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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATE

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Discipleship2, 434:Initiation is in fact a process wherein the initiate is taught how to work with energy, how to useDiscipleship2, 434:of a fresh area of consciousness in which the initiate must be stabilized and polarized; and theDiscipleship2, 434:energies. These are made available to the initiate because he is initiate and must proceed to carryDiscipleship2, 434:are made available to the initiate because he is initiate and must proceed to carry out what hasDiscipleship2, 434:eternal livingness, activity and movement; the initiate discovers himself to be a point of energyDiscipleship2, 435:working in cooperation with the Soul of the initiate upon the plane of the Soul, the mental plane;Discipleship2, 435:then grows in relation to God Transcendent. The initiate now has knowledge of God Immanent withinDiscipleship2, 435:stage by stage, as he demonstrates that he is initiate. After the sixth initiation the initiateDiscipleship2, 435:he is initiate. After the sixth initiation the initiate begins to penetrate, through his projectedDiscipleship2, 436:is that the first "great lighted area" which the initiate can grasp is the "circle of the Mind ofDiscipleship2, 436:planetary consciousness. There is a point in the initiate process when the initiate becomes aware -Discipleship2, 436:is a point in the initiate process when the initiate becomes aware - in a manner which I cannot orDiscipleship2, 436:we call the light of the anima mundi; in this initiate experience the light of the Kingdom of SoulsDiscipleship2, 436:there comes a point of revelation where the initiate perceives and records as a definite revelationDiscipleship2, 437:for Disciples to which access is granted as the initiate proceeds on the Way and comes to theDiscipleship2, 437:unknown. To put this in its simplest terms: the initiate discovers he can perceive more than heDiscipleship2, 438:to refer. It occurs when the light which the initiate has generated or received is projected intoDiscipleship2, 438:attainment and the progress of the individual initiate are of small importance in the vast schemeDiscipleship2, 438:Kumara? This attainment sweeps or carries the initiate into ever widening spheres of "lightedDiscipleship2, 439:compensation for all that must be endured as the initiate discards limitation. The goal of all thisDiscipleship2, 443:"whether in the body or out of the body" (as the initiate Paul expressed it), the life of theDiscipleship2, 446:a disciple has to master, as you well know. The initiate lives in the world of causes, for this isDiscipleship2, 446:this in mind) as a soul whose personality is initiate. Because of this personality capacity ofDiscipleship2, 449:[449] resent all forms which you do not yourself initiate. I am not, therefore, giving you a setDiscipleship2, 453:the "seed of samadhi." What is samadhi, from the initiate point of view and esotericallyDiscipleship2, 453:comprehended? Simply those interludes in the initiate's life of service wherein he withdraws allDiscipleship2, 453:as his power to recognize became myopic. The initiate, therefore, as he works within the Ashram,Discipleship2, 465:to resume your active position as a pledged initiate-disciple (a position which your co-disciplesDiscipleship2, 474:which will reveal to you the path which, as an initiate, you are choosing to tread. In thisDiscipleship2, 474:being, no matter how good, and teaching as an initiate; it is as a pledged disciple that you willDiscipleship2, 474:disciples which every senior disciple and initiate automatically gathers around him. He does not,Discipleship2, 504:need at this time to learn, and which you must initiate during the next few years, is how to gatherDiscipleship2, 511:based upon any outwardly imposed silence by the initiate or disciple upon either himself or hisDiscipleship2, 511:therefore, find no response in the one whom the initiate or disciple contacts. Of these mysteriesDiscipleship2, 519:it, its way of life and its governing laws. Only initiate - disciples can get a glimpse of some ofDiscipleship2, 555:non-existent. The disciple acts "as if" he were initiate and then discovers that "as a man thinkethDiscipleship2, 566:as mine are under the guidance of a Master or Initiate of the fifth degree. You have needed much toDiscipleship2, 625:drawn clearly by the developed disciple and the initiate. He then discovers that thoughts are theDiscipleship2, 650:and live on a planet of pain. Until a man is an initiate of high degree he cannot even begin toDiscipleship2, 664:Perhaps neither matters from the angle of the initiate vision and the attitude of the trainedDiscipleship2, 664:Only the single eye directs the steps Of the initiate upon the Way." Will you ponder myDiscipleship2, 665:"basic training," in order that your future initiate service may be carried out according to plan.Discipleship2, 666:being prepared); according to the status of the initiate, so will be the vision. It is the sensingDiscipleship2, 666:knowledge and which he must learn to use as an initiate of a certain degree upon the Lighted Way.Discipleship2, 667:intent (as an entire and whole picture) as the initiate can grasp, plus an understanding of theDiscipleship2, 673:before you see the Christ - not simply as an initiate taking an initiation, but as a discipleDiscipleship2, 676:(as I said) the individual disciple or initiate receives training, injunctions as to characterDiscipleship2, 688:certain changes which disciples must themselves initiate; these may not touch environing outerDiscipleship2, 730:All within the Ashram, except those of higher initiate status, fall short at times. One of theDiscipleship2, 732:for you a message based on the words of the initiate, Paul: "Forgetting the things which areDiscipleship2, 759:can enter into your next incarnation with the initiate consciousness (of the grade desired), andExternalisation, 40:is for you a fact. But this I can say: for the initiate members of the Great White Lodge the astralExternalisation, 46:will of the constituent parts. Finally, every initiate is a magnetic healer. This is a statement ofExternalisation, 46:the above, that the healing work done by the initiate members of the Great White Lodge is threefoldExternalisation, 49:lay behind the work of Rousseau, that great initiate, and this is the impulse which is todayExternalisation, 58:have I. It will take a fifth or seventh ray initiate to deal with this matter, and though I couldExternalisation, 85:carefully considered. The effects of a Master or initiate upon men are widely different, becauseExternalisation, 101:the Plan; I am aware (because of my status as an initiate of a certain degree) of the nature of theExternalisation, 183:be the outcome? Will men arrest the evil and initiate a period of understanding, cooperation andExternalisation, 247:for, the evidence of things not seen," as the initiate, Paul, expresses it; your thought will thenExternalisation, 348:one perfect Whole. The second reason was to initiate, as I have earlier said, the theme of the newExternalisation, 365:the first steps which can and should be taken to initiate sound reconstruction processes. TheExternalisation, 414:the intelligently convinced worker, disciple and initiate - by all, in fact, who form the New GroupExternalisation, 431:And what can the individual disciple, initiate and world disciple accomplish in the face ofExternalisation, 438:mantram. This can be used only by someone of His initiate standing and in collaboration with theExternalisation, 514:in a vital sense, a cell in His Body. This the initiate Paul truly sensed and knew. Via this strandExternalisation, 522:of initiation, the harder it will be for the initiate concerned. It is, for instance, less of anExternalisation, 533:will because They [533] see it whole. Paul, the initiate, hints at this when writing one of theExternalisation, 559:They too - from the Christ down to the humblest initiate - are in process of steady and increasingExternalisation, 559:be succeeded by life; from the Hierarchy, the initiate must pass to Shamballa, and from ShamballaExternalisation, 562:Their places, and disciples are moving on into initiate position so fast, that a great pressingExternalisation, 567:corresponds to the experience of the individual initiate at the fourth initiation, when the causalExternalisation, 583:be of special world prominence and who are of initiate rank, they may attain to a conviction ofExternalisation, 636:means of evil that good is best," as your great initiate-poet has expressed it. All that theExternalisation, 660:and disciplines which will be of service to the initiate or disciple who is making the primaryExternalisation, 677:horizons hitherto only visioned by advanced and initiate thinkers. The man in the street today hasExternalisation, 683:of service. St. Paul, for instance, was in the initiate stage of learning rightly to withdraw andExternalisation, 690:of love, and thus the problem lessens, for the initiate learns certain protective rules which areExternalisation, 696:and women are found, the work of the discovering initiate is to see to it that information comes toExternalisation, 697:appearing and of reappearing as is that of the initiate who cannot thus create to suit his purposeExternalisation, 699:your attention. Yet it is a statement that, any initiate will tell you, warrants your closestFire, 69:(Tibetan). A Lord or Master. A high Adept. An initiate who has taken more Initiations than the fiveFire, 114:a correspondence to the work to be done by the initiate after he has achieved the fourth solarFire, 198:and from thence reflected into the physical; the Initiate never proclaims his initiation. 85Fire, 208:to the Ray, or the specialized work of the initiate. The center has its activity intensified, itsFire, 208:the first and second Initiations, or whether the initiate is standing before the LORD OF THE WORLD.Fire, 209:may result, at first, in much suffering to the initiate, but which produces a capacity to respondFire, 209:continuity of consciousness which enables the initiate consciously to utilize time as a factor inFire, 209:as an aspect of the basic law of building; the initiate learns consciously to build, to manipulateFire, 209:at the moment of the application of the Rod, the initiate consciously realizes the meaning of theFire, 210:of Electricity, behind the known fact that every initiate, presented to the Initiator, isFire, 210:and its power terrific. Apart and alone the initiate could not receive the voltage from the RodFire, 210:safely. The two Masters Who thus sponsor the initiate, represent two polarities of the electricFire, 365:other. Third, through a conscious passage of the initiate, [366] through initiation, from oneFire, 376:here, and it cannot be undertaken except by an initiate, for it involves ability to study theFire, 407:- thus making the nine, or perfected man, the initiate. It might also be remarked that more andFire, 420:of his position in the scheme. When the initiate can say "I am That I am," then he has mergedFire, 421:fifth initiation. At the final assertion, the initiate not only distinguishes between the Self, andFire, 422:of duality, for the third initiation sees the initiate comprehending its mantric force.Fire, 432:that His Life energy is applied to the initiate, or the electrical force that emanates from Him is
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