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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFLUENCES

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Psychology1, 333:therefore be noted that the following rays and influences must be considered in the case of everyPsychology1, 335:one) is an expression of one of the seven ray influences. These seven planets might be enumeratedPsychology1, 339:that it is affected potently by the two major influences which beat upon the human kingdom, thePsychology1, 340:to express the effects of these two major ray influences in terms of mysticism and of philosophy,Psychology1, 341:to environment, sensitive response to the ray influences which govern and express themselvesPsychology1, 343:choice - these are the two rays or major influences which sweep through humanity as a whole, andPsychology1, 347:of the subject is very great. There are numerous influences which tend to make man what he is, andPsychology1, 348:some idea of the relative "values" of these ray influences. Ray three has been the longest inPsychology1, 350:is now so much more responsive [350] to ray influences that the watching Hierarchy (through egoicPsychology1, 351:of the responsiveness of humanity to the ray influences shall we arrive at the recognition of a lawPsychology1, 365:in an effort to clarify the incoming spiritual influences. One of the first lessons that humanityPsychology1, 390:cleavages are based on the governing ray influences. Spain, Austria and France, being governed byPsychology1, 390:would be too destructive. The effect of these influences is felt in the following sequential order:Psychology1, 405:We have also to understand the dominant ray influences of the kingdom of souls, the fifth kingdom.Psychology1, 406:is enabled to walk in the light. The Monadic ray influences the mental body, after integration ofPsychology1, 412:Kingdom Rays 1 and 7. The Expression of the Ray Influences The Mineral Kingdom Ray 7 - Radiation.Psychology1, 423:Inertia. Brilliance. The Vegetable Kingdom Influences: The second Ray of Love-Wisdom, working outPsychology1, 425:Some Tabulations on the Rays The Animal Kingdom Influences: The third Ray of Active Intelligence orPsychology1, 430:one) is an expression of one of the seven ray influences. The student however must remember threePsychology2, 21:to the quality of the egoic ray. Those two great influences play upon and affect each other,Psychology2, 22:three worlds. From the angle of these three ray influences, we have (in the life of the aspirant) aPsychology2, 53:The man should then begin to respond to egoic influences, and in the case of the advanced man, hePsychology2, 122:it) we open ourselves wide to the new incoming influences. The Law of Service is the expression ofPsychology2, 122:is subjecting the human family to certain influences and streams of energy which will eventually doPsychology2, 123:the response of men to these new Aquarian influences is being registered at present in the astralPsychology2, 146:in an endeavor to make one of the most esoteric influences in the solar system somewhat clearer inPsychology2, 150:considered deal with the specific spiritual influences which emanate from the three tiers of petalsPsychology2, 151:or unconscious reaction of man, to these basic influences - the natural and spiritual laws. IfPsychology2, 164:Yoga or union of the soul, and this septenate of influences. The Ten Commandments of the SemiticPsychology2, 173:and the God of the dualities come under certain influences which produce more easily recognizedPsychology2, 196:planet revolves in the center of our circle of influences. By means of this augmentation - duringPsychology2, 196:can avail themselves of the tide of Capricornian influences which will flow into our radius ofPsychology2, 197:can contribute their quota of energy to the life influences circulating throughout His body. ThePsychology2, 267:and the soul nature are at-one. When the soul influences the personality and pervades all the lowerPsychology2, 414:least resistance, and as one of the determining influences and characteristics of the type underPsychology2, 469:who, in meditation, comes into touch with the influences of the Hierarchy, and thus is in aPsychology2, 515:wherein old energies are passing out and new ray influences are coming in. We are transiting into aPsychology2, 517:over and the forces that are withdrawing their influences have ceased entirely to have an effectPsychology2, 518:human life today. The effect of the new zodiacal influences upon the eleven other signs. This is aPsychology2, 520:sixth ray forces and the incoming seventh ray influences. Psychology2, 533:and control the glandular system. Thus energies, influences, potencies and forces pour into andPsychology2, 534:carried forward according to ray tendencies and influences. The revelation of good and evil, thatPsychology2, 575:which will be based on group conditions and influences and not so much on a man's individualPsychology2, 622:Problems of Mystics connected with Present Ray Influences Today we are watching the passing out ofPsychology2, 629:of humanity that is sensitive to these new influences, who can grasp the nature and far reachingPsychology2, 635:as it responds in some way or another to the new influences, the new ideals, and the newPsychology2, 721:great stars Betelgeuse and Sirius. To these two influences, the disciples of the world in thePsychology2, 730:of people. The work of the great first ray influences is rapidly and materially changing all this,Psychology2, 731:small, can light up a whole area. The second ray influences are therefore being poured through theRays, 32:in his own sphere of influence. These intrusive influences and their consequent effects which areRays, 253:and Humanity. The nature of their work as it influences the human soul and as it seeks through theRays, 287:of war, and when the new and higher spiritual influences are being steadily poured out. I write, myRays, 305:disciple is based upon the following impelling influences: Lack of self-control along some line.Rays, 324:the third volume we took into consideration the influences of the constellations and planets uponRays, 330:as they are receptive or non-receptive to the influences emanating from the planet, via theRays, 339:naught may be said. The multiplicity of zodiacal influences have eventually a dual effect: one uponRays, 357:cosmic astral plane, whilst Shamballa reacts to influences coming from the cosmic mental plane. TheRays, 358:which connote the highest possible spiritual influences, as far as humanity is concerned, are onlyRays, 359:understanding and intuitive perception. All influences and energies, therefore, which are prevalentRays, 361:is becoming sensitive to a range of energies and influences which can now be registered by Him,Rays, 377:solar system which will be definitely under the influences coming from the cosmic mental plane,Rays, 392:Hierarchy reacts or responds to the energies and influences coming from the cosmic astral plane;Rays, 419:appearance of the rays, with their varying ray influences, qualities and intentions, for they allRays, 425:on this Path of [425] Magnetic Work two blended influences, those of Gemini and Libra. You have,Rays, 537:automatically through the pressure of the higher influences pouring into and through him. He isRays, 593:as a whole and at this time? The effect of these influences is very great and of supreme importanceReappearance, 83:the center of the Triangle above mentioned, He influences, enlightens, and produces right relationsReappearance, 106:Christ's birth remains debatable), the first dim influences of the Piscean Age could be felt,Reappearance, 129:around the development of humanity under the influences of great and fundamental ideas. That is theReappearance, 153:Sun and the still greater circle of spiritual influences which contact our system as it pursues itsReappearance, 153:has demonstrated this relationship and the influences exerted but there is still speculation andReappearance, 153:(Judges V, 20.) "Who can withstand the sweet influences of the Pleiades?" (Job XXXVIII, 31.) ManyReappearance, 154:of invocation and the resultant inflow of evoked influences. The truth lying behind all invocationReappearance, 157:could be given through an understanding of these influences and in order to revivify the ancientSoul, 79:and maintains it for a time against external influences... The immediate cause of death is notSoul, 118:The work of the sympathetic systems controls and influences the circulation, digestion, andSoul, 150:united into a single formula, and each of which influences the other. Dr. Sheldon now believes that
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