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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATE

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Discipleship2, 340:and experience. Through both of these phases the initiate passes and learns the smallness and theDiscipleship2, 341:as being of true importance in the career of the initiate. The time here referred to is time as theDiscipleship2, 341:The time here referred to is time as the initiate understands it - free as he now is from theDiscipleship2, 341:extra-planetary existence and as it releases the initiate, not only from the cosmic physical planeDiscipleship2, 345:three have already been indicated) concern the initiate and his work as it is impulsed from theDiscipleship2, 346:of evoking that "lighted response" which the initiate demonstrates when he himself has learnt toDiscipleship2, 346:them apply to each initiation, giving - as the initiate can receive and bear it - five aspects ofDiscipleship2, 346:techniques of the future work to be done by the initiate between initiations. The quotation fromDiscipleship2, 346:however, a technique which is formulated by the initiate himself and is not one imposed upon himDiscipleship2, 347:being undergone. The consequent reactions by the initiate, affecting his daily life, service andDiscipleship2, 348:concerns the sudden recognition by the initiate of the potency of Purpose, as it is expressed inDiscipleship2, 348:they are aspects of the training given to the initiate. They are also - on a higher turn of theDiscipleship2, 348:in his heart, so is he." In the case of the initiate however, the heart is only one of theDiscipleship2, 349:sees can be partially (at least) revealed to the initiate, who can tell what that revelation willDiscipleship2, 349:before the One Initiator, and only when the initiate is presented by the Christ. The earlierDiscipleship2, 349:of illusion and require the recognition (by the initiate) that they simply veil an ultimateDiscipleship2, 351:only the prerogative and reward of the attaining initiate, but it is increasingly taking on newDiscipleship2, 352:Master (as heretofore), but which is based on initiate-relationship in group form, and which isDiscipleship2, 355:you sensed no matter how dimly, that each initiate-group enriches the ashram with its invokedDiscipleship2, 355:disciple and that of the Master or the higher initiate. That interpretation which I will indicateDiscipleship2, 363:and intention. To the disciple and the initiate who employs them correctly and with understanding,Discipleship2, 364:They have unique reference to the pattern of the initiate-consciousness. They are definitelyDiscipleship2, 367:subject of revelation from the angle of the initiate, that (in the initiatory process where theDiscipleship2, 367:that unfolds before him, once he is an initiate within the Ashram and is changing his apparatus ofDiscipleship2, 368:of the revelation reach their heights for the initiate. After this, the subtler correspondences toDiscipleship2, 368:be an incentive and the dynamic impulse of the initiate's life because it is not distant but is aDiscipleship2, 372:man and with the revelation which comes to the initiate disciple as he stands within the ashram andDiscipleship2, 372:existence. There are three things which the initiate notes as the new panorama unfolds in flashingDiscipleship2, 372:express the idea. The revelation is given to the initiate as if there was nothing in all the worldDiscipleship2, 372:highest possible point of consciousness for the initiate) must eventually be materialized orDiscipleship2, 373:higher [373] than the mental, and the initiate must not only realize the significance of theDiscipleship2, 373:the five points of revelation indicates to the initiate: procedure, location and objective. Each isDiscipleship2, 374:of our studies, the revelation accorded to the initiate relates to the carrying forward of theDiscipleship2, 374:between the various energies he contacts. The initiate has to master the techniques ofDiscipleship2, 377:of non- with its phenomena. But the initiate-disciple receives an unique revelation andDiscipleship2, 377:takes possession of the heart and mind of the initiate, the method is simultaneously revealed toDiscipleship2, 378:different is the revelation which comes to the initiate than are those which the average aspirantDiscipleship2, 378:of an unexpected nature and imparts to the initiate certain new and significant results whichDiscipleship2, 378:results which register as truths to the initiate-consciousness. He discovers that he must learn theDiscipleship2, 379:activity. Through those revelations the initiate-disciple becomes aware of the task which he mustDiscipleship2, 379:symbol. The decision there involved tests the initiate as to how free he is from all desire - aDiscipleship2, 383:in the methods of the Hierarchy. A would-be-initiate does not, at first, work solely under the careDiscipleship2, 383:Then and only then does the disciple-initiate pass into the Ashram of the Master of his ray - oneDiscipleship2, 384:the Ashram into which he is now entering as an initiate - either as an initiate of the EarthDiscipleship2, 384:he is now entering as an initiate - either as an initiate of the Earth initiations or, in theDiscipleship2, 384:initiations or, in the senior grades, as an initiate of the Sirian regime. He is - during the firstDiscipleship2, 384:is one of the great basic energies; the initiate has to learn to work in and through that Will. If,Discipleship2, 384:in and through that Will. If, therefore, each initiate in the group is conscious of the initiationDiscipleship2, 384:related to initiation - that "the work of the initiate is carried forward within the ring-pass-notDiscipleship2, 386:(to speak again in symbols) in which the initiate demonstrates his redemptive quality are the trueDiscipleship2, 388:so? Why is the Plan not imposed? Hint IV. - The initiate knows because he works. What does thisDiscipleship2, 388:right thinking - is part of the training of the initiate. Many thus in training delay theirDiscipleship2, 389:it; it is excessively stimulating and the initiate passes through three stages where a revelationDiscipleship2, 393:on Initiation - Part IX Hint Four. "The initiate knows, because he works. What does this hint meanDiscipleship2, 397:respectively. At the second initiation, the initiate begins for the first time (though in the mostDiscipleship2, 398:the sole controlling factor in the career of the initiate; he enters then upon a stage wherein heDiscipleship2, 399:individual [399] obstacles, thus releasing the initiate into that vortex of force in which heDiscipleship2, 399:there is a "spiritual absorption of the initiate into the circle and into the cycle of theDiscipleship2, 399:and into the cycle of the Universal Mind"; the initiate is then "caught up and liberated intoDiscipleship2, 399:and protected in order to protect and guard the initiate. This dual procedure in relation to theDiscipleship2, 399:scrupulously guarded. The moment "wherein the initiate, standing upon the point within the triangleDiscipleship2, 399:for the first time in his personal history the initiate is completely [400] aligned and canDiscipleship2, 401:to register in the physical brain (if the initiate is functioning through karma, decision orDiscipleship2, 401:shape." This point of revelation carries the initiate to one of the highest points ofDiscipleship2, 402:The energy which is employed and with which the initiate at this time makes his first and veryDiscipleship2, 403:of the first aspect is presented to the initiate upon the Path. This, through certain laterDiscipleship2, 403:word "identification:" The process in which the initiate is now permitted to share during and afterDiscipleship2, 403:in any of my previous instructions. The initiate can now - through appreciated and comprehendedDiscipleship2, 404:under the Law of Correspondence or Analogy, the initiate can gradually come to a true perception ofDiscipleship2, 406:Sirius. After these two preparatory events, the initiate - at and after the third initiation -Discipleship2, 406:confers potency in the life of each disciple and initiate. 1. The Kingdom of God or of Souls,Discipleship2, 417:forty-nine and the one are only ONE and this the initiate must know within himself, discarding allDiscipleship2, 418:initiation. It is capable of indicating to the initiate - no matter what initiation he may beDiscipleship2, 418:of the Law or Laws which initiation enables the initiate to grasp and thereby relinquish the lawsDiscipleship2, 419:any great extent, brother of mine, being but an initiate of the fifth degree. The reason lyingDiscipleship2, 419:meditation. It is well to remember that the initiate, prior to and during any initiation, hasDiscipleship2, 419:and at the same time to leave behind, the initiate becomes a "static point of concentratedDiscipleship2, 420:of the first two initiations is to enable the initiate to live in the world of meaning; theDiscipleship2, 420:upon the temporary static condition of the initiate as he stands in the hall of initiation. Discipleship2, 421:use of the word "spiritual." Again, can the initiate himself recognize and register the marks ofDiscipleship2, 421:inference that, from a point of limitation, the initiate becomes aware of more than he ever beforeDiscipleship2, 421:nature which increases the range of the initiate's vision and which indicates a new area, both ofDiscipleship2, 421:of consciousness and of activity of which the initiate has suddenly become aware indicates theDiscipleship2, 421:This, when later undergone, will enable the initiate to grasp the true significance of the wordsDiscipleship2, 421:being" is steadily revealed to the progressing initiate until some day he will know, even as he isDiscipleship2, 422:those areas, all the past has prepared the initiate, and in the unfoldment of the three divineDiscipleship2, 422:of intelligence, love and will, the disciple or initiate has been creating the instrument andDiscipleship2, 422:angle of the above mentioned reality. The initiate consciously includes in his thinking this newDiscipleship2, 422:in his consciousness is not enough. The initiate grasps the fact that he is presented with aDiscipleship2, 423:Whole. This phrase marks a consummation, and all initiate-consummations are unexpected and evenDiscipleship2, 431:is demonstrating the subjective fact that he is initiate is called the stage of penetration. ThatDiscipleship2, 432:the Initiator, and one for which the advancing initiate is responsible. The moment, therefore, thatDiscipleship2, 432:Kingdom of God upon the physical plane. Every initiate is himself a polarized point of precipitatedDiscipleship2, 432:a polarized point of precipitated energy; every initiate works from a known point of Polarization,Discipleship2, 432:if only a tiny part of that Plan is known to the initiate. He becomes a part of a great energyDiscipleship2, 432:That in which a relation is set up between the initiate-disciple [433] and the Initiator. TheDiscipleship2, 433:means sets up a spiritual rapport with the new initiate. That in which the energies, transferred byDiscipleship2, 433:by the Initiator into the aura of the initiate, are precipitated by him. This is preceded by aDiscipleship2, 433:preceded by a short primary phase in which the initiate polarized the energies of which he is theDiscipleship2, 433:done or the service to be rendered. An advanced initiate, however, works from a point of
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