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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCE

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Rays, 222:passed beyond the sphere of the immediate group influence; it has made its initial impact upon theRays, 229:with the rest of humanity still under the influence of Pisces. You have, consequently, theRays, 229:through the New Group of World Servers under the influence of Taurus, the nurturer of allRays, 230:among men and evoke recognition as the influence of Aquarius is more firmly established. TheRays, 231:of Sanat Kumara, the Hierarchy. This Aquarian influence produces mainly the intensifying of theRays, 231:are brought under the stepped-down Aquarian influence; this has to be an individual matter, largelyRays, 232:and peculiar an initiation it is. It is this influence also which has enabled the Master R. toRays, 232:seventh ray. Incidentally, it is this Aquarian influence which has given the adepts of the BlackRays, 235:the present difficulties. The passing out of the influence of Pisces, the slow withdrawal of theRays, 238:coming peculiarly and in a new sense under the influence of His will nature. This means that theRays, 246:and acquiescent (as it does under the influence of the theological approach and in the mannerRays, 253:is the objective expression of the subjective influence of light. Ponder on this statement. TheRays, 265:true sense; this is only possible when monadic influence can be consciously registered and when theRays, 272:and each soul therefore comes in turn under the influence of each of the three Buddhas, each ofRays, 282:time of all that proceeds within his sphere of influence. Here is the symbol of the Master, from aRays, 324:with the sevenfold nature of man and with the influence of the seven basic energies or rays uponRays, 357:astral plane. The note, the quality and the influence of the cosmic astral plane is love - theRays, 358:and taught ever since modern occultism began to influence human thinking: the four planes whichRays, 377:from the cosmic astral plane have been the major influence. All this is, of course, an inadequateRays, 379:reaction of all within the Ashram to the ray influence and to the "breath of the prevailing Will"Rays, 394:technique of handling the most potent energy and influence in the world, that of the intelligence.Rays, 411:of Initiation Owing to the success of the influence of this Shamballa energy upon humanity when theRays, 411:were members of the Hierarchy, could not influence directly the more developed human beings orRays, 415:by the average disciple. 5. This Sirian influence was not recognized, and little of it wasRays, 416:divine principle represents an aspect of the influence which Sirius exerts on our solar system andRays, 416:free itself from the impact, the contact and the influence of substance. Rays, 417:behind all progress. This mysteriously "exerted influence," this "pulling away" from form (as weRays, 418:dispensation, was organized under direct Sirian influence and modeled as far as possible on certainRays, 425:is brought to a point of balance by means of the influence of Libra, and this balanced and dualRays, 441:is Shamballa" and its [441] sphere or aura of influence and "with the field of relationships whichRays, 444:energies, swung into each other's field of influence. This happens only occasionally and rarely inRays, 461:This reveals itself most completely under the influence of the first Ray of Will or Power,Rays, 466:with the Plan. Will. Direction. Oneness. The influence of the Triad. The HierarchicalRays, 466:with divinity. Love. Attraction. Relation. The influence of the Soul. The Human Consciousness.Rays, 466:the soul. Intelligence. Action. Expression. The influence of the consecrated personality. The manRays, 471:made upon the Path to bring in the monadic influence with full awareness, and finally directly.Rays, 473:are now so potent that their magnetic influence and their creative effect are making the buildingRays, 480:their own aura of awareness and their area of influence, in order to build, construct and utilizeRays, 484:building the rainbow bridge and who, under the influence of the Ageless Wisdom, are grasping theRays, 487:(defining His desired [487] sphere of influence) the energy-substance needed to carry out HisRays, 489:of the imagination is the first organizing influence which works upon and within the ring-pass-notRays, 494:is that his developed potency and its radius of influence are now sufficiently strong to call out aRays, 553:in which the mass of men take part, under the influence and inspiration of a regeneratedRays, 560:cycle (untold millions of years ago) the influence of the third Ray of Active Intelligence becameRays, 560:the totality of history as we have it, the influence of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom is slowlyRays, 565:upon the physical plane becomes the cause and influence which propels the initiate forward upon theRays, 567:impulses of Rays 7, 6, 5, 4, plus the dynamic influence of Ray I at the time of the fifthRays, 573:personalities, acting under this ray influence, will create the new world, express the newRays, 575:and (on the mental plane) it is this influence which produces creativity, the organizing of theRays, 575:Nevertheless, the changes brought about by the influence of this ray become increasingly effectiveRays, 579:mental unfoldment. The steadily growing soul influence, working like a leaven on the astral plane,Rays, 580:is undergone by the world aspirant. The influence generated by the Shamballa energy which has, forRays, 582:to some sensed ideology. Later, under the influence of an increasing soul contact (itself theRays, 586:Ashram of the Master Morya, as He seeks to find, influence and direct the activities of workers inRays, 587:Activity. The work with humanity comes under the influence of the ray energy of the second BuddhaRays, 587:the initiate is a part and within which his influence or spiritual radiation is increasingly felt. Rays, 595:and new modes of behavior. Fortunately, the influence of this fifth ray energy - which is alwaysRays, 597:minds; this again is an effect of fifth ray influence. Rays, 597:and what is right. All this again is due to the influence of fifth ray energy. This will begin toRays, 606:In Atlantean days, the leaders of men, under the influence of this paramount fourth ray energy,Rays, 615:evident the fact that the locale of Christ's influence will be, therefore, the entire three worldsRays, 615:the astral plane within the active sphere of His influence; this involves the release of the energyRays, 618:harmony through conflict is under the control or influence of the energy of the second Ray ofRays, 627:necessarily and naturally a strong materialistic influence and the conflict there is hard toRays, 636:of Palestine, have thrown the weight of their influence into the conflict on the side of aggressionRays, 645:entire theme anent this type of energy, and its influence [646] and quality when related to theRays, 672:reformation starts, and it is here that the influence of the seventh ray (which governs the firstRays, 674:the custodians is lost to sight and has small influence. At the third initiation the control of theRays, 676:to my reply to these two questions. Under the influence of the Piscean cycle which is now inRays, 679:towards mental expression, this distorting influence will become increasingly less important, andRays, 680:instinctual human desire may dictate, under the influence of the evolutionary process, the libertyRays, 681:a secondary degree, by Great Britain, under the influence of the U.S.A. It is the Zionists who haveRays, 684:as best the beleaguered aspirant can - under the influence of right direction and spiritualRays, 684:and understanding mind, but seldom under the influence of inspiration. Nevertheless, the good workRays, 708:and so be misjudged, but their spiritual influence will be growing; they care not what others thinkRays, 724:and decides to remain within the field, scope or influence of the planetary Life, He faces a solarRays, 733:are directed into action by Them under the influence of the seven Ray Lords; the Ray Lords areRays, 737:sense - of all that concerns the sphere of influence of the Will of God. This demonstratesReappearance, 7:in such a manner that Their names and Their influence are known and felt thousands of years afterReappearance, 27:"destiny" and to the widespread universal influence a Son of God can exert makes itself felt in theReappearance, 44:the arena of mankind's living. Their work and influence is already seen and felt in every land, andReappearance, 79:cycles through which our planet passes, under influence of solar progression. The at presentReappearance, 81:we are not yet functioning fully within the influence of Aquarius; we are only just emerging fromReappearance, 81:we are only just emerging from the Piscean influence, and the full impact of the energies whichReappearance, 88:to evoke from humanity a response to spiritual influence and an unfoldment (on a large scale) ofReappearance, 90:dead forms; they threw their weight and their influence (which is only another name for energy)Reappearance, 92:masses of the people everywhere come under its influence. Progressive and liberal churchmen in allReappearance, 101:of Synthesis and of the Buddha and under the influence of the Spirit of Peace and of Equilibrium,Reappearance, 106:of Aries, the Scapegoat or the Ram. It was the influence of this age - persisting throughout theReappearance, 129:in the mass of men of some particular cyclic influence, leading to an initiation. Culture isReappearance, 130:past sentient control and its entire area of influence no longer exists. It has no reality, exceptReappearance, 176:kindly, people in all classes and spheres of influence. Men of goodwill and of spiritualSoul, 37:but unless the results are judged under the same influence they are strangely disappointing. WeSoul, 41:certainly not indispensable to life. The exact influence of the pineal secretion is still obscure."Soul, 90:of the mind, and of its power, and through the influence of such organizations as Christian ScienceSoul, 116:Power it is stated that: [116] "The centers influence not only the muscular combinations concernedSoul, 150:and that the power of electro-magnetism can influence and completely control gravitation,' saidTelepathy, 3:and the initiates. These latter in their turn influence the disciples of the world, and theseTelepathy, 4:power of his formulated thought-forms, can then influence other minds. These others grasp theTelepathy, 40:and to teach subjectively with no undue influence, no forcing, and no infringement of the liberty
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