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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCED

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Astrology, 33:note that this Hierarchy is influencing, and is influenced by, the seventh Ray of Magical Order andAstrology, 70:upon the Path of Discipleship are strongly influenced by Mercury and Saturn - one bringingAstrology, 112:out much that I have given you anent the soul, influenced by the esoteric planets eventually, andAstrology, 112:planets eventually, and the personality, influenced by the orthodox planets. The greater zodiac isAstrology, 159:the interim period of development, eight signs influenced the planet and the kingdoms of natureAstrology, 190:sign or with this sign in the ascendant will be influenced by what the ancient Hindu ScripturesAstrology, 283:fact that the form life of the disciple [283] is influenced in one way by the wheel, and theAstrology, 283:Mercury and Saturn, for the undeveloped man is influenced by those qualities which can be bestAstrology, 323:a part), the Cancerian subject is affected by or influenced by five other planets, which are Mars,Astrology, 362:the other from Gemini. This condition, aided and influenced by Mercury and Venus, produces theAstrology, 528:soul energy and some personality force; some are influenced by Shamballa and some by the Hierarchy.Astrology, 540:in those aspects of human living which are influenced by the rulers of certain houses. The seventhAutobiography, 218:few people could travel widely. I suppose I was influenced in this decision because I had traveledDestiny, 30:of the Rays Today These three groups of people, influenced by the sixth and seventh rays or who areDestiny, 31:they are the idealistic but practical thinkers, influenced by the pattern of things to come and theDestiny, 49:and of the way in which great events have been influenced or brought about by the periodic rayDestiny, 62:and how the ideology of the latter country has influenced the national government. It will also beDestiny, 77:the two countries. They are both powerfully influenced by this sign of self-interest and ofDestiny, 102:soul energy and some personality force; some are influenced by Shamballa and some by the Hierarchy.Destiny, 127:the physical plane, carried forward by those influenced by the sixth ray force, has led to a worldDiscipleship1, 128:upon the Path of Discipleship. All these factors influenced my decision to ask you, a disciple, toDiscipleship1, 156:all. Preserve your mental integrity and be not influenced by those whose hearts are bitter or whoseDiscipleship1, 238:with the group which has lately so powerfully influenced you. But be true to the situation as, inDiscipleship1, 288:are afraid (as a personality) of being unduly influenced and of being subjected to an authorityDiscipleship1, 544:from the group of the Tibetan's disciples, influenced thereto by friends, but in so doing, learntDiscipleship1, 601:the last analysis, others would not have been so influenced had you seen truly and had cooperatedDiscipleship1, 697:Master. This is impulsed by his monadic potency, influenced by the One who is his Master andDiscipleship2, 201:out and in the group which is creatively influenced by the meditation work accomplished. CuriouslyEducation, 30:which is subjectively and [30] superconsciously influenced during the process. I am presuming thatEducation, 39:of world information is high but usually biased, influenced either by national or religiousExternalisation, 136:of aggression which, down the ages, has [136] influenced first one nation and then another, theExternalisation, 262:who are easily subject to evil impression and influenced, obsessed, by selfishness and evil - byExternalisation, 682:retreat in the Himalayas, and from there I have influenced and helped far more people than I couldFire, 74:its relation to the fire of matter, is directly influenced and adjusted in its working by one ofFire, 109:this will show that whole races have been influenced, and certain kingdoms of nature troubled byFire, 637:of the centers, the negative deva substance is influenced, built and energized. This is true of aFire, 943:egoic Ray, so will be the type of deva substance influenced. These builders work with certainFire, 977:therefore, how vital is this matter, and how influenced men and women are by the thought forms theyFire, 1045:an atomic unit, rotating on its own axis and influenced and driven towards the center of force of aFire, 1088:made it possible for them to be impressed and influenced from on high. We [1089] have in thisGlamour, 155:barrier to spiritual progress, is more and more influenced by the soul than by its lower nature.Glamour, 246:are dearly seen by him, even if he is as yet influenced by one or other of them; he is aware of aGlamour, 261:it should be regarded as an automaton, influenced and directed by: The vital body and the forces ofHealing, 123:persist for many lives, until the person thus influenced becomes what is called "occultlyHealing, 123:adjustment has to come from the side of those influenced, and not from the disciple. Initiation, 55:have far vision and the international ideal are influenced by him, and with him cooperate certainInitiation, 200:center) will be watched, and the life thereby influenced and regulated. The whole question of theMagic, 186:out the plan of the Hierarchy, and can be influenced to materialize those endeavors which areMagic, 245:himself in the soul consciousness, refuse to be influenced by the alternating conditions to whichMagic, 284:to which we have above referred is coordinated, influenced and vitalized by the blood stream, thatMagic, 294:body of the solar Logos. This in its turn is influenced by, and is a channel for sentient forces,Magic, 417:and of good will. These latter who are being influenced by the group members are as yet only a fewMagic, 448:of the mental plane matter as it is influenced by a concentrated mind, these desire forms fail toMagic, 530:constitute part of some primary thinker and are influenced by the powerful intent of that primaryMagic, 625:of one's own position, and yet all the time be influenced subjectively by love of personal power,Meditation, 43:statement I mean that their monads are easily influenced in this direction. The monads of the sixthPatanjali, 216:expressing itself through desire fails to be influenced by the pull of any attractive force. ThePatanjali, 385:cells and atoms in His body are correspondingly influenced, stimulated and developed. Problems, 37:is relatively high, but it is biased and influenced by religious and national prejudices which arePsychology1, 38:to him so tangible that he is swayed, turned and influenced by them; and to the world of materialPsychology1, 51:planes or manifested spheres of expression are influenced in manifestation in a numerical order:Psychology1, 136:His response apparatus responds to, and is influenced by, all the contacts to which the subhumanPsychology1, 153:Life of the "One About Whom Naught May Be Said." Influenced by, and therefore under thePsychology1, 166:who practiced self-torture and mutilation was influenced by the fourth subray; and the time whenPsychology1, 205:and interest. He will love music, but unless influenced by the fourth ray he will not produce it.Psychology1, 205:and idle, and regardless of appearances. If influenced by the fifth ray as the secondary ray, thisPsychology1, 205:ray man is too often vague and involved, but if influenced by the first, fourth, fifth or seventhPsychology1, 246:a disciple who is upon the path is strongly influenced by Mercury and by Saturn, but when he beginsPsychology1, 382:and of the way in which great events have been influenced or brought about by the periodic rayPsychology1, 402:emotional desire nature, which is to be found influenced and controlled by the ray which colors thePsychology1, 406:and occupation. It is selective of quality, when influenced by the egoic ray. The Egoic ray hasPsychology2, 260:awakening souls are the ones who can at times be influenced to retard or delay their entry intoPsychology2, 264:body is only the expression or medium. They are influenced by the mass consciousness, mass ideas,Psychology2, 449:and workers, for the tide is on and men can be influenced for good at this time but perhaps notPsychology2, 617:strengthened by the cooperation of those influenced by the criticism and the consequences of thisPsychology2, 623:force of the untrained magical worker who is influenced by seventh ray energy, working through thePsychology2, 633:advanced people. They can be easily regimented, influenced, standardized and swept into aRays, 104:unmistakable expression of soul activity - as influenced consciously by the Monad or Father - andRays, 566:are of major importance. The human being is influenced upon the path of evolution from aboveRays, 589:of crisis in the lives of the individuals influenced and in the Hierarchy, as well as in theRays, 622:facts as they occur, without being controlled or influenced by governmental interference, pressureRays, 625:outer national groupings and aims. Italy also is influenced by the Ray of Harmony through ConflictRays, 674:Black Lodge, or of aspirational reaction when influenced by the great White Lodge, the spiritualSoul, 77:The early Christian Fathers were tremendously influenced by Greek ideas as to the Soul, and their
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