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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INHERENT

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Healing, 274:epidemic factors, or failing to do so because of inherent etheric weakness. That the etheric bodyHealing, 297:of the seven psychological causes of disease, inherent in the substance of all forms in this worldHealing, 321:brain as its distributing agency. Where there is inherent or inherited weakness, there the lifeHealing, 334:of the life force, but it is the life force inherent in matter itself, independently of form. It isHealing, 338:is still academically lacking. Much of the inherent psychology is grasped, but a gap still existsHealing, 377:that which is only physical and related to and inherent in the physical and etheric matter of allHealing, 420:of the Son is concluded. But the faculty or inherent quality of matter also persists, and at theHealing, 452:for sentient existence or attachment. This is inherent in every form, is self-perpetuating andHealing, 472:a manner that it offsets the attractive power inherent in matter itself. This is a clear definitionHealing, 480:- such as tuberculosis, syphilis and cancer - inherent in the individual man, in humanity as aHealing, 485:Of that [485] reservoir it has ever been an inherent part, either in form or in a formlessHealing, 488:brought about because all the innate desire and inherent emotion are, at this stage, related to theHealing, 500:to the physical plane. The "seeds of death" are inherent in the form nature and demonstrate asHealing, 501:Disease and death are essentially conditions inherent in substance; just as long as a manHealing, 502:is free because disease and death are qualities inherent in form, and subject to the vicissitudesHealing, 517:Theoretically, some dim vision of the inherent possibilities may be sensed, but the consciousnessHealing, 522:first solar system. They are primarily the laws inherent in the life aspect of the form, and haveHealing, 536:disease, death, untruth, falsity and despair are inherent in the planet itself, because ourHealing, 558:of man's divinity and the claim that that inherent and innate divinity guarantees his healing. ThisHealing, 565:nature; there are, however, diseases which are inherent in the resistance of the dense physicalHealing, 565:the impact of the higher energies, or which are inherent in the planetary substance or matter ofHealing, 605:give the patient confidence in the powers inherent within him, and encourage a period of patientHealing, 628:of the life at the center and the consciousness, inherent in the petals, is the source of theHealing, 636:of their forms, and disease and death are inherent in the atom of which all organisms are composed.Healing, 636:you, or by any failure to affirm divinity. It is inherent in the form nature itself, beingHealing, 638:upon the magnetic power of the planetary life, inherent in every atom of the form nature; by meansHealing, 639:inchoate, magnetic will of the elemental forces (inherent in the atoms of which all three bodies ofHealing, 641:between the force or life of the "lunar lords," inherent in every atom of which all organs andHealing, 665:present? I might point out that imperfection is inherent in the nature of matter itself andHercules, 3:the problems of that universal Path and of its inherent difficulties is not warranted unless theHercules, 116:the sexes is of ancient origin; indeed is inherent in the duality of humanity and the solar system.Hercules, 123:sign Pisces. Always there is the duality, inherent in us and in the solar system; the second ray ofHercules, 136:with a minimum of intermediary steps, with inherent logic". A redwood tree is likewise the elegantHercules, 136:and logical development of the potentialities inherent in this seed. "Natural growth of inherentHercules, 136:inherent in this seed. "Natural growth of inherent potentialities, ease and logic of development,Hercules, 205:It is a proclamation that the soul has certain inherent rights and capacities, a dominion of itsHercules, 207:upon our consciousness of the fact of our own inherent essential divinity. Men are recognizing thatInitiation, 12:three lower worlds, and in increasing degree the inherent divinity assumes the mastery. Initiation, 34:forces of matter and spirit clearly defined; the inherent duality of all manifestation wasInitiation, 101:stimulated, and will, through their increased inherent energy, enable the initiate to accomplishInitiation, 136:manifested as a solar angel, and which, through inherent energy, held together through long agesInitiation, 167:has to learn the meaning of activity based on: Inherent energy. Absorbed energy. Group energy.Initiation, 169:recognized as dual in nature, but the inherent triplicity of electricity is as yet but a matter forInitiation, 177:all of us pondered upon the difference between inherent quality and innate faculty; one is the veryInitiation, 187:monadic ray, pass to this line of endeavor. The inherent quality in the type of the monad settlesIntellect, 25:in this idea is that we should draw out the inherent instincts and potentialities of the child inIntellect, 84:itself carries latent within itself certain inherent potencies, but the soul, which is the sourceIntellect, 103:to them from the outer world, but have no inherent or self-initiated activities of their own. Intellect, 186:Universal Divine Being, through their own free, inherent power." - Evans-Wentz, W. Y., Tibet'sMagic, 33:varying nationalities and characteristics, the inherent distinctions brought about through theMagic, 115:- call it evolution, if you like, call it inherent urge, should you so prefer, but it is loveMagic, 118:lower activity fundamentals are ingrained and inherent now, and a few of the higher egoic or loveMagic, 169:the bridge" have no need to employ the powers inherent in the lower sheaths. They can use theMagic, 178:advantages, the extent of his vocabulary and his inherent capacity to understand the nature andMagic, 220:soul or is swept into activity by the force inherent in the matter of the three worlds,Magic, 259:to hold the mind "steady in the light" is inherent, are unsuitable workers in the high places ofMagic, 281:of the Probationary Path. These are the forces inherent in matter itself; they deal with the bodyMagic, 293:courage or of fear. This really means that the inherent force and life of the emotional sentientMagic, 298:a high sounding phrase, conveying little. It is inherent in the fact of matter itself and in theMagic, 309:etheric or vital body. Physical disease, either inherent or brought over from another life,Magic, 357:scarce one in ten thousand is utilizing this inherent power and knowingly functioning in his mentalMagic, 362:upon the life side of truth, all due to an inherent mental laziness. This that you now receive isMagic, 385:(the aspect of love) implies duality, for it is inherent in love itself. Ever there is the LoverMagic, 392:Universal Mind, and as the principle of mind is inherent in all forms, the sense of individualityMagic, 395:Christian Church - all most necessary and all inherent in the great plan, but which (divorced fromMagic, 397:little self fades out, just as the light that is inherent in every atom of the body is gatheredMagic, 406:and disappeared, often unaware of their inherent synthesis and of their co-workers. As can be seenMagic, 526:the faculty of consciousness, that something, inherent in matter (when brought into relation withMagic, 526:energy, or vitality. This is that vital force, inherent in matter itself and in which all forms areMagic, 528:within the natural world of which it is a part, inherent in the fourth kingdom itself and coming toMagic, 530:entities. Desire is instinctual or rather inherent in all forms, for all forms and organismsMagic, 543:difficulties of: Lack of qualification, Dangers inherent in unconscious form-building, EthericMagic, 611:Light," or it can be known as the active form inherent in the one substance which underlies allMagic, 625:part of the treatise, and the fears that are inherent, as you know, in existence itself areMagic, 629:that evil, so-called, is but an illusion and an inherent part of duality, giving place in [630]Magic, 636:he give way to the glamor and to the faults inherent in his nature and permit them to hinder hisMeditation, 21:this necessity, uses the method of expansion inherent in the egoic ray and applies it to theMeditation, 24:for from the Teachers, for the instinctive force inherent in the Higher Self does the work, and theMeditation, 27:is not yet aware of the difference between inherent mental capacity and the directed impress of theMeditation, 27:overlapping, and with parallelism, due to the inherent ray of the Spirit or Monad, to cyclicMeditation, 45:must carry that constitution, and the tendencies inherent in that particular type of body,Meditation, 47:know somewhat of the physical pedigree and the inherent characteristics of the pupil, both from theMeditation, 60:Only that which we know for ourselves becomes inherent faculty. The statements of a teacher, noMeditation, 87:BE AVOIDED IN MEDITATION July 22, 1920 Dangers inherent in the Personality. Dangers arising fromMeditation, 91:shall have to specify with accuracy. 1. Dangers inherent in the Personality of the pupil. They can,Meditation, 94:V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation Dangers inherent in the Personality Let us, therefore,Meditation, 109:ring-pass-not seems to proscribe and limit his inherent tendencies, and even though the stage isMeditation, 111:racial differences will be weighed and their inherent defects will be offset and not intensified.Meditation, 120:We have dealt somewhat with individual dangers inherent in the three bodies; we have touched uponMeditation, 135:two planes are manipulated by two factors. The inherent forces of evolution that direct all on toMeditation, 238:from the one basic quality of the many inherent virtues; it is the latent possibility of divinityMeditation, 239:diversity of form. It is the self, with the inherent capabilities of the All Self, utilizing formsMeditation, 239:divine, but developed into powers for use. Inherent faculty has become active characteristicsMeditation, 264:Initiate can contact the stores of knowledge inherent in the Monad, and thus learn the Words ofMeditation, 286:and to utilize to the uttermost the powers inherent in the threefold man. The method here isMeditation, 298:raised, due to two causes primarily: [298] The inherent inability of man at this juncture to attainMeditation, 304:for the development of [304] all the faculties inherent in the microcosm. By the requirement,Meditation, 331:all acquired knowledge put into practice, the inherent powers of the soul will become consciousPatanjali, 12:a shadow before the face of the sun." The inherent nature of the lives which constitute thesePatanjali, 61:mind-stuff (or qualities of matter) through the inherent nature of the three gunas come to an end,
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