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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCE

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Fire, 1245:in all those groups which come under its direct influence a profound faculty for identification.Fire, 1255:numbers both in the system and the cosmos. This influence reaches our system via the signFire, 1260:preceding this one. In that system the Sirian influence was more potent than in the present one. ItFire, 1260:not be revealed. He comes under the concentrated influence of the energy which is identified withFire, 1262:consequently ignored by astronomers, though its influence is exceedingly potent within our system.Fire, 1263:and therefore lacks such a specific school. The influence which emanates from the Pole Star andFire, 1263:play a great part in the introduction of polar influence are the first and the second. It was thisGlamour, 26:it swings into activity through the subjective influence of the mental illusion or astral glamor orGlamour, 28:and also the potency of your individual group influence, for the positive auras subordinate theGlamour, 74:with the dissipation of this glamor. The influence of their thoughts and words and lives can andGlamour, 84:release your lives most perceptibly from the influence of glamor and be of greater serviceGlamour, 84:be ended and the disciple stand free from the influence of physical plane force. In the aboveGlamour, 86:the periphery of the personality sphere of influence, and then become potent directed streams ofGlamour, 118:the ascertaining (by the aspirant) of his ray influence is one of the first steps towardsGlamour, 145:or the race or nation which is acting under the influence of glamor to call in the mental power ofGlamour, 149:- control the majority. The man is under the influence of the densest form of maya, and the forcesGlamour, 150:the life of the ordinary man. Under their influence he is helpless for they inspire all hisGlamour, 154:at least to some large extent by mental influence, then the Dweller begins to take shape as aGlamour, 156:the activity of the Angel and its type of influence upon the Dweller. It affects karma, times andGlamour, 158:as existing between the recognized areas of influence between the Dweller and the Angel are clearerGlamour, 160:with the Dweller, negating thus the influence of the Angel, refusing imminent opportunity andGlamour, 160:the two and to throw the entire weight of your influence, desire and pressure on the side of theGlamour, 166:circle, the focus of power within a sphere of influence or aura. So it is today with the entireGlamour, 169:and of those who responded to Their blended influence. This test had to be carried out in the midstGlamour, 176:thereto by the fact of God Transcendent. The influence of the Angel, who is the individualized seedGlamour, 182:interlude for constructive thinking, under the influence of the Angel. The turning of the mind toGlamour, 229:group and national, and also its widespread influence over humanity as a whole. The experience ofGlamour, 249:vehicle. The energy of the sun sign. The influence of the rising sign. Once, however, these areGlamour, 252:Second: As the personality (under the growing influence of the soul) works through the secondGlamour, 256:third degree and who are coming under monadic influence who can properly and successfully employHealing, 42:order to produce a purer expression, life aroma, influence and soul usefulness. When this is theHealing, 84:body is swept into [84] activity under the influence and through the "impressed forces" of theHealing, 116:he has spiritual relation and to Whose vibratory influence he is ever susceptible. The Hierarchy,Healing, 116:structure within the range of their vibratory influence (i.e. the stomach, close to the solarHealing, 122:or the non-functioning, [122] and to the influence of the center. Necessarily, these fall intoHealing, 123:case, the disciple [123] becomes an effective influence and can never be what is esotericallyHealing, 123:his place and minus impact on other souls." His influence, emanation and forceful energy inevitablyHealing, 123:either for good or for ill. Essentially the influence of a disciple of the Great White Lodge isHealing, 124:- the disciple and the person reacting to his influence - need to consider. The disciple standsHealing, 124:serves; he writes and speaks; his words and influence permeate into the masses of men, arousingHealing, 126:himself to a life of outgoing, of magnetic influence and of extroversion. He may follow thisHealing, 130:of the problems of health, of character and of influence. Over-radiatory activity, through theHealing, 178:quality of personality, which is the aroma, the influence, the effect and the radiation of aHealing, 181:and where matter, the Virgin Mary - under the influence of the Holy Spirit, the energy of theHealing, 189:physical manifestation is itself subject to the influence of the secondary world of conscious life,Healing, 194:the point in evolution and upon the radiatory influence of other centers. The appearance in theHealing, 195:substance and organic forms within the radius of influence of the center. The area of thisHealing, 195:of influence of the center. The area of this influence is variable according to the activity of theHealing, 204:of energy to the organs within the radius of the influence of any particular center. From a studyHealing, 204:effect upon the whole organic system; their influence, via the blood stream, reaches into everyHealing, 219:of this the emphasis today on vitamins and the influence of the sun are wholesome indications. TheHealing, 219:importance; the mind will be seen as the prime influence as regards the centers, for people will beHealing, 245:and eternally present, is closely related to the influence of the first ray. It is that aspect ofHealing, 245:processes still persist; they are now under the influence of the planetary life, however, and toHealing, 283:of the group of initiates who sought to influence humanity through its agency, and had it developedHealing, 313:life at all. Suddenly they spring to life and influence the present incarnation, and incidentally,Healing, 341:with the astral bodies of all people. Its influence is consequently more potent at the time of theHealing, 347:abstracting energy which we call Death, whose influence at a given time proves more potent than theHealing, 351:of cases, and being time-conscious and under the influence of karma, he will do his utmost alongHealing, 456:force pours as the potency of the abstracting influence of the soul increases. In the case ofHealing, 477:the form that it energized, and this under the influence of the thought-form of himself which theHealing, 477:body, the etheric body is not yet freed from its influence. There is still a slight rapport betweenHealing, 489:and is dependent upon the extent of the manasic influence. The manasic man, focused now in hisHealing, 493:and automatically find those whom the third seed influence indicates as possessing a constant partHealing, 512:of experience, upon its own ray and under the influence of the Master Who will eventually guide theHealing, 513:individual. The head center begins to exert an influence upon the ajna center, and slowly andHealing, 520:with those higher contacts and spheres of influence which have hitherto been sealed to the discipleHealing, 545:(the second major expression of soul contact and influence in the individual's life and in the lifeHealing, 567:urge because they are souls and under the influence of the quality of the second divine aspect. TheHealing, 578:magnetic area, contained within the radius of influence of the three head centers, or within theHealing, 609:entity) is a reflection (distorted and under the influence of glamor) in the three worlds of theHealing, 613:is worked upon and not that which has an innate influence of its own; it is not important in theHealing, 622:human body under their radiatory and magnetic influence. It is the centers which hold the bodyHealing, 626:of friction" and controls the area under its influence; this necessarily includes the gland whichHealing, 628:itself, which is found extending its radius of influence throughout the entire body of a man. TheHealing, 631:that energy, though always within the sphere of influence of some greater thinking, directingHealing, 636:conditioned by the point in time of the cyclic influence of the planetary spirit and by its pointHealing, 663:and this has all taken place under the influence of the Law of Perfection. I am dealing here withHealing, 666:which to work; there will be nothing they can influence, and no mode of influencing man will thenHealing, 668:of prominence because of their riches and influence; however, they sin against light and notHealing, 681:working with those who are definitely under the influence and control of the Mother, and who needHealing, 685:This refers to the fulfilment, under the influence of simple animal instinct, of the obligationsHealing, 705:of the Black Lodge, or healers working under its influence, are, however, totally unable to work onHealing, 706:person, save with those of potency and influence who can serve their ends. Also their evil work isHercules, 20:they will produce that knower of God whose influence becomes worldwide and who can both love andHercules, 21:"The eighteenth path is called the House of Influence ... and from the midst of the investigationHercules, 29:subjects the man who is working in it to the influence of certain distinctive forces, and providesHercules, 29:the personal self, who, acting under the influence of the soul, the indwelling Christ, carries outHercules, 30:who is immersed in form and is living under the influence of the matter aspect follows necessarilyHercules, 45:in Taurus, and the result of the Taurian influence, is the glorification of matter and subsequentHercules, 45:be exalted in Taurus. This is done through the influence of Venus, the symbol of earthly and ofHercules, 52:women, driven by spiritual desire and under the influence of the thought-form of the church duringHercules, 66:been steadily developed. Gemini, therefore, has influence in three departments, which concernHercules, 67:in this connection how Hercules comes under the influence of two teachers: Nereus, the higherHercules, 67:for Venus makes at-one, and through its influence the law of attraction and the bringing togetherHercules, 91:of the mass or group, which is the significant influence of the work carried forward in the signHercules, 94:He must learn to use the intellect under the influence of Diana, the huntress, daughter of the sun,Hercules, 104:He showed himself as functioning under the influence of the illuminated mind; he personified inHercules, 122:he will enter the sign through the influence of Venus, while the average man will enter under theHercules, 135:component should act [135] as a complementary influence. The Libran instinctively understands this.
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