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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCE

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Hercules, 189:of life, all merging under the new Aquarian influence. A marvellous thing is taking place; let usHercules, 215:tradition, there are indications of the influence of the ancient science of astrology. There haveHercules, 220:Even, therefore, in its exoteric forms, the influence of the signs is surely substantiated andInitiation, 28:all within his aura or magnetic sphere of influence. In him we live and move and have our being,Initiation, 42:cooperation with him, and has his center of influence in China. He is the second Manu that theInitiation, 72:responsibility to all units who come under his influence, - a responsibility of cooperating withInitiation, 95:and temperature increased, and the sphere of influence of each light extended in radius. [96] TheInitiation, 96:store of force, and consequently its sphere of influence, without incurring obligations andInitiation, 96:to that of the Venusian scheme at the time its influence was felt by us, then we shall aid in theInitiation, 103:to the world he is ever a man of large influence, the wielder of spiritual power, the embodied ofInitiation, 103:misinterpreted; he lays his all - time, money, influence, reputation, and all that the worldInitiation, 121:and to cooperate in large plans and wield wide influence. A part of the plans of the PlanetaryInitiation, 188:of job, in the words, "Canst thou bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades?" In the mystery of thisInitiation, 188:of the Pleiades?" In the mystery of this influence, and in the secret of the sun Sirius, are hiddenInitiation, 224:solar system, and is the periphery of the influence of the sun, both esoterically and exotericallyIntellect, 5:But there is every reason to believe that as the influence of western thinking - particularly itsIntellect, 30:processes and so raise those subjected to their influence out of the realm of the purely analyticalIntellect, 34:purity of expression and of perfected worldwide influence as we see evidenced by [35] the Christ,Intellect, 201:will be enormously increased and his sphere of influence widened. Intellect, 245:unshaken belief in his capacity, his ability to influence thousands, even if he is relativelyIntellect, 245:thousands, even if he is relatively impotent to influence those around him at present, he preparesIntellect, 247:him the work that he can do in his own sphere of influence to further the Divine Plan. But he willIntellect, 267:the discipline of right daily living and to the influence of the pure motive of Service. Magic, 60:to His group and thus take him into His auric influence, making him an outpost of HisMagic, 66:of humanity who are specially under lunar influence respond to this attraction more than anyMagic, 99:harmful results. Later when acting under the influence of the soul, force is rightly and wiselyMagic, 112:must be far advanced for the ray of the monad to influence extensively. So the majority of casesMagic, 170:to some fellow worker, also under the same group influence, whose right it is to know and whoseMagic, 185:for something in the world of men, when he is an influence in his sphere, and when he is moldingMagic, 188:prompt his activity and at the effect of his influence upon his fellowmen. True service is theMagic, 278:his call to the periphery of his circle of influence. Let him set the waters of living substance inMagic, 282:lives have their own emanatory and contributory influence. They fall in their turn into three mainMagic, 282:bad effect, are coarsening or refining in their influence, and raise or lower the physicalMagic, 307:The southern path tends to a lowered vibratory influence and aspirants should bear this in mind inMagic, 312:if I may so term it, and yet have a very potent influence. On account of this close relation, theyMagic, 312:and sex perversions find much strengthening influence from these dying astral emanations. InMagic, 313:also be remembered that in Lemurian times their influence was constructive, for in those days, theMagic, 322:to control and dominate in its little sphere of influence. Therein lies for all aspirants at thisMagic, 344:of those whom you can each, in your own place, influence. A real problem, as you all realize, liesMagic, 374:on planes of the same number but has a special influence on the fourth subplane. Note how thisMagic, 375:soul appears to dominate from the standpoint of influence, and the entire consciousness aspectMagic, 390:For this world cycle, Agni is the dominating influence, though Indra, Lord of the buddhic orMagic, 394:of the above. This demonstrates in power and influence where there is a real and steadily awakeningMagic, 394:into line with purpose and desire. Power to influence, sway, guide and hold others within the rangeMagic, 395:by the Piscean Age, and through the influence of the sixth ray, and the work of the ChristianMagic, 396:The stage of ambition and of longing for influence and power in some field of human expression.Magic, 396:equipment under the above stimulus. The stage of influence, selfishly used and frequentlyMagic, 401:felt but theirs is as yet primarily a subjective influence. Magic, 406:Ten - The New Group of World Servers Under the influence of the different rays as they cycled inMagic, 409:rights of man find their prime inaugurating influence and impetus in the revolution in France.Magic, 410:These latter groups have acted largely under the influence of the sixth and second rays. TheMagic, 411:of Asiatic philosophers are just beginning to influence western ideas. Through analysis,Magic, 412:they are internationally effective, and their influence is not confined to one nation or race. TheMagic, 416:and work from the "high and secret place". Their influence is wielded silently and quietly and theyMagic, 417:force. During the next twenty-five years their influence will become potent enough to attractMagic, 435:Ten - Astrology and the Energies In the moon influence, we have indicated the native's past. ItMagic, 435:which "holds back" and which - if permitted to influence unduly - will produce inertia. In the bodyMagic, 436:possessing certain characteristics. The influence of the moon is primarily physical. The prison ofMagic, 437:soul ray, then he comes as definitely under the influence of one or other of the seven solarMagic, 439:or cessation of old ideas and emotions, and its influence is therefore largely cerebral and in thatMagic, 459:on Their work, and it is in this sphere of influence that They work with the greatest ease andMagic, 459:or by choice, lie within their radius of influence. Thus the "idea" presented is seized upon byMagic, 461:of their thought, according to their group influence and state of inclusive awareness, andMagic, 479:process of rebirth until such time as the TAU influence is exhausted and the AUM sound canMagic, 479:and the AUM sound can dominate. The former influence is however weakening, and the AUM isMagic, 479:(which is the symbolic way of expressing the TAU influence) will cease, and the time will come, asMagic, 482:types, and of the Occult Hierarchy itself. The influence of this band of mystics and knowers isMagic, 487:not force, for strong thinkers must not unduly influence other minds, but a gentle stream of [488]Magic, 501:force pours as the potency of the abstracting influence of the soul increases. In the case ofMagic, 507:desired for the religious impulse. Under its influence the work of the numerous unconsciousMagic, 512:results. The fifth ray is passing out, but its influence can still be felt; the third ray is atMagic, 515:a new world, and place it within the sphere of influence of the soul. It is analogous to the periodMagic, 530:measure and rhythm, determines the radius of its influence, and brings about that illusoryMagic, 530:categories: 1. Those lives which act under the influence of a conscious purpose, and who "limit theMagic, 535:are boundaries of any kind, where a field of influence is circumscribed, and where the radius ofMagic, 537:the title of subhuman, man has to work under the influence of the intuition; when working toMagic, 538:of light and wisdom automatically has a field of influence which extends both up and down, andMagic, 603:upon a manifested esoteric sense, and upon an influence or an auric power which is wide,Magic, 603:will enable him, as a worker under the plan, to influence his environment and to clothe the newMagic, 619:owing to the growing strength of the Aquarian influence which (from about the year A.D. 1640) hasMagic, 625:the world in thrall, and no one is exempt from influence. For the aspirant and for the discipleMeditation, 43:and Science respond quickly to this seventh influence; by that statement I mean that their monadsMeditation, 68:and seeking - under expert guidance - to influence politically and religiously [69] the world ofMeditation, 117:incurred; and secondly to test out his powers to influence for good those around him, to recognizeMeditation, 179:avenues of mutual comprehension. Mantrams that influence groups, and others that influence specificMeditation, 179:Mantrams that influence groups, and others that influence specific devas. I would like to point outMeditation, 211:it is the reflection upon matter of the type of influence that is emanating from the Logos, andMeditation, 230:is on the Ray of Science, and comes under the influence of the incoming Ray of Harmony, the effectMeditation, 237:color. If colors are but the veil cast over an influence, and if you can, by use of the intuition,Meditation, 359:solar system, and is the periphery of the influence of the sun, both esoterically and exotericallyPatanjali, 277:or the forms taken on the astral plane under the influence of the planetary forces. These are inPatanjali, 396:himself or isolating himself from the allure and influence of those greater streams of mind imagesPatanjali, 400:concerns the adaptability of the form to inner influence, and to outer environment. The otherPatanjali, 400:is decided by the ability of the true man to influence that personal self, bend it to the higherPatanjali, 408:think, and through thought impulse to modify and influence sentient substance, and build it intoProblems, 16:task of representing the major, civilizing influence in old Europe be remembered, and that FranceProblems, 23:which are already within her sphere of influence; the other nations must also work out their ownProblems, 39:- past and present. It concerns the refining influence of these factors upon a nation and uponProblems, 58:studied from the angle of their effect and their influence for good or evil upon their period; theProblems, 59:in the scheme of things? The livingness of the influence and the proclaimed purpose behind the
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