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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATE

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Initiation, 112:this order is not idly arranged, but carries the initiate on from revelation to revelation untilInitiation, 114:as yet exists not. This "recognition" by the initiate is the first great step in the initiationInitiation, 114:Deity. Therefore: At the first initiation the initiate becomes aware of the third, or lowest,Initiation, 115:the third initiation the Ego stands before the initiate as a perfected triplicity. Not only is theInitiation, 115:profound revelations shine forth before the initiate in a triple manner: As a radiant angelicInitiation, 116:As a sphere of radiant fire, linked with the initiate standing before it by that magnetic thread ofInitiation, 116:in order, until at the fourth initiation the initiate stands before a still greater revelation, andInitiation, 117:thus considered. At the fourth initiation, the initiate is brought into the Presence of that aspectInitiation, 117:of the Monad, and is no longer required, and the initiate stands free of both, fully liberated andInitiation, 118:the Presence of the Planetary Logos to the initiate. This is practically incomprehensible to theInitiation, 118:book is written. At the sixth initiation, the initiate, functioning consciously as the love-aspectInitiation, 118:Buddha. Thus by a graded series of steps is the initiate brought face to face with Truth andInitiation, 118:revelations. It produces within the mind of the initiate the following basic realizations: HisInitiation, 119:of the Presence produce definite results in the initiate, and thus it is judged by the Hierarchy toInitiation, 119:The Revelation of the Vision Having brought the initiate face to face with the One with whom forInitiation, 119:and space, and involves the recognition by the initiate - through the newly aroused sense of occultInitiation, 121:At the third initiation there is revealed to the initiate the purpose of the subray of the ray toInitiation, 121:ray. This knowledge is conferred upon the initiate so as to enable him eventually to find forInitiation, 121:stream of energy many groups of Egos, and the initiate is therefore made aware not only of hisInitiation, 121:to work with units in group formation, the initiate now learns the secret of group subordination toInitiation, 122:in their planetary relationship. This brings the initiate through a series of graded realizationsInitiation, 122:initiation. Through the entire loosing of the initiate from all trammels in the three worlds andInitiation, 124:known, will tend ever more fully to swing the initiate into the line of self-abnegating service,Initiation, 124:ceremony, the opening of the eyes of the Initiate to see and realize, divides itself into threeInitiation, 126:realization beyond even the ken of the highest initiate in our solar system. With systemicInitiation, 128:of electricity, behind the known fact that every initiate presented to the Initiator is accompaniedInitiation, 128:the Masters, Who stand one on either side of the initiate. The three of Them together form aInitiation, 128:and its power terrific. Apart and alone the initiate could not receive the voltage from the RodInitiation, 132:the lesser Rod of Power employed. When disciples initiate a movement on a relatively tiny scale,Initiation, 132:moment of utter silence, and in the interim the initiate realizes within himself the meaning ofInitiation, 133:to transmit it to that center in the body of the Initiate which is (according to the initiation) toInitiation, 133:word, and the force is literally thrown into the initiate's bodies and centers, passing downInitiation, 133:absorb it. This is the stupendous moment for the initiate, and brings to him a realization of theInitiation, 134:from view by a wall of [134] pure fire. The initiate sees no one, save the Hierophant, and is awareInitiation, 134:Effect of the Application of the Rod a. Upon the Initiate's Bodies The effect is fourfold andInitiation, 134:intensified. By the application of the Rod the initiate finds: That the activity of each individualInitiation, 135:behests of the Ego, become possible. [135] The initiate will find, when he returns from theInitiation, 135:application of the Rod to the causal body of the initiate. The subject is immense, and will be moreInitiation, 138:according to ray, or the specialized work of the initiate. The center has its activity intensified,Initiation, 139:the first and second initiations, or whether the initiate is standing before the Lord of the World.Initiation, 139:may result at first in much suffering to the initiate, but which produce a capacity to respond,Initiation, 140:continuity of consciousness that enables the initiate consciously to utilize time as a factor onInitiation, 140:the law of attraction, is brought about, and the initiate learns consciously to build, toInitiation, 140:at the moment of the application of the Rod, the initiate consciously realizes the meaning of theInitiation, 140:transmits higher manasic energy to the initiate, so that he is enabled consciously to know andInitiation, 142:into three parts: First. That in which the initiate is concerned and in which he realizes his ownInitiation, 142:certain words and formulas are committed to the initiate by the Hierophant, an which he carriesInitiation, 142:certain results in the consciousness of the initiate and thus to aid the Hierophant in hisInitiation, 143:and the solar system. The horoscope of the initiate is also invariably cast so as to check the timeInitiation, 143:to be postponed to a later life, even when the initiate has done the necessary work. The threefoldInitiation, 143:via the sun, from that planetary Center to the initiate. The procedure is as follows: The energy isInitiation, 144:transmitting station. Eventually it reaches the initiate, via the Triangle and the Sponsors. ItInitiation, 144:our scheme, the force comes more directly to the initiate than at the first two initiations,Initiation, 144:Only at the third initiation will the initiate be in a condition to receive direct planetary force.Initiation, 144:undertaken by the Lodge assists the initiate to realize within himself the various processesInitiation, 144:the Self; through the force thus liberated the initiate is enabled to transfer his consciousnessInitiation, 145:lies one of the safeguards of the ceremony. The initiate knows the set figure for his ownInitiation, 145:has been applied. Through its application the initiate has become a member of the Lodge, and theInitiation, 145:The Sponsors drop back from either side of the initiate and take their places in the ranks, whilstInitiation, 145:who are not of equal rank with the newly made initiate (such as first degree initiates at theInitiation, 146:performance is taking place: - The newly made initiate is taking the oath. Certain Words andInitiation, 146:two groups: The Oath of Initiation, in which the initiate binds himself by the most solemn pledgesInitiation, 146:and is administered by the Hierophant to the initiate, being repeated after the Initiator [147]Initiation, 147:phrase embodying the purpose actuating the initiate, a protestation as to his unchangeableInitiation, 148:aspects of divine manifestation, and as the initiate takes his pledge, one of the three Heads ofInitiation, 148:head at the first two initiations, to the initiate, via the group of initiates of the same degree,Initiation, 148:and it is the work of the Initiator to put the initiate in touch with this energy. This pours downInitiation, 149:and the past, no opportunity is ever given to an initiate to reveal that which is hidden. IntentInitiation, 149:Intent may exist, but opportunity will lack. The initiate who thus sins in intention will be struckInitiation, 150:some Word of Power is committed to the initiate, so similarly to the Logos was committed the greatInitiation, 153:before these key words can be committed to the initiate. 4. Forty-nine Words related to theInitiation, 154:which affects the severance or liberation of the initiate from the three worlds. 6. There areInitiation, 155:degree, and each produces an effect. What the initiate is learning to do is to make soundsInitiation, 155:before taking up the committal of words to the initiate, in order to emphasize the radicalInitiation, 155:ceremony, and the Words as committed to the initiate. The postulates here made are nine in number,Initiation, 157:and permutations, and by its utterance the initiate sets in motion the lesser, through theInitiation, 157:results achieved. Each Word is committed to the initiate orally and visually. It is spoken to himInitiation, 157:Word at any initiation are communicated to the initiate by the initiates of equal rank with hisInitiation, 158:Finally the Initiator sounds it forth, and the initiate becomes aware within himself, in practicalInitiation, 158:are the Planetary representatives). When any initiate desires to use, for evolutionary purposes,Initiation, 158:subsidiary to the one involved. For instance, an initiate of the third degree, in sounding the WordInitiation, 158:the matter of the astral and physical planes. An initiate of the second degree similarly affectsInitiation, 161:worlds is also committed. It is given to the initiate as a topic for meditation, until he takes theInitiation, 161:Words is given by the Hierophant, and thus the initiate wields complete control, through the powerInitiation, 162:seen. This brings into the consciousness of the initiate somewhat of the energy and power of theInitiation, 163:committed at the initiation ceremony to the initiate. It is apparent of course, that only the factInitiation, 163:the administration of the oath which pledges the initiate to inviolable secrecy, the newly madeInitiation, 163:initiate to inviolable secrecy, the newly made initiate advances alone closer to the Hierophant; heInitiation, 163:from the Rod, the Initiator confides to the initiate the secret. The reason for this is as follows:Initiation, 166:express one or other of the seven Secrets. The initiate has to recognize them by sight as well asInitiation, 167:holding the Rod at the same time as the [167] initiate. Their trained intense mental concentrationInitiation, 168:The secrets, as imparted sequentially to the initiate, are roughly three in number, though withinInitiation, 168:secrets of the solar system is imparted to the initiate, immediately after he has taken the oath.Initiation, 169:fact that it is triple is demonstrated to the initiate at the first initiation, and the secret ofInitiation, 169:of the coherence of the atom is revealed to the initiate, and he then is in a position to study theInitiation, 170:which they gave having been utilized, the initiate is now in a position to profit by this greaterInitiation, 171:thus imparted, and the progress which the initiate has made in the study of the law of analogy, heInitiation, 172:or consciousness aspect dominates in this. The initiate, through the knowledge imparted, is now inInitiation, 173:the following subjects are illuminated when the initiate receives the second great secret, or theInitiation, 174:of polarity, when revealed, makes clear to the initiate, but the above suffices. This secret
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