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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INHERENT

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Rays, 376:which evokes the will or the first ray nature inherent in every man but which is only consciouslyRays, 380:But the life of God was there, plus an inherent "urge" and a dynamic "pull." These two factorsRays, 443:of that basic quality which has always been inherent in desire itself: the imaginative quality ofRays, 463:[463] to develop; these are all innate or inherent in him, and all (when mastered) lead to one orRays, 519:something - emanation, voiceless appeal, inherent urge towards the light - which is innate in allRays, 519:the real, and from death to immortality, is an inherent urge in all forms. It constitutes one ofRays, 523:the mechanism and the capacities which are inherent in the divine Mind, which "spins the thread ofRays, 535:is the result of a process and the effect of the inherent livingness which is found in all forms ofRays, 550:certain aspects and qualities - always inherent in those energies - which have not hitherto beenRays, 608:intellectual factor of discrimination which is inherent in the smallest atom of substance, andRays, 609:of the liberation brought about by their inherent action is finally tested: 1. The Initiation ofRays, 613:involved; the new Principle of Sharing, [613] inherent in the second Ray of Love-Wisdom which isRays, 680:form of government which fails to recognize this inherent right runs counter to the principle whichRays, 732:of a seed which has struggled - because of its inherent life - into the light of the sun. The fearRays, 752:to selfishness and to separation which is inherent in the substance of our planet; of it all formsReappearance, 145:is that of man's essential relationship to God. Inherent in the human consciousness - inchoateSoul, 22:would say they rightly regard it) as inherent in matter. Dr. Leary says: "ConsciousnessSoul, 57:would be found denser than any known material. Inherent in substance, and a perpetual counterpartSoul, 117:consciousness, and not that consciousness is inherent alone in brain or that it is the property ofTelepathy, 28:or reception. [28] By capitalizing on the inherent power of love to attract the material or theTelepathy, 55:Telepathy are naturally concerned with what is inherent in man and in his relation to hisTelepathy, 55:capacity for all types of planetary contact is inherent in every man and will not be frustrated inTelepathy, 58:and enable them to utilize in service their inherent and innate sensitivity. Let us, as we discussTelepathy, 61:man in the three worlds is conscious of two inherent triplicities: The lower man - Physical body -Telepathy, 65:or will. Ponder on this. Consciousness is inherent in all forms of life. That is an occultTelepathy, 71:here with most difficult and complex matters, inherent in the initiate consciousness and for which
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