sphere of influence is on the lowest or third division of theFire, 349:with one of the Pleiades, permitting of manasic influence from that source. 30, 31 Third, the thirdFire, 353:all the lesser units included in its sphere of influence. Each of us, in illustration, is theFire, 355:the driving of all units within His sphere of influence to the fulfilment of that set purpose. ManFire, 355:with a Heavenly Man and His larger sphere of influence, and so with the solar Logos. EachFire, 355:to the content of the ring-pass-not or sphere of influence of the indwelling Existence. Therefore -Fire, 359:in the body logoic, and are Themselves under the influence of seven solar Logoi (using the word
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