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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFORM

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Astrology, 9:therefore, dealing with the Life and Lives which inform the "points of light" within the universalAstrology, 21:deal. I would remind you that to the lives who inform these great constellations and whose [22]Astrology, 27:- the interaction of the seven great Lives which inform our solar system with the twelveAstrology, 31:and the stupendous and unfathomable Lives Who inform these major constellations. Great interlockingAstrology, 647:the horoscopes" of the various great lives who inform... the kingdoms of nature, with ascertainingAtom, 70:and for His, as for all those great Lives Who inform the planets of the solar system, there may beDiscipleship2, 223:to the united Ashrams and thus, esoterically, "inform" the Hierarchy of that which merits immediateExternalisation, 223:that it can attract an Energy which will inform it and give it active potency; it can then become aFire, 207:is electric fire - The seven solar entities who inform each globe. He is solar fire - Evolution ofFire, 225:from one aspect, typify the descent of Spirit to inform and evolve Matter, which essentiallyFire, 468:who work under Him, and are the entities who inform the matter of the seven subplanes. FourteenFire, 1058:to be done) of the various great lives who inform the globes and kingdoms of nature, withHealing, 298:Representatives of the seven ray Energies Who inform the seven sacred planets but are not yet asHercules, 133:to serve the incredible species called man. Inform a man of a truth that would, if accepted, alterMeditation, 154:permit those we teach to do certain things, nor inform them along certain lines unless theirPsychology1, 6:appear, as we study, that the energies which inform the personalities and which constitute thePsychology1, 38:and the hidden purpose of the graded Lives which inform all appearances and color them withRays, 315:and expressing His divine Will to pervade or inform the world continuously and endlessly with HisReappearance, 29:divine will (at-one now with the will of God) to inform and pervade continuously the world of men
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