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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INFUSED

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Autobiography, 284:then the man can be regarded as a "soul-infused personality." At this point, or when it is inDiscipleship1, 682:disciple is so preoccupied with the Plan, so infused with love for his fellowmen that his entireDiscipleship2, 193:of energy threads, slowly woven by the soul-infused personality, and met by corresponding threadsDiscipleship2, 194:factor: there is, on the part of the soul-infused personality, a definite break in consciousnessDiscipleship2, 194:a door admitting the consciousness of the soul-infused personality into a higher realm of contactDiscipleship2, 195:- which is the first creation of the soul-infused personality acting as a unitary being - is farDiscipleship2, 215:the "new man in Christ" or produces the soul-infused personality; this personality then proceeds toDiscipleship2, 236:when a man is beginning to function as a soul-infused personality and is occupied with the task ofDiscipleship2, 382:the soul, and for this reason is becoming a soul-infused personality, As a worker for humanity, heDiscipleship2, 390:in contact with the soul and is becoming a soul-infused personality, and is consequently under soulDiscipleship2, 391:work with souls. When a disciple is a truly soul-infused personality, he can give to the MasterDiscipleship2, 391:They are the Custodians of the Plan. Soul-infused personalities; these are the disciples and theDiscipleship2, 392:Plan. Intelligent aspirants who are not yet soul-infused personalities but who recognize theDiscipleship2, 394:and prepares for the stage of becoming a soul-infused personality; it is true also of the workingDiscipleship2, 398:the soul body, in order that the unified soul-infused personality may function directly under theDiscipleship2, 406:increasingly he is manifesting as a soul-infused personality, and the antahkarana is being rapidlyDiscipleship2, 406:otherwise: as the number and expressions of soul-infused personalities grow and initiates of theDiscipleship2, 407:to be: a vast and integrated group of soul-infused persons, radiating [408] love and spiritualDiscipleship2, 408:The antahkarana is now being built by all soul-infused personalities (or constructed unconsciouslyDiscipleship2, 408:This, in ignorance, they oft-times do. All soul-infused personalities are creating the humanDiscipleship2, 408:Triad and the three aspects of the soul-infused personality in the three worlds. In time to come,Discipleship2, 408:follows that stupendous event for which all soul-infused persons prepare - the externalization ofDiscipleship2, 411:into two parts: Your own preparation, as a soul-infused personality, for initiation; this willDiscipleship2, 414:thus enabling the disciple to become a soul-infused personality and thus permitted entrance intoDiscipleship2, 414:Triad can begin to be directed upon the soul-infused personality, via the antahkarana? These areDiscipleship2, 416:which will link the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused personality. Such a hint was once given byDiscipleship2, 417:the nature of the concepts which you - as a soul-infused personality - must learn to formulate. WeDiscipleship2, 433:the directing agency of the soul within the soul-infused personality. Later, he finds that he canDiscipleship2, 433:be passed through the antahkarana into the soul-infused personality. We have, therefore: The PathDiscipleship2, 483:to release the magnetic power of your soul-infused personality. Your inner development is greaterDiscipleship2, 567:anew in the soul, orienting your soul-infused personality towards the Spiritual Triad. This willHealing, 297:forms in this world cycle, because all forms are infused with the life energy of the "imperfectRays, 318:substance of love, and the karmic way which is infused by the essence of inflexible will. ForgetRays, 441:purely subjective life in which he - the soul-infused personality - oriented upon the mental plane,Rays, 443:with the intelligent cooperation of his soul-infused personality. In the early stages of hisRays, 531:in relating the Spiritual Triad to the soul-infused personality and have occultly "precipitated"Rays, 536:both through the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused personality as they unitedly prove theRays, 541:bring about the desired fusion between the soul-infused personality and the Spiritual Triad. TheRays, 548:carried forward when the man is in truth a soul-infused personality. It is the source or origin ofRays, 562:him at the time. They affect his soul-infused personality, and also the ashram with which he isRays, 563:to this system of integrated energies is "soul-infused personality." The fusion is necessarily notRays, 564:[564] Fusion of the energies of the soul-infused personality with the triple energies of theRays, 565:other case, the cause is to be found in the soul-infused personality and constitutes an upwardRays, 567:in the next solar system wherein the soul-infused Personality of the planetary Logos willRays, 568:- mental, astral and physical. Through the soul-infused personality, the initiate "in goodRays, 571:knows that he is - for the first time - a soul-infused personality. His task is now to grow intoRays, 573:to bring about the needed "reforming." Soul-infused personalities, acting under this ray influence,Rays, 588:and thus function in the three worlds as a soul-infused personality, utilizing the illumined mindRays, 593:as the [593] disciple or the initiate is a soul-infused personality, so will humanity - upon theRays, 593:- upon the physical plane - be also soul-infused, thus precipitating the Kingdom of God and givingRays, 598:that the initiate is now functioning as a soul-infused personality, and therefore the three aspectsRays, 605:physical, emotional and mental. Upon the soul-infused personality. Summation of the whole theme andRays, 606:of forms, and so begin to function as a soul-infused personality, so mankind also has to do theRays, 611:hence the emphasis laid upon the need for soul-infused personalities in the world today, asRays, 625:will discover their soul, and then the soul-infused personality of the German people willRays, 662:race, and not so much from the angle of the soul-infused personality of the disciple. It must beRays, 662:the initiatory experience unless he is a soul-infused individual and is consciously aware on soulRays, 663:through which the personality can become soul-infused and the energy of the Spiritual Triad canRays, 663:control which increasingly possesses the soul-infused personality. This higher possessivenessRays, 669:condition the personality, rendering it soul-infused. I have given you so much information anentRays, 672:light between the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused personality, so a similar bridge orRays, 691:so that he becomes increasingly a soul-infused personality, and also to integrate himself with hisRays, 695:is no longer needed; his relation, as a soul-infused personality, is now directly with the Monad.Rays, 710:are linked together until he has become a soul-infused personality; he has then attained unity withRays, 710:antahkarana another thread is added to the soul-infused personality, and the true spiritualRays, 711:The effect of this energy upon the soul-infused personality is to give to the mind (alreadyRays, 712:the medium of contact into the mind of the soul-infused personality, and from thence it finds itsRays, 757:concept of the Monad to the fully developed soul-infused personality, and the underlying unitySoul, 67:own principle of energy and life. To matter so infused we give the name of a living organism.Soul, 117:constituted of gross sensible matter (Mahabhuta) infused by Prana. Its material has been worked upTelepathy, 61:have made contact. He is now technically soul-infused. Two periodical vehicles have been at-oned.Telepathy, 130:with that soul; then he becomes a soul-infused personality. As you well know, the threefoldTelepathy, 152:who has related the Spiritual Triad and the soul-infused personality, and has therefore seen theTelepathy, 190:and the aspirant is on the way to become a soul-infused personality. Energy from the third
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