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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIAL

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Fire, 875:The Father aspect manifests in giving the initial impulse or the positive electrical demonstrationFire, 878:activity. Again, the solar Angels complete their initial sacrifice by a final one, and offerFire, 929:in connection with deva substance. In the initial stages, therefore, of their dissociation from aFire, 939:volume for the transmitters to pass on, and the initial vibration gets fainter and fainter. TheFire, 941:the note of the transmitting agencies and to the initial vibration of the second group of buildersFire, 957:is to be considered in two divisions: first, the initial process of alignment with the Ego, so thatFire, 958:physical brain, or (to word it otherwise) the initial utilization of egoic energy. [959] Let usFire, 971:Intelligences of Nature. When his will, or the initial impulse is sufficiently strong, and when theFire, 971:to the work of the nine Sephiroth: The initial three correspond to the egoic impulse with which weFire, 972:man who - according to the original intent or initial impulse - directs to the thought form energyFire, 1005:no trace of selfish intent, no perversion of the initial purpose of the solar Angel has beenFire, 1017:essentially currents of energy, one forming an initial vortex or center of activity, beingFire, 1063:- S. D., I, 89. Privation - Separation. Initial impulse. Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape.Fire, 1102:This separation is brought about through the initial activity of the Ego who produces the first ofFire, 1140:of the Manu, as it concerns primarily the initial stages of form building. It might be said thatGlamour, 62:can be broken. It is illusion through an initial misapplication, leading to a wrong use or wrongGlamour, 96:at first and later consciously), the initial duality - the physical body and the vital or ethericGlamour, 107:center (the sex center) and thus led to the initial glamor and to the first definite recognitionGlamour, 110:the previous cleavage had been healed and the initial duality had been resolved into a unity. ThenGlamour, 110:and more people have succeeded in resolving the initial physical cleavage and have become centeredGlamour, 124:vision. So they eliminated themselves from this initial new age activity. I am explaining this, forGlamour, 125:of glamor and the master of maya. This is the initial revelation, and it is when he has realizedGlamour, 138:illusion for the intuition. This is the initial resolution of the pairs of opposites, for there isGlamour, 216:preoccupation with the stage of soul contact and initial preparation he now focuses his attentiveGlamour, 225:to the formula given. This is one of the initial formulas and is most powerful because it is one ofGlamour, 232:apart from their explanatory context. This initial work should take fifteen minutes at first andGlamour, 240:of Being, of Existence and of essential, initial Reality. That is the reason that Christ stood muteHealing, 10:[10] certain of the "imperfect Gods." Given the initial premise that Deity itself is workingHealing, 21:to levitate is one of the easiest and simplest initial exercises. The Law of Consequences is notHealing, 66:or of healing, if the causes [66] which are the initial impulses are exhausted? Ponder on this. InHealing, 97:the healing work. Thought has to condition the initial incentive, bringing the intelligence of theHealing, 209:that the life of the centers is founded, in the initial stage, upon the inherent life of theHealing, 224:producing more effect than the latter during the initial stages. Inevitably a more homogeneousHealing, 378:of fact. Electrical discovery is only in the initial stage and all that we have is simply a preludeHealing, 500:natural process and the "karma of matter" is the initial governing force; this is succeeded in timeHealing, 508:talk about their personalities. For example, the initial objective before the mass of aspirants andHealing, 567:quality of life. I would refer you here to our initial definition in the first volume of thisHealing, 662:eventually negate the beauty and the hope of the initial idealism. Russia is right in her idealism,Healing, 676:build a barrier between healer and patient; the initial rapport is thus broken. Only a Christ canHealing, 695:add, the healer has to perfect himself in this initial activity and - as he works - he may himselfHercules, 32:satisfaction of his personal greeds. The Three Initial Impulses in Aries Three outstanding urgesHercules, 33:and spiritual liberation: these are the initial impulses sensed in Aries. It is the sign,Hercules, 41:II The Meaning of the Labor In spite of all initial partial failure, Hercules has made his start.Initiation, 20:This it produces primarily in man through its initial work of blending the higher three aspects ofInitiation, 32:under the conscious wise guidance of this initial Brotherhood. This Hierarchy of Brothers of LightInitiation, 53:at the endeavor, as long as it holds its initial high ideal and proceeds with pure altruism uponInitiation, 74:the tongue, is one who is mastering rapidly the initial steps to be taken in preparation forInitiation, 193:forget it has been made. Herein lies one of the initial tests. The disciple's attitude of mind mustInitiation, 197:or fast rules can ever be laid down, except the initial one that for all applicants for initiationIntellect, 75:of his instrument and pass out of the initial stages of the educational process into that classroomIntellect, 203:of steps. It is well to remember that all initial steps are hard, for the habits and rhythms ofIntellect, 233:at first. But it can be done, if the initial laziness can be overcome, and those who have achievedIntellect, 233:In concluding this attempt to indicate the initial work that the aspirant to this way has toMagic, 238:This is the product of ignorance, and in its initial stages it is not the product of wrongMagic, 411:true to the ideal is disastrously true, but the initial group has uniformly achieved. This surelyMagic, 413:is brought into contact with the material world. Initial impulses have in them potency both forMagic, 456:the Creator. To do this he has to fulfil certain initial requirements, which might be brieflyMagic, 557:Cosmic Fire, p. 1024. Each life sees the initial purpose clarified and time is literally the lengthMeditation, 104:and may even cause imbecility. It shows in the initial stages as numbness and fatigue, and if thePatanjali, 57:initiation and who watches over him in all the initial and subsequent tests and processes likewisePatanjali, 59:and perseverance in meditation to reach this initial stage. It should be noted that this stage hasPatanjali, 61:removal of all obstacles transpires after the initial flash of realization. The sequence ofPatanjali, 96:of that Great Life who is responsible for the initial word. These are the great landmarks, but inPatanjali, 327:borne in mind by the student of Raja Yoga in the initial stage of his work. Later a secondProblems, 22:first reaction has been fear, based on certain initial mistakes and her premature activity upon theProblems, 45:and constructive in its approach. What initial steps the educators of the different countries takeProblems, 48:urge to attract attention. These are simply the initial gestures of the emerging individual. OlderProblems, 63:integration. All, however, no matter what their initial capacity, can be trained in the Science ofProblems, 181:the ranks of the men of goodwill. This is the initial task. The power of such a group, backed byPsychology1, 13:at present possible. Many are as yet in [13] the initial stage of registering an awareness of aPsychology1, 21:the same time. This vortex, as a result of this initial activity, demonstrates through the mediumPsychology1, 22:undeveloped) expression and reflection of this initial creative quaternary. We are lives, making anPsychology1, 22:3. The Seven Rays Enumerated As part of the initial Plan, the one Life sought expansion, and thePsychology1, 23:second ray. He is the motivating impulse in the initial work of creation. The planet Saturn is HisPsychology1, 24:and form, basing the design of beauty upon the initial plan as it exists in the mind of the solarPsychology1, 44:to the impact of the energy of will. This initial activity precedes the creative process of formPsychology1, 47:so the Mother contributes much also, and the initial duality is increased and the qualities arePsychology1, 55:This is like a higher recapitulation of the initial union of spirit and matter which brought thePsychology1, 62:in nature vibrates to one or another of the initial septenate, for the seven rays establish thatPsychology1, 64:and a return to the center whence the initial impulse came. The first ray purpose therefore is toPsychology1, 190:in the closest cooperation, conforming to the initial Plan, and yet carrying forward TheirPsychology1, 218:organization is the counterpart of the initial impulse, its concretization, if I might so expressPsychology1, 221:the will to organize. The urge to create, or the initial rhythm which led the solar Logos to takePsychology1, 279:potent. The consequent world reaction is, in the initial stages, material in its manifestation; inPsychology1, 341:initiative and individuality. It is only in our initial experiments, and through our inexpertnessPsychology1, 372:play of the seventh ray, which produces those initial reactions to organized movement and ritualPsychology2, 9:which thus constitute its appearance. It is the initial imposition of an applied directed [10]Psychology2, 175:of discrimination. You have been so urged. The initial and normal interpretation and the immediatePsychology2, 177:Some of the effects earlier mentioned in the initial discussion of this fifth law can here bePsychology2, 191:is, therefore, to be noted that the main initial work will be concerned with the problem ofPsychology2, 270:the soul of each individual is intensifying its initial appropriation at the Lemurian crisis ofPsychology2, 273:its achievement since 1925, as a result of the initial impulse instituted in 1875. No more need bePsychology2, 319:of form by the soul is the result of an initial wish or desire. It is the result of a fundamentalPsychology2, 325:We will, therefore, accept the fact of the initial creation of the forms, based upon the wish orPsychology2, 331:have the stages succeeding each other from the initial appropriation upon the mental plane untilPsychology2, 467:this fact is first seen, grasped, and when the initial revelation has come, when the place of thePsychology2, 512:of power. This can be seen happening in its initial stage in practically every country. In thePsychology2, 637:will can meet. They state and believe that their initial appeal has been of such a nature that,Psychology2, 683:can work in the Units of Service. This is the initial task. How to use the weight of that good willPsychology2, 683:and with no antagonism to any living being. The initial concepts must be carried forward in their
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