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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INHERITED

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Astrology, 51:the personality aspect; their influence, plus inherited karmic conditions, produces thoseAstrology, 77:time, the teaching about the centers has been inherited from Atlantean times and couched in the oldAstrology, 175:in Atlantean days (from which period we have inherited what we know about astrology), the sign wasAstrology, 194:entirely occupied with manipulating the forces inherited from that system and inherent in the veryAstrology, 207:and established thought reservoirs and desires, inherited and inherent) there emerges fromAstrology, 207:sumtotal of all instinctual tendencies, of all inherited glamors and of all phases of wrong mentalAutobiography, 18:died before his father and, therefore, never inherited the title. To her I owe more than I can everBethlehem, 33:secret within itself the sacred teaching, but it inherited that teaching from the past. It mayBethlehem, 94:we call "the mind," and we sum up all these inherited qualities in the word "self-conscious." ThereBethlehem, 188:and ceremonies, its festivals and rituals are inherited from a very ancient past, we shall thenBethlehem, 193:was part of the ancient mysteries, and was inherited by us primarily from the Mysteries of Mithra.Bethlehem, 193:of Mithra. These mysteries, in their turn, inherited the teaching, and thus formulated theirBethlehem, 194:and the doctrine of the God-Man. Christianity inherited many of its interpretations, and theBethlehem, 195:that two causes are responsible for this: 1. The inherited idea of blood sacrifice. As Dr. RashdallDestiny, 8:be well for you to bear in mind: The ancient and inherited ideas which have controlled the racialDestiny, 45:and hence also the feud between the old inherited traditions and the ancient forms of civilization,Destiny, 46:America was the center of old Atlantis and hence inherited a psychic and ancient religious formDestiny, 90:- Order and Magic, via Uranus. This influence is inherited from the Atlantean world, which stillDiscipleship1, 232:of this life you worked definitely with what you inherited from a previous life, following theDiscipleship1, 360:are handicapped by your physical body. You have inherited (for the fulfilment of karmicDiscipleship1, 361:it has also given you a physical body which has inherited the power to resist and the capacity toDiscipleship1, 380:desire and a basic determination. You have inherited it and in it your present life is rooted. OneDiscipleship2, 12:Less diffused attention to the multiplicity of inherited habits and a more concentrated attentionDiscipleship2, 216:known as existent in the three worlds. Men have inherited from previous civilizations much of valueDiscipleship2, 599:advanced disciple. The glamor which holds you is inherited from other lives. You have immersedDiscipleship2, 600:certain racial attitudes. The overcoming of inherited traits and attitudes is, in your case,Discipleship2, 681:gave to S.C.P. Free yourself from the glamor of inherited ideas and national concepts andDiscipleship2, 731:hold which glamor has had on you - a glamor inherited from three previous lives and renderedEducation, 35:consciousness and life, teaching him to use his inherited, acquired and endowed equipment for theEducation, 42:been of embryo thought. The result of all this, inherited by us when history as we now have itEducation, 60:to grasp that: He is an aggregation of forces, inherited and conditioned by what he has been, plusEducation, 64:of which the worlds are made and which - inherited as it is from a previous solar system - isEducation, 68:light and illumination; it results in the inherited light of substance being intensified andEducation, 71:recognition of characteristics which have been inherited from the past will serve real purpose.Education, 78:How, in this case, do you make allowance for inherited instinct, normal inclination based upon theEducation, 81:to see beyond what is, to what might be. Inherited, factual knowledge upon which it will beEducation, 129:the universe. The recognition of responsibility, inherited, applied or shouldered. This is theEducation, 130:exclusiveness, based on class distinctions, inherited tradition, racial attitudes and nationalExternalisation, 110:science of symbols, in the racial myths, and in inherited and transmitted legends. Secondly, that aExternalisation, 116:The accumulated pain of the present war and the inherited pain of the earlier stage (begun in 1914)Externalisation, 126:is necessarily colored by national traditions, inherited ideas and policies as well as byExternalisation, 132:retaliate, and its ignorance of tradition and of inherited procedures. A most interestingExternalisation, 192:based on justice, on the recognition of inherited rights, on opportunity for all - irrespective ofExternalisation, 243:ancient territorial demands and assumed rights, inherited possessiveness, the refusal to relinquishExternalisation, 386:we have fought and died, the best that we have inherited, and all that we have succeeded inExternalisation, 624:of the world in the form of wages, salaries or inherited wealth. All this is at present mostGlamour, 31:to world glamor and to their own individual inherited and self-induced glamor. The bulk of theGlamour, 71:becomes marked and emphasized, constituting then inherited and demonstrated psychologicalGlamour, 105:The atoms of which all forms are made have been inherited from an earlier universe or solar systemGlamour, 105:and planetary life. These conditioning and inherited factors cannot be evaded. They determine theGlamour, 105:inherent characteristics of substance itself, inherited and conditioning our present manifestationGlamour, 106:energy when brought into conjunction with the inherited qualities and biases of the substancesGlamour, 119:or a fanatical adherence to groups of ideas, inherited from the past, or mental reactions of aGlamour, 120:as embodying the characteristics which he has inherited from the past, but to regard the risingGlamour, 120:of the individual is complicated by certain inherited tendencies of a family, national and racialGlamour, 120:of many kinds. It is also affected by certain inherited ideas which are the embodied thought-formsGlamour, 129:kinds, as I realize you should know: They can be inherited ideas, as in the case of those who findHealing, 22:with those definitely physical taints which are inherited from parents who have carried in theirHealing, 22:germs which they, in their turn, may have inherited from their parents. I would like to point outHealing, 22:parents. I would like to point out that these inherited diseases are far fewer than is at presentHealing, 23:our present humanity is concerned; they are inherited and also can be imparted by contact. These IHealing, 26:are due to inner personal conditions, or to inherited tendencies, or to group distribution. [27] ToHealing, 31:today is almost entirely of group origin, is inherited, is the result of infection, or the resultHealing, 32:they are psychological in nature; they are inherited through group contact; and they are karmic.Healing, 49:which can produce serious ills. This is inherited from the past. Disease inherent in humanity as aHealing, 54:history of the person involved. Human taints, inherited because one is a member of the humanHealing, 55:that man comes into incarnation having inherited predispositions to disease which come: From hisHealing, 55:or a disciple, may have freed himself from the inherited taints, but will succumb to heart trouble,Healing, 57:will inevitably arise: From whence come these inherited taints? Is it possible to arrive at theirHealing, 58:Of the three major diseases which have been inherited from the past, it might be said that theHealing, 60:least deep seated of the three major diseases inherited by modern man, we have learnt how to cureHealing, 62:in the number of those who succumb to the inherited taints. Curiously enough, the free use of saltHealing, 62:from the sexual excesses of Lemurian times, an inherited taint, if you like. Egos whoHealing, 94:and which pass through and play upon it, are inherited from a very ancient past, are a constituentHealing, 94:of ancient wrong rhythms, misused forces and inherited qualities. Soul energy, expressed throughHealing, 95:tendencies of the body and its inherent, inherited weaknesses. [96] You will note that, in reality,Healing, 114:incarnation. Human taints and predispositions, inherited in common with all the rest of humanity.Healing, 225:his own bodily organism, and those which are inherited and to which he has a constantHealing, 226:from Group Life 1. Diseases of Humanity, Inherited from the Past History, as studied today, goesHealing, 230:next one million years we shall see syphilis (inherited from Lemuria) stamped out, both in theHealing, 253:the sight leave frequently much to be desired; inherited tendencies and active predispositionsHealing, 281:III - Our Karmic Liabilities The study of inherited disease indicates a faint recognition of man'sHealing, 289:general psychic and psychological tendencies are inherited from previous lives, and are thereforeHealing, 309:causative factor when in collaboration with the inherited tendencies of the physical body;Healing, 310:which has certain predispositions, certain inherited weaknesses, certain glandular deficiencies -Healing, 311:in this life, as I have said above, or be inherited from a previous existence. In this latter case,Healing, 316:vehicle that form which will have in it certain inherited taints, driven [317] thereto by the LordsHealing, 317:of the factors descriptive of both. It is inherited in every case and, if not apparently physicallyHealing, 317:not apparently physically so, is then based on inherited astral conditions, which in their turn aidHealing, 321:distributing agency. Where there is inherent or inherited weakness, there the life force is notHealing, 330:carried out on a large scale, ancient diseases (inherited from old Atlantis) such as bubonic plagueHealing, 353:must include not only past heredity, or inherited group tendencies, but also may indicate presentHealing, 363:of such appearances is purely symbolic, inherited from the previous solar system from which weHealing, 363:from the previous solar system from which we inherited the matter of which all manifested forms areHealing, 381:lead to the eradication of many of the dreaded inherited diseases. The inspiration and inflow ofHealing, 382:a much greater resistance to the indigenous and inherited diseases and a real ability to resistHealing, 563:to bear in mind conditions which have been inherited from previous incarnations or developed as aHealing, 588:present in all substance, manas or mind; this is inherited or held in solution in substance from aHealing, 675:enough psychological evidence, or indications of inherited tendencies, to give the healer his clueIntellect, 212:of the mind (growing out of racial habits and inherited instincts, and, hence, calling for no
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