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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCE

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Psychology2, 89:illusion of the astral plane, plus the Piscean influence, is true. Man's thought dominated andPsychology2, 95:emotional glamor of the Piscean Age. This astral influence has its roots in the past AtlanteanPsychology2, 103:rightly understood, will explain The Saturnian influence in human life. The cessation of rebellion,Psychology2, 103:of rebellion, of the ending of the Martian influence. The building of the antahkarana, whichPsychology2, 117:increases, and the periphery of their sphere of influence is set up, creating a dual magneticPsychology2, 126:have a group effect in humanity itself, and to influence the race of men as a whole. This effect isPsychology2, 128:(if several lives have been thus spent under the influence of the Law of Service) the effect of thePsychology2, 145:It is also linked up with the incoming Aquarian influence. The Masters, [146] with their largePsychology2, 146:this selection is: Sensitivity to the Aquarian influence. Willingness to work in a group as anPsychology2, 147:and therefore can only make its presence and influence felt upon the Path of Discipleship. It isPsychology2, 148:demonstration of the first ray quality (a subray influence of the second ray), for it should bePsychology2, 149:its impact. If we are unable to respond to its influence in any measure, that in itself isPsychology2, 149:there is no medium or channel through which this influence can flow or work. Never let it bePsychology2, 149:or work. Never let it be forgotten that this influence or law of our spiritual being is that whichPsychology2, 150:and carries to the aspirant the quality, influence and tendency of the Spiritual Triad, thePsychology2, 150:Repulse - Fourth Law Atma - Spiritual Will. This influence comes via the egoic petals of sacrificePsychology2, 151:the seven laws through which they express their influence, they would arrive at an understanding ofPsychology2, 152:true psychological understanding and, when their influence is better grasped, man will arrive atPsychology2, 159:of Repulse. At first, he hardly recognizes the influence of this Law. It is as difficult for him toPsychology2, 160:upon the Path. He has to learn to recognize its influence; then he must himself learn to do threePsychology2, 173:- again freely and by choice - comes under the influence of the method whereby this death isPsychology2, 173:when the soul consciousness comes under the influence of the law. These forces are quiescent wherePsychology2, 185:and initiates. These latter, in Their turn, influence the disciples of the world and thesePsychology2, 242:right use of the mental body, working under the influence of Atma or Spirit. The principle ofPsychology2, 242:the astral or desire nature, working under the influence of Buddhi. The Trend to Synthesis hasPsychology2, 242:consciousness upon the physical plane, under the influence of the Monad, but its real expressionPsychology2, 244:the part, and to view his life and sphere of influence in terms of its corporate relationships andPsychology2, 250:that the artist for many lives comes under the influence of one particular personality ray. HencePsychology2, 259:into four classes: A few who are under the influence of their souls, or who are rapidly becomingPsychology2, 259:or who are rapidly becoming susceptible to this influence. Personalities, of whom there are manyPsychology2, 260:for the Hierarchy to prevail upon them or influence them to regard the time factor as a definitelyPsychology2, 260:surroundings by the beauty, the power, or the influence of their lives, and are themselvesPsychology2, 261:upon which would bring a more definite influence to bear upon a group of souls awaitingPsychology2, 261:time had not truly come but whose conditioning influence was needed if certain difficultiesPsychology2, 263:men and women, but who are not yet under the influence of the soul. Their "self-will and self-love"Psychology2, 263:in their lives that they exert a determining influence upon their environment. It would be well toPsychology2, 263:or a civilization) free. It simply provides the influence and the conditions wherein the best inPsychology2, 265:will frequently prove a more effective agent of influence in his environing circumstances. Psychology2, 268:opposition, lead the man to submit to a higher influence. He calls then in desperation upon thePsychology2, 273:many people can and do consciously register the influence of the soul and the nearing approach ofPsychology2, 288:ray meditations can be used to bring in the influence of the soul and these will be laterPsychology2, 309:impulses - emanating from the world of pranic influence, where the entirely undeveloped man isPsychology2, 320:The sphere of its contacts, The range of its influence, The field of its conscious activity. I havePsychology2, 323:self-initiated. Thus the field of soul influence is steadily enlarged. Whilst this soul activity isPsychology2, 335:might be inferred to be coming under the influence of a second ray soul; or a man, whose wholePsychology2, 356:reflective man upon the periphery of the soul's influence and the soul itself, the One Who is atPsychology2, 356:of the soul to be grasped by those whose soul's influence reaches to that periphery, and is therePsychology2, 375:devotee to free himself from the prevailing influence, for the energy thus generated feeds thatPsychology2, 384:by the mind, functioning forcefully, under the influence of the spiritual man, through the mediumPsychology2, 409:as a sense of power , as desire for personality influence or as true spiritual power and force. InPsychology2, 434:are directed and controlled, first by mental influence and then by conscious soul direction. ThePsychology2, 438:and difficulties. This type of person, under the influence of this extension of consciousness, isPsychology2, 444:the first ray brain. The first result of soul influence will be an intensification of every thingPsychology2, 473:it swings into activity through the subjective influence of mental illusion or astral glamor or ofPsychology2, 515:these we shall shortly deal when we consider the influence of the rays today and in the AquarianPsychology2, 525:and becoming potent enough to extend its [525] influence above the diaphragm. The solar plexusPsychology2, 530:the imagination is beginning to exert its influence; next comes the period wherein there is thePsychology2, 541:of heart trouble to which so many people of influence and power so frequently succumb. The heartPsychology2, 576:Now it is well nigh planetary in its radius of influence. Public opinion, with its determining andPsychology2, 576:opinion, with its determining and conditioning influence, is another phase of the same emergingPsychology2, 583:psychic is not of a high order of mentality or influence himself. Those arising out of a loosePsychology2, 603:done himself irreparable damage. The healing influence of death, and the interlude of the lifePsychology2, 625:you here that - as a result of the Piscean influence during the past two thousand years - suchPsychology2, 625:interesting parts of our treatise, which is the influence of the rays today and in the Aquarian agePsychology2, 652:of the world to act in unison, and so to influence public opinion that there can be a world widePsychology2, 663:prejudices. It must throw the weight of its influence behind all movements, which are struggling toPsychology2, 675:in a very few years, demonstrate real power and influence. The work can then swing into its secondPsychology2, 675:into its second cycle of pronounced and definite influence. This will be possible only if those whoPsychology2, 676:world will be so great that they will be able to influence world events. There will then be enoughPsychology2, 709:They therefore become much more potent and their influence is much more magnetic and radiating. IfPsychology2, 710:advanced people is coming increasingly under the influence of, and responding to, the energy ofPsychology2, 717:imbued by them, and in this way the radiating influence of the Group will be greatly enhanced. ThisPsychology2, 720:is being registered by all who come under the influence [721] of the new "schools of thought",Psychology2, 721:to pay more attention to the activity and the influence of Venus. Much emphasis has been laid uponPsychology2, 721:the Aquarian age will supersede Mars as a basic influence. The forces of the planetary entity whoPsychology2, 722:and consequently react potently to this influence. The energy of the New Group of World Servers,Psychology2, 722:us today. There is also the powerful vibratory influence of those important men and women in thePsychology2, 725:of men and women whose numbers and spheres of influence are entirely adequate to bring about thePsychology2, 726:of the senior workers in any group, who unduly influence the rank and the file of the membership.Rays, 31:and the will aspect of the egoic life begins to influence the disciple. The "petals of sacrifice"Rays, 32:the surface of the outer life. The Master's influence, as He seeks to aid His disciple, alwaysRays, 32:Similarly, the projection of the life and influence of any senior disciple into the periphery orRays, 32:disciple or lesser disciple in his own sphere of influence. These intrusive influences and theirRays, 36:the group? Can one person have so extensive an influence that he can hold up or delay or evenRays, 55:towards the unfoldment of consciousness, and the influence of life itself. This is the Sound. SevenRays, 68:group recognizes and works under the pervasive influence of the purpose; the individual initiateRays, 88:upon the race of men when the spiritual influence is at its height. This it does through one of theRays, 95:be to evoke from humanity a response to that influence, and an unfoldment on a large scale ofRays, 106:all the forms of life within the orbit of Their influence up to the same measure of recordedRays, 109:concepts so that they may [109] begin to influence the higher level of thinkers. These latter areRays, 112:the ambitions and the growing personality influence of so many people. Many groups, underRays, 132:still to limitations "within the circle of influence of the greater Life," but not limited by lifeRays, 154:are being slowly developed by him under the influence of hierarchical supervision through theRays, 157:personality has to submit when coming under soul influence, with the Laws of the Soul which haveRays, 180:is carried on within the created sphere of influence of the third aspect. God is life. God is fire.Rays, 192:Jesus to the fourth initiation and Their joint influence was triumphant over death. Then we readRays, 205:the planet, holding, through His radiatory influence, all forms and all substances in the planetaryRays, 205:much smaller scale, can be seen in the radiatory influence of the Christ as it permeates, energizesRays, 205:a still smaller analogy can be seen in the influence wielded by a disciple who stands at the centerRays, 205:is the work of a world disciple, for the influence is wider and more far-reaching than that of a
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