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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFORMATION

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Statement:already offered in the world teachings, if the information given raises the aspiration and theAstrology, 33:the "gates" into manifested life. The following information anent the Hierarchies may prove useful.Astrology, 63:though the Hierarchy possesses the needed information and it will be made available when the rightAstrology, 63:time comes. It is the knowledge of this inner information which constitutes the basis of theAstrology, 87:dangers entailed in a too quick publication of information concerning the rays. [88] Astrology, 90:remind you, e'en though it is a piece of useless information, that the fifth major initiation ofAstrology, 133:You will then have right under your eye the information needed on any specific point and can studyAstrology, 170:to stand, he can [170] never safely be given the information which is imparted to all trueAstrology, 202:This is a perfectly unimportant piece of information as far as you are concerned and is only ofAstrology, 202:and to provide some measure of technical information from the point of view of the Hierarchy, myAstrology, 209:and there is no need for me to repeat the information here. Desire in Taurus becomes spiritualAstrology, 245:lower kingdoms in nature, then further light and information will be given. This will take place inAstrology, 305:are our charts. This is an interesting piece of information but of no value, except in so far thatAstrology, 317:of foolish items of unproved and unprovable information, and in the puerile reconstruction of theAstrology, 335:are born in the Cardinal Signs that the clearest information will emerge in this connection. ItAstrology, 421:and of sensed probability. Time will justify the information I ask you to accept as hypothesis.Astrology, 421:to humanity at this time and which follow upon information earlier given. These groups of trianglesAstrology, 439:with which to reach real understanding. The information must perforce remain academic andAstrology, 442:Of what use is all this abstruse and abstract information to a world in agony and a worldAstrology, 442:The major usefulness of this imparted information which will condition the astrology of the futureAstrology, 453:and the student knows to what specific cycle the information should be applied, these apparentAstrology, 458:2nd 5th Scorpio If students will study this information in connection with that given elsewhere inAstrology, 488:become of secondary importance. When this information is connected with the teaching upon the rays,Astrology, 489:some of them for you, leaving you to apply the information as may seem best to you. Astrology, 510:of the zodiac) he will get much instructive information, and (if he perseveres) the verification ofAstrology, 528:nations and of races. You will find a wealth of information hidden in my various statements if dueAstrology, 686:question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequent misapprehension. VenusAtom, 138:quality of force for the purpose of obtaining information. Again, the race will become clairaudientAutobiography, 84:with the thought of hell and, glowing with information and forgetting that nobody had ever comeAutobiography, 88:this relaxing of the rules of personal information - hence the difficulty I am encountering inAutobiography, 185:in the summer of 1946 I got direct first-hand information from the nationals in many countries asAutobiography, 223:the undesirable kind. I did not dress up the information in beautiful language. I told them baldlyAutobiography, 236:century a disciple would come who would give information concerning the three fires with which TheAutobiography, 254:will be given of the persons thus trained and no information will be available; names, dates andAutobiography, 259:he communicates with her telepathically. The information is given with very great rapidity and theAutobiography, 259:is slightly archaic and stilted. Before the information can be received and adequately transcribed,Autobiography, 262:his personal interpretation of standard, occult information, emphasizes the need forAutobiography, 264:public interest. They convey much useful information about the three worlds of human evolution -Autobiography, 297:particularly during the last eighteen years, information which has never yet reached the majorityBethlehem, 184:warrant the most careful consideration. This information should be in the hands of all ChristianDestiny, 66:attention will have to be paid to the information - either as it comes from me or from otherDestiny, 69:now available will make certain definite information emerge in your minds as vitally explanatory.Destiny, 93:ray 5th ray Scorpio. If students will study this information in connection with that givenDestiny, 124:when that takes place much will be learnt. This information is, however, of negligible use at thisDestiny, 136:All the above constitutes a piece of information which is of small value at this time. ItsDestiny, 144:me to add here anything further to the mass of information which I have given you in this treatiseDestiny, 144:by some of you as the most interesting piece of information in this book. If this is your attitude,Destiny, 144:facts (under which heading the above item of information might well be placed) can stimulate yourDestiny, 144:and disciples, that is the major value. All information and happenings which are connected withDestiny, 146:words which I give you. I have no spectacular information to give you, as has sometimes been theDestiny, 146:the case. Too much of this engrossing and novel information can lead to deep seatedDestiny, 146:You need to absorb and to act upon the information you already have, before there is evoked fromDiscipleship1, X:to explanation and the disciple is trusted with information, hitherto withheld. He is regarded asDiscipleship1, XII:instructions and the dates assigned carry no information; the [XIII] instructions were probably notDiscipleship1, XIII:and the initials are none of them correct. No information will be given by any of us who know theDiscipleship1, XIV:we have put a sentence or two which gives information as to the work of the disciple in the Ashram.Discipleship1, 4:limited and I shall have to put a great deal of information into these talks and into anyDiscipleship1, 7:of being. That statement in itself conveys information to those who know. You know also that I amDiscipleship1, 51:of the meditative attitude. This is not new information for you, but it is something which as yetDiscipleship1, 87:what use are these analogies and these items of information? They are of little technical use toDiscipleship1, 91:to work in this manner and to use the above information constructively and creatively. The need ofDiscipleship1, 93:esotericist has already drained these sources of information dry. What I am seeking to do is toDiscipleship1, 94:struggled and worked has been truth, including information anent initiation. Much has been fancifulDiscipleship1, 95:interior orientation and not a matter of outside information. One point anent the taking of theDiscipleship1, 132:the place of D. A. O., there is a good deal of information to be mastered and much earlierDiscipleship1, 150:and an acquisitiveness for knowledge and for information which must now be regulated. In the past,Discipleship1, 151:Lethargy or the failure to use the advice and information available for practical, experimentalDiscipleship1, 211:It is skill in action and in the distribution of information which must be developed. I mentionDiscipleship1, 251:What use am I, I. B. S., making of this information? What results am I, I. B. S., getting from myDiscipleship1, 260:earnestly as you could, endeavored to make the information of use in bringing about a betterDiscipleship1, 270:as a group in my Ashram, sufficient teaching and information to carry you along the Path for a veryDiscipleship1, 317:ray and by assimilating, as far as you can, the information anent this ray found in my books. ItDiscipleship1, 317:thing if students would gather together all the information they can anent their two major rays,Discipleship1, 354:the healing art. In the meantime, gather all the information upon the matter that you can and putDiscipleship1, 360:test for you comes in the use you make of the information which I give you as with other knowledgesDiscipleship1, 361:do is to employ the knowledge and the occult information which is stored up in your subconsciousDiscipleship1, 361:which is yours, to the wealth of your occult information which is being wasted and causingDiscipleship1, 367:you have received from me and list the specific information I have given you anent your actionsDiscipleship1, 412:I am simply stating them in order to bring your information into line with that of your groupDiscipleship1, 467:and happen at the time of the Full Moon. Any information that you may find of the cause of theDiscipleship1, 467:instructions I have given my disciples much information re the fourth ray, for so many of them haveDiscipleship1, 488:closing, I would add for your help the following information: The energy of your soul (second rayDiscipleship1, 501:your case, a well-established force. The above information should prove of service to you. I assignDiscipleship1, 520:live by them? In no way, except by giving you information, suggesting to you that you act upon itDiscipleship1, 600:lot of trouble and direct your way, and give you information as to what is right and wrong! ButDiscipleship1, 667:It may be of assistance to you and complete the information given in your first personalDiscipleship1, 711:ponder on this phrase because it contains much information for those who can bring the light of theDiscipleship1, 743:I am for the first time making this information available in a brief and necessarily veiled andDiscipleship1, 748:"on the thread," you will inevitably have the information given to you. This thread is not theDiscipleship1, 786:is given of the persons thus trained and no information will be made available; names, dates andDiscipleship2, 5:The constant impartation of teaching and of information, the constant pointing out of failure, andDiscipleship2, 7:and Instruction. As time goes on, I will convey information anent the work of the Masters' AshramsDiscipleship2, 12:In your personal instructions I will give you information as to the nature of your prevailingDiscipleship2, 19:accepted disciple never receives any detailed information or instruction; he is given no list ofDiscipleship2, 22:"dark habitation." As time goes on I will convey information anent the work of the Masters'Discipleship2, 27:of the full moon, for the seeping through of information and knowledge is often a slow process,Discipleship2, 34:in the spiritualistic movement. I am giving you information anent your group brothers who are notDiscipleship2, 48:already know; they fail to make practical their information; they short-circuit the light; they doDiscipleship2, 85:for twenty-five years to come. You have enough information from me to enable you to make yourDiscipleship2, 89:reappearance. The world must be flooded with the information and through the hope and expectancy
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