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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFORMATION

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Healing, 375:of known facts, and the misapplied information, also the cessation of selfish interest, financialHealing, 410:of the perfected Son of God. Some of the information I have already given anent the subject ofHealing, 421:measure. In these three thoughts lies much information, if they are carefully studied and logicallyHealing, 438:the Self, and this is a point worth noting. The information given to the disciple is to work forHealing, 457:is strong. This is the first point in the new information which will slowly become common knowledgeHealing, 518:however, prepared the way for these two facts. Information has also been given anent the mayavirupaHealing, 530:factors: A cumulative mass of knowledge and information anent the dense physical vehicle. This hasHealing, 547:works, and with this in your mind, relate the information given you anent Law One in the early partHealing, 549:I would beg you to reflect upon all this information with studious care. The keynote to goodHealing, 551:of the center itself will convey the needed information. If he is a very advanced healer, he willHealing, 583:and stimulating the human consciousness - but information anent the seven Spirits before the ThroneHealing, 591:totally ignored by the healer, even though the information may be relatively useless at this time. Healing, 597:in good health. This is a somewhat new piece of information and one which - when recognized - willHealing, 683:sensitivity, and also the storing-up of esoteric information, using the word "esoteric" to signifyHealing, 695:A Treatise on the Seven Rays and will carry much information to the initiated disciple, and even inHealing, 699:knowledge on the part of the healer, or accurate information given by the patient. This is, as youHealing, 701:then proceed with his work on the basis of that information. When that knowledge is not available,Healing, 711:ray techniques, I have given more hints and information than in any of the others. Healing, 713:the reasons I am refraining from more detailed information and from a clear analysis of the wordingHercules, 218:the tracks of liners shown upon an atlas for the information of the intending travellers." TheInitiation, 14:and puts into a man's hands the key to all information, systemic and cosmic, in graduated sequence.Initiation, 26:are not yet ready for more than the most general information. For those who, from curiosity, passInitiation, 51:years, and therefore concerning these, certain information may be given out. Quite a number ofInitiation, 65:intellectual grip of the working of the cosmos. Information as to the kingdoms of nature, teachingInitiation, 66:the sources of knowledge and the reservoirs of information are in his hand. A Master can at anyInitiation, 66:is given in what might be termed synthesis. This information is only possible as the intuitionalInitiation, 73:Hence there is nothing impractical in giving information anent initiation, as some may think. ThereInitiation, 153:not-self. It might here be pointed out that much information anent the three departments of theInitiation, 163:more diligent equipping of his mental body with information. Thereby (when in due course of time heInitiation, 165:This is evidently very vague and ambiguous information, but it will serve to show that, as in theInitiation, 172:Fire and Water. [172] In all these names much information will come to the student who carefullyInitiation, 172:to which it gives the clue, adding to this the information that in our planetary scheme, owing toInitiation, 182:The question might here be asked wherein this information is of value to the student. InInitiation, 202:made, deduction [202] sought, and the quota of information thus gained filed for group reference.Initiation, 206:of the Gods, and who also will study with care information which astrological [207] students haveIntellect, 22:our growth in knowledge, our accumulation of information, and our control of the forces of nature,Intellect, 24:to an unwilling student, who receives a mass of information that does not interest him in theIntellect, 24:facts, and with giving the student a little information [25] on a vast number of unrelatedIntellect, 32:of essential Being... The essential thing is not information, but understanding, and understandingIntellect, 32:outside. Therefore, knowledge (in the sense of information) and understanding in reality, bear theIntellect, 32:relationship to each other as nature and Spirit. Information is gained from without to the inside;Intellect, 32:which our education, that aims at a hoarding of information, has brought the majority." -Intellect, 43:stereotyped store of facts and a smattering of information. This means that there is no suchIntellect, 44:The East needs knowledge and the imparting of information. The West needs wisdom and the techniqueIntellect, 57:to a man's physical environment in response to information received by the brain through the mediumIntellect, 96:counsel, and the utilization of all channels of information in order to gain knowledge. This isIntellect, 102:is for us a mode or means of contact, receiving information from various sources, and by differentIntellect, 102:and by different means. Through the five senses, information is conveyed, and the man becomes awareIntellect, 103:real thinking follows upon the registering of information, and no clear formulation of thoughtsIntellect, 103:to the brain. The brain then "telegraphs" the information registered to the mind, which, in itsIntellect, 103:follows an analysis of the incident or the information, its correlation with other incidents, and aIntellect, 105:the Thinker, in order to convey impressions and information. [106] Intellect, 111:of perception, and they telegraph constant information to the brain. Through their medium,Intellect, 111:information to the brain. Through their medium, information as to five vast fields of knowledge, orIntellect, 119:the mind, and proceeds then to fill it with information, and to train the memory aspect to beIntellect, 129:the senses have communicated, and absorbing that information which is the common heritage of theIntellect, 129:new knowledge and begins to tap new sources of information. Instinct and intellect have done theirIntellect, 140:has an instinctive tendency to record all outer information, but can be trained to be receptiveIntellect, 140:be receptive towards the soul, and to register information coming from that higher source. In timeIntellect, 141:stilled and is no longer permitted to register information from its usual field of awareness; theIntellect, 142:of the [142] soul. We refuse the passage of any information from the world of ordinary phenomena.Intellect, 143:will ensue a process of transmitting the gained information to the waiting quiescent brain. WhenIntellect, 153:the stage of memory training and the grasping of information to that of [154] a conscious use ofIntellect, 155:and on its power to register and record the information with which the soul seeks to dower it. TheIntellect, 162:sort an assimilation; intuition is an immediate 'information,' without an objectively interposedIntellect, 238:These are significant words and hold much information for the student of this ancient technique ofIntellect, 250:the resources of his own subconsciousness and to information which has dropped below the thresholdMagic, 6:powers. This book will endeavor to fit the information given into the scheme of life as we todayMagic, 32:of minds, and it is not to be expected that the information given, for instance, in this TreatiseMagic, 86:and the study of these relations carries much information to the student, and is part of theMagic, 95:the brain and the soul. An interesting angle of information might here be given, as it is my intentMagic, 95:of the yoga of the centers) conveys to us the information that the reflection of the sutratma inMagic, 126:forms. These rules concern themselves with this information. The second necessary recollection isMagic, 146:is aware of its environment and, through the information conveyed by the sense of sight, hearing,Magic, 178:chosen and the accuracy of the imparted information, as expressed on the physical plane, willMagic, 179:registry in the physical brain consciousness of information imparted: Direct from Master to pupil;Magic, 182:ambitions by promises of power, but giving them information and leading them to use it in theirMagic, 185:but is expressed thus in order to convey information to those who know, and protect those who asMagic, 200:if you were making full use of each piece of information given in the course of the training, andMagic, 227:wherein the reasoning principle acts upon the information gained in these two ways, sets its ownMagic, 235:it is and how full of almost blind occult information. This should however be studied. The wordMagic, 276:latent in the astrological presentation is that information which will lead disciples toMagic, 294:to interpret rightly and utilize correctly the information which his body of sensitive responseMagic, 304:and yet nevertheless appropriate the conveyed information to themselves and suffer consequently. Magic, 313:(astral emanations) and the Holy Ghost". More information along these lines is not possible, butMagic, 344:a wonderful manner. So many close the sources of information through an uncontrolled emotionalMagic, 364:I only in these instructions give you certain information, - the correctness of which I leave theMagic, 364:planetary consciousness signifies, the above information has only one value and that is, that itMagic, 389:find it of value to note the following items of information: The lowest types of devas or buildersMagic, 423:brain, so that it can register accurately any information coming from the physical world, and theMagic, 459:the one most suited to be the focal point of information on the physical plane, or the group mostMagic, 465:indeed safer than the detailed and oft erroneous information anent the rules governing the takingMagic, 466:cryptic utterances which convey three items of information, namely, the name of the stage, itsMagic, 466:out, however, that these intriguing pieces of information which I at times convey and which some ofMagic, 467:give you some occult phrases or some items of information anent the Great Ones, and with keenness,Magic, 467:the earlier injunction is the conveyer of occult information and indictates a law which - ifMagic, 486:causes the most trouble. These are the facts of information, the detailed material, the news (if soMagic, 487:to the sender. Perhaps it is an evil piece of information, a lie or item of gossip. Devitalize itMagic, 487:You add not to the talk, you do not hand on the information, as far as you are concerned theMagic, 501:in that region permits the inflow of light, information and inspiration; it confers also the power
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