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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INHERENT

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Patanjali, 112:for sentient existence is attachment. This is inherent in every form, is self-perpetuating, andPatanjali, 137:for sentient existence is attachment. This is inherent in every form, is self-perpetuating, andPatanjali, 137:is the basic cause of all manifestation. It is inherent in the relationship of the two greatPatanjali, 147:tamas, or rhythm, activity and inertia, and are inherent in all forms. The student needs toPatanjali, 149:form activities, for pain is the result of the inherent difference between the pairs of opposites,Patanjali, 173:in many different ways. It is based upon an inherent faculty of discrimination and upon a deepPatanjali, 173:and the Prodigal's present condition. It is this inherent capacity for "bliss" or happiness whichPatanjali, 280:(or mind-stuff) and that of others. It is the inherent activity of this chitta which is the causePatanjali, 344:by inertia, activity or rhythm. It is inherent in substance. Only the rate of vibration differs.Patanjali, 369:mind stuff (or qualities of matter) through the inherent nature of the three gunas come to an end,Patanjali, 395:"desire to live" is "the will to experience." Inherent in the informing self-conscious lives of ourPatanjali, 400:has certain vibratory activities of its own, inherent in its own nature. By identification with thePatanjali, 412:life or light of its own, except that which is inherent in all substance and therefore to be foundPatanjali, 428:mind stuff (or qualities of matter), through the inherent nature of the three gunas come to an end,Patanjali, xiii:nature of the soul, the qualities and activities inherent in the love nature of the Son of God, andProblems, 8:a background which is centuries old, which is inherent in the soul of each individual nation andProblems, 35:is a peculiar quality in every man, an innate, inherent characteristic to which one may give theProblems, 36:arts to prove their existence. It is this inherent, spiritual faculty which has produced all theProblems, 39:Humanity has the habit of selfishness and an inherent love of material possessions. This hasProblems, 52:parent. It should take into consideration his inherent tendencies, his racial and nationalProblems, 68:act as world leaders. Other races have no such inherent capacity. They are not, for instance,Problems, 73:procedures with their employees. Their inherent selfishness prompts the change and the instinct ofProblems, 75:of atomic energy and the potentialities inherent in the discovery. In spite of the fact that aProblems, 77:man and an expression of the spiritual qualities inherent in the race. Yet all is not well with theProblems, 85:hatreds and national jealousies. These are inherent in human nature but are fed and fostered byProblems, 86:with a full culture of their own, plus certain inherent characteristics which may account for muchProblems, 95:of the Jews, the sin of separateness is deeply inherent in the race itself, as well as among thoseProblems, 97:and wrong as one of different standards and inherent racial attitudes which are shared with theProblems, 115:goes far deeper than is often estimated; it is inherent in human nature and is the product ofProblems, 155:of any priest or churchman but by right of man's inherent divinity. This it will be the duty ofPsychology1, 17:consciousness, which spiritualizes by its inherent life all matter-forms. A grub or worm workingPsychology1, 35:we call the "quality of consciousness," or its inherent characteristic. We have always thePsychology1, 47:are enhanced by the addition of a quality inherent in matter itself, - the quality or Ray ofPsychology1, 55:in nature. It is a part of the body nature, inherent and potential, and is the basis ofPsychology1, 90:plus the life principle. All, we are told, is inherent in the parental germ, and the conditions ofPsychology1, 102:- not the reflected light of the sun but its own inherent radiance. A light seeping in (if I mayPsychology1, 242:the latent seeds of the vegetable kingdom, inherent within the soil, to the surface. It constitutesPsychology1, 250:the power to visualize, remorse, and the inherent urge to reach out after divinity, which bringsPsychology1, 254:in the form aspect of both kingdoms. They are inherent in matter itself. But this third Ray ofPsychology1, 255:intelligent design or plan. These qualities are inherent in man, and constitute an aspect of thePsychology1, 304:regarded as wrong must be right because of man's inherent divinity. That can be but a loose excusePsychology1, 328:constituent to the relationship dominates the inherent light of the other three, that the objectivePsychology1, 365:the mental processes, or of those ceremonials (inherent, innate, or imposed by the self, byPsychology2, 4:in order to demonstrate through that soul the inherent purpose of God. It is this that determinesPsychology2, 21:normally colors the appearance. Later, this inherent quality of the appearance changes, [22] and itPsychology2, 56:understood) concerns the response, innate and inherent, of matter or substance, to the pattern. ItPsychology2, 56:of the response apparatus. This quality is inherent in the substance itself, and the interplayPsychology2, 56:the conditioning of the form, innate and inherent, will continuously approach nearer and nearer toPsychology2, 56:relatively immutable and unchangeable in its own inherent nature, as it comes forth from the mindPsychology2, 57:or slate. It is from this marble, with all the inherent attributes of marble, that the Temple ofPsychology2, 60:the normal faculties of man. These powers are inherent in the creative aspect of Divinity, thePsychology2, 62:of the material, in conjunction with its own inherent conditioned nature. A form is produced whichPsychology2, 85:plane of certain energies and tendencies, inherent in the soul itself. These, in their turn, arePsychology2, 86:the innate divinity of man, with all that may be inherent in, and inferred from that phrase. WhatPsychology2, 97:produces pain and sorrow, but this rebellion is inherent and [98] innate in the Deity of our planetPsychology2, 233:Thus the trend to synthesis is an instinct inherent in the entire universe, and man is today onlyPsychology2, 239:of God as Creator. It is a flash of the divinity inherent in the Whole, as it works out a vasterPsychology2, 244:to the vision. The instinct to formulate plans, inherent in all and so dominant in the highlyPsychology2, 254:us to the sixth law or rule, the power - innate, inherent, and spiritually instinctual - toPsychology2, 254:and distinctive aspects of one great inherent capacity in man, and are found in all forms in allPsychology2, 286:of the abstract levels of the mental plane, inherent in the soul. Mental energy. This is the energyPsychology2, 286:of the mind found in matter itself. This is inherent mind, and is inherited from an earlier solarPsychology2, 393:of the second ray disciple, produces that inherent divine capacity which enables the detail of thePsychology2, 396:ray meditation concerns itself essentially with inherent forces, and students would do well toPsychology2, 397:well to recognize the [397] fact that there are inherent or innate qualities and attributes in thePsychology2, 418:abstracted and only life and the consciousness inherent in the physical body cells remain. Psychology2, 435:which exist in man are cleavages in certain inherent or basic relations: [436] Found within the manPsychology2, 440:the wisdom, love and abstract idealism which are inherent in the nature of the soul but which arePsychology2, 453:problems which are based up the capacity, the inherent weaknesses and strengths and thePsychology2, 480:of the fact of God and of God's Plan. This inherent, instinctual, spiritual reaction is beingPsychology2, 489:trend or tendency towards divinity which is inherent in every member of the human family. It is thePsychology2, 504:status, astrological indications and inherent characteristics, but also he is confronted with thePsychology2, 521:of man upon the physical plane, plus his inherent characteristics. All of this information I havePsychology2, 547:of Disciples and Mystics Hereditary diseases: Inherent in the planet itself and having a definitePsychology2, 551:should be pointed out that many of the diseases inherent in the racial form to which planetaryPsychology2, 555:one is the force of evolution itself, plus the inherent or innate forward-pressing urge towardsPsychology2, 555:to the point of synthesis. The fact of the inherent ability (found in all forms of life [556] inPsychology2, 563:the instincts. That the lower psychic powers, inherent in the animal nature, are in every casePsychology2, 598:who is endeavoring to gain control of these inherent instincts, the problem is today enhanced byPsychology2, 624:and its freedom from any psychological problems inherent in group work and from any mystical orPsychology2, 631:in as desired. The old established rhythms, inherent in the old forms of religion, of politics andRays, 13:great groups of Lives upon humanity, and the inherent consequences as they work out in the subhumanRays, 14:only in the human consciousness and its inherent limitations. These descending energies, as theyRays, 16:course exist, but are of lesser origin and are inherent in the life of the three worlds. They areRays, 16:the relationship between spirit and matter and inherent in the dualism of the solar system, and notRays, 40:and this he learns through the revelation of the inherent separativeness of the form life, throughRays, 47:applied. The difficulty of this subject is inherent in the fact that basically (no matter howRays, 84:from full expression, and this again from inherent or latent capacity. This necessitates theRays, 85:is the aspect, emanating from Shamballa, and inherent also in form (as are the other two), whichRays, 87:and its resultant spiritual values. There is an inherent destructive energy in matter itself and anRays, 120:to note at this time. Later, the dynamism inherent in the will, wielded by the New Group of WorldRays, 143:about by the junction or fusion of the light inherent in substance itself and the light of theRays, 144:move safeguards Them, and Their Own innate and inherent radiance repels evil. But They "moveRays, 145:Forces of Light, whilst the Forces of Evil are inherent in substance itself - of which all the manyRays, 194:great initiate endeavored to reveal some facts, inherent in the will or power aspect. These were,Rays, 198:subjected and which they cannot avoid for it is inherent in their natures. Occult blindness isRays, 260:planet, the Earth; it concerns the necessity, inherent in His Own nature, to reach a point upon theRays, 296:was the truth, yet inevitably (because of its inherent life) that which He expressed took form andRays, 335:significance to men) are an expression of the inherent spiritual impulse which is impellingRays, 341:have been obvious and for the following reasons, inherent and implied in the whole situation: The
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