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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATE

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Bethlehem, 237:sun touched the face, the Christ, the perfected Initiate or Master, re-entered the body, glorifyingBethlehem, 279:is no other way. The true values to which the initiate gives his life are those of the spirit, ofDestiny, 38:perfected Son of God; the Buddha, the perfect initiate, having reached illumination but not yetDestiny, 70:of fluidity, before the definiteness of the initiate-entity becomes apparent; a few again areDestiny, 106:safer at present. Early in the next century, an initiate will appear and will carry on thisDestiny, 120:attractive power of that highest aspect over the initiate. Today, so many members of the humanDestiny, 124:Then we shall see the results to which the great initiate, Paul, refers when he speaks of the wholeDestiny, 137:The flowering of the intelligence so that the initiate can work powerfully upon the mental planeDestiny, 138:second ray. This initiation will produce in the initiate a growing sense of relationships, of aDestiny, 140:constitute the motivating impulse of the initiate's life. Aspiration ends and the intensestDestiny, 149:and be seen as the story of every disciple and initiate who takes the first initiation and in hisDiscipleship1, 7:me as a teacher, as a Tibetan disciple and as an initiate of a certain degree - what degree beingDiscipleship1, 7:that I shall give you which will matter. I am an initiate into the mysteries of being. ThatDiscipleship1, 14:world Servers; expansions of consciousness which initiate you into the conscious life of [15] God,Discipleship1, 27:which is the outstanding hallmark of the trained initiate. I shall not deal further with theDiscipleship1, 34:cannot be passed on by word of mouth within the initiate ranks, for they are not communicated inDiscipleship1, 43:As you all know, I am a second ray disciple, an initiate of a certain standing - the grade of whichDiscipleship1, 43:and your attention, then knowing that I am an initiate of the third degree, or a Master, or aDiscipleship1, 58:has always been given that the disciple or the initiate must adapt himself to, and learn from, theDiscipleship1, 77:These weaknesses exist. You are not yet initiate, and you have faults, limitations, points ofDiscipleship1, 77:usual) there lies real danger for the would-be initiate. I warn you to watch for the indications ofDiscipleship1, 84:mankind which is the distinguishing mark of the initiate and of the Master. The subject ofDiscipleship1, 84:its significance through wrong emphasis. The initiate considers service as the spontaneous, easyDiscipleship1, 86:will be destroyed by the expanding new life. The initiate, therefore, stands ready, for what? ForDiscipleship1, 95:and upon the physical plane, thus demonstrating initiate consciousness through both mind and brain.Discipleship1, 96:to, or a misunderstanding of, another struggling initiate-disciple. The pitfalls are many and IDiscipleship1, 96:by his influence upon his environment, and an initiate by the wide scope of his world service. HowDiscipleship1, 119:and see what response is then evoked in you. The initiate of the fifth degree in Atlantean timesDiscipleship1, 119:the right use of emotion. In Aryan times, the initiate of the second degree has to evidence this.Discipleship1, 168:of forces which is the major task of the initiate or of those in training for initiation. ViewingDiscipleship1, 181:consummation which the monad bestows upon the initiate. Prior to your group meditation, my brother,Discipleship1, 183:your group brothers. A disciple and later the initiate of some degree or other - from the highestDiscipleship1, 217:in group activity which I am attempting to initiate is of real potential value; for the furtheringDiscipleship1, 224:so engross the attention of the disciple or the initiate that his spiritual place thereon, theDiscipleship1, 240:I would say to you in the words of the initiate, Paul; [241] "Forgetting the things which areDiscipleship1, 299:beings move who are as yet below the grade of an initiate of the third degree. The tests,Discipleship1, 405:not yours. This is one of the hardest lessons an initiate has to learn before he can be admitted asDiscipleship1, 448:when the intensity of feeling leaves them. The initiate walks ever a straight course between theDiscipleship1, 557:perfect health in some life is the reward of the initiate's effort to live as a soul and not toDiscipleship1, 611:of opportunity for you.You have endeavored to initiate activities yourself, doing hastily and oftenDiscipleship1, 678:but in those far off times was chanted by the initiate who took the third initiation - theDiscipleship1, 695:who had taken the first initiation and were initiate formed the Ashram. Owing, however, to theDiscipleship1, 698:fetter cast off by a Master is irritation! No initiate can form a true Ashram until all capacity toDiscipleship1, 703:of the Ashram stands ever the Master, or else an initiate or a world disciple. His task is to blendDiscipleship1, 709:he has really learnt these three things, he is initiate. Discipleship1, 728:have taken the third initiation are they truly initiate from the standpoint of the Hierarchy. TheDiscipleship1, 728:Ashram. Must the senior and the more advanced initiate-disciples halt, or wait and step down theirDiscipleship1, 730:him; this is part of the reward accorded to the initiate. He identifies himself with it, coloringDiscipleship1, 730:to cooperate with the three Masters and their initiate groups, their opportunity will emerge. ThisDiscipleship1, 732:must be fostered between: Accepted disciples, initiate disciples and the Master. Between theDiscipleship1, 736:of the nature of love than that given by the initiate Paul, even though the translation of hisDiscipleship1, 741:grades of initiates and which indicates to an initiate of a higher degree that an initiate orDiscipleship1, 741:to an initiate of a higher degree that an initiate or disciple of a lower grade can be admittedDiscipleship1, 751:and to stand between him and the neophyte. Some initiate-chela takes him in hand and acts asDiscipleship1, 751:for which he is individually responsible to the initiate-chela in charge of him. The Master beginsDiscipleship1, 754:magnetic and radiant. Within that aura the initiate-disciple carries forward his work, standing atDiscipleship1, 756:is of so high a nature that only the advanced initiate-chela can register it. It is transmittedDiscipleship1, 757:fact might here be given. The moment when an initiate-chela has intensified his vibration so thatDiscipleship1, 759:a higher stage of discipleship but presupposes initiate understanding. The neophyte knows that theDiscipleship1, 760:disciples upon this matter. Until a man is an initiate of high degree, he seldom dispenses energy.Discipleship1, 765:dealing with that which might be called the initiate-consciousness at a high stage of expansion andDiscipleship1, 765:terminology. Is it not apparent to you that the initiate of high degree lives in a world ofDiscipleship1, 765:and vitalization. From the standpoint of the initiate such questions are of no moment; to beDiscipleship1, 767:you understand by an accepted disciple. He is an initiate of high standing and of elevated degreeDiscipleship1, 767:heart of the universe. Within that life, the initiate now consciously stands, realizing himself notDiscipleship1, 780:to this last theme, reminding you that the true initiate has never made the slightest claim, eitherDiscipleship1, 780:claim, either privately or publicly, to be an initiate. It is against the occult law and too manyDiscipleship1, 787:in A Treatise on White Magic that I was an initiate of a certain standing but that my anonymityDiscipleship2, 14:of the initiator in yourself. Each of you has to initiate your own individual crises; there is noDiscipleship2, 16:drop below the level of consciousness. Then initiate a new effort. Realize that, on my side, I alsoDiscipleship2, 19:the physical plane - one of the first things an initiate has to master. There will be the soulDiscipleship2, 20:of Man needs understanding. The attitude of the initiate consciousness to human problems is notDiscipleship2, 20:being. They concern primarily the service of the initiate; hitherto we have only considered theDiscipleship2, 21:and the manipulation of energy by the initiate-disciple, via the centers, via the group centers -Discipleship2, 21:centers - and when of very high development and initiate degree - via the planetary centers. I haveDiscipleship2, 24:- when perfected and understood - will [24] initiate entire group units into the Light and into theDiscipleship2, 30:service, as a result of interplay. Later, as the initiate-disciple makes progress and as he buildsDiscipleship2, 70:consciousness. As I have often told you, the initiate consciousness is not the factor whichDiscipleship2, 70:and surmounted, will result in his being an initiate - a very different interpretation to theDiscipleship2, 70:one. As I often told you, a man is an initiate, prior to any initiation ceremony. The ceremonyDiscipleship2, 87:or power is made, and the claim of being an initiate is never heard. The Headquarters Group and theDiscipleship2, 103:awaiting the "focusing ability" of some initiate who is today preparing for the fifth initiation.Discipleship2, 105:the plans unfold, and each disciple and initiate sees occultly where he is needed and where - atDiscipleship2, 105:constantly developing perception of the disciple-initiate, and it (in its turn) is a part of theDiscipleship2, 152:energy. You need ever to bear in mind that the initiate is eternally occupied with energies andDiscipleship2, 152:the Master of the Ashram. The alignment of the initiate of higher degree with the Spiritual TriadDiscipleship2, 153:to you; they are related to the fact that the initiate has two things to do: [154] Become sensitiveDiscipleship2, 154:its highest possible terms, the disciple and the initiate are learning the technique (throughDiscipleship2, 154:or the Purpose - according to the status of the initiate - and that is accepted by him under theDiscipleship2, 154:Free Occult Obedience. But the disciple or the initiate must not remain forever dependent upon theDiscipleship2, 181:work which he will later do as a Master or an initiate. He will manipulate energies in line withDiscipleship2, 183:physical plane. It must inevitably produce the initiate. It "seals to him the door where evilDiscipleship2, 185:and his power to function as a disciple or an initiate must be blended with his transformedDiscipleship2, 188:of humanity on to the highest possible level. To initiate a great invocative cycle whereinDiscipleship2, 199:into scientific lines; I have sought also to initiate you into a planetary technique which allDiscipleship2, 211:a center of meditation to which every disciple, initiate and Master contributes. I would have youDiscipleship2, 233:Plan and thus (if you could but realize it) each initiate and disciple finds his place and sphereDiscipleship2, 233:of activity and service - from the very highest initiate to the least important disciple. You mightDiscipleship2, 234:therefore, of every grade of disciple and initiate has its use, for by their meditation (carriedDiscipleship2, 243:indifference which is the hallmark of the true initiate. Added to all this is the world situation
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