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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATE

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Psychology1, 119:ingenuity of trained psychologists to solve. The initiate Paul referred to this when he spoke ofPsychology1, 130:one to grasp for those beneath the rank of initiate or accepted disciple of the higher stages. ThePsychology1, 131:the path of discipleship. When he becomes an initiate, the light of the atoms is so bright, and thePsychology1, 156:the mediating activity of that great Being the initiate becomes actively aware of energy emanatingPsychology1, 186:people of the race fail at this time to initiate the Plan, to wrest it out of the unseen and carryPsychology1, 199:there is eventuating a liberation which will initiate the life of that kingdom into new states ofPsychology1, 218:its life will remain an enigma, except to the initiate of high degree. All I can do is to make suchPsychology1, 238:to the whole, and they are revealed to the initiate at the five initiations. At each initiation onePsychology1, 238:one of the five secrets is explained to the initiate, and they are called by the following fivePsychology1, 239:and so conveyed to the intelligence of the initiate, are as follows: The mineral secret - APsychology1, 243:kingdom is a well recognized phenomenon to the initiate. Students would find it of interest toPsychology1, 270:the mentally polarized and spiritually oriented initiate to the same subject, may seem so widelyPsychology1, 304:no better training school for a disciple and an initiate than family life, with its enforcedPsychology1, 306:The disciple and aspirant upon the Path, and the Initiate upon his "Lighted Way," have no betterPsychology1, 319:are too far off for any one under the degree of initiate to grasp their mode of development, theirPsychology1, 347:is well-nigh impossible for any one (except an initiate) to deal with the various phases or even toPsychology1, 351:hinders, and fostering that dynamic will in the initiate which will enable him to take the neededPsychology1, 355:the yoga of the physical body. This gave to the initiate the needed physical control - a controlPsychology1, 365:ceremonials of cyclic expression. These only the initiate can comprehend. Every ant hill and everyPsychology2, 6:for, it has been said, only those who are initiate can grasp some of the significance of thePsychology2, 9:enunciation of the goal for the disciple. The initiate has the objective of expressing the Will ofPsychology2, 13:as initiates who are only endeavoring to be initiate. They are not, however, real initiates. TheyPsychology2, 14:expression of life which can take place when the initiate is identified consciously with the OnePsychology2, 17:soul ray, then he becomes the transfigured Initiate, and takes the third initiation. The ray of thePsychology2, 18:the ray of the Monad, the life ray. The higher initiate is therefore a dual and not a triplePsychology2, 21:[21] read this Treatise on the Seven Rays. An initiate, reading the three words we have beenPsychology2, 28:so far transcends the human that only the initiate of high degree can enter into Their true Plan.Psychology2, 31:true understanding. The consciousness of the initiate is of so lofty a nature that it can only bePsychology2, 45:identification, the reactions of the illumined initiate are made available to his intelligence inPsychology2, 45:place and the wider open door looms before the initiate, he will then discover the meaning of thatPsychology2, 48:to express some of the realizations of the true initiate when he stands - at the third initiation -Psychology2, 50:the "bridge" is satisfactorily built, then the "initiate" can escape from the limitations of formPsychology2, 56:the path of evolution and nears the status of an initiate, the conditioning of the form, innate andPsychology2, 56:form is achieved, the Transfiguration of the initiate takes place, leading to that final crisisPsychology2, 69:is undergone, this way is completed, and the initiate can "pass to higher worlds at will, leavingPsychology2, 70:of the Personality become one world wherein the initiate works and functions, seeing noPsychology2, 102:the ecstasy of the mystic, the exaltation of the initiate, and the exquisite agony of sacrifice orPsychology2, 140:bring about two developments. First, they initiate a period of destruction and of a breaking up ofPsychology2, 153:the Entered Apprentice to that of the perfected initiate of the Rose Croix Chapter. The eighteenPsychology2, 162:upon this law as it works out in the life of the initiate? I think not. The disciple seeks toPsychology2, 163:intermediate way that is revealed to the initiate, through the working of the Law of Repulse whichPsychology2, 164:can be understood by the trained disciple or initiate. 1. The five Commandments The universal dutyPsychology2, 164:to the disciple and illuminating to the initiate. Let us not, however, confuse illumination with aPsychology2, 166:will obey, because one is awakened; if one is an initiate, they will evoke the comment: "This IPsychology2, 174:time, not as a poor blind candidate, but as an initiate in the mysteries of the world. The truth ofPsychology2, 199:of the world aspirants. The disciple and the initiate can dimly begin to recognize the effect ofPsychology2, 199:ancient stanzas which will convey much to the initiate but may only be sounding words andPsychology2, 207:occultists, of modern times. The souls who are initiate into the mysteries of the kingdom of God.Psychology2, 209:human family. Those who could or can thus become initiate are the "lights which ever radiate." InPsychology2, 244:expressions of the spiritual life which every initiate must demonstrate. Every aspirant must, asPsychology2, 247:from its present intense exteriorization. An initiate is essentially one whose sense of awarenessPsychology2, 272:The probationer - The Disciple - The Initiate which lead eventually to The New Group of WorldPsychology2, 287:the Plan into being. This is ever the aim of the initiate members of the Hierarchy. TheyPsychology2, 296:which, when consciously employed, relates the initiate to the Father or Spirit aspect and gives HimPsychology2, 306:3. The stage of the second fusion, in which the initiate expresses himself through all the centersPsychology2, 307:and blend. All the centers in the body of the initiate can be intensified electrically at will andPsychology2, 307:the demand and the need which must be met by the initiate. All the above takes place progressivelyPsychology2, 318:of desire is voiced for us by Paul, the initiate, in The Epistle to the Romans where he refers toPsychology2, 333:of the Will of God or of the Monad, in the initiate. Thus the three aspects of divinity arePsychology2, 334:seldom occurs before, unless to the eye of the initiate) the personalities are so refined that thePsychology2, 345:also touch very briefly upon the efforts of the initiate as he works through and with the subduedPsychology2, 345:said. Teaching which would be intelligible to an initiate of the third degree would be profitlessPsychology2, 381:qualities and characteristics are used by the initiate in the three worlds for service and thePsychology2, 385:of the use of the Technique of Duality by the initiate. One head center, the thousand-petalledPsychology2, 485:with, other disciples. When he is an initiate, other initiates become facts in his life andPsychology2, 491:person. It should be remembered that no true initiate or disciple ever seeks to control any personPsychology2, 506:and unfold, and thus trains the disciple and the initiate. I cannot do more than thus indicate thePsychology2, 522:of the disciple, the advanced aspirant and the initiate of the lower degrees is connected with thePsychology2, 549:as points of transference, only concern the initiate. The fluidic and changeable condition producedPsychology2, 574:psychic life and the spiritual perception of the initiate there is to be found every possible typePsychology2, 581:can then again be used, if deemed desirable. The initiate has full control of all faculties andPsychology2, 585:be arrested temporarily until such time as the initiate may seek to use them, in full consciousnessPsychology2, 593:is characteristic of the life expression of the initiate and the Master, as well as of thePsychology2, 679:have been developed so as to make it possible to initiate right activity. The New Group of WorldPsychology2, 741:of the kingdom of God which Christ [741] came to initiate; thirdly, to reach and awaken the men andRays, 25:going to study. I would remind you that only the initiate consciousness will truly comprehend theirRays, 26:to do will develop in you the beginning of that initiate consciousness, provided you seek to makeRays, 33:parables the truth goes out, and gradually the initiate grasps the uses of heat, warmth, light andRays, 33:of the rules to be followed by those receiving initiate-training, I would remind you of certainRays, 33:should be the basic attitude of the would-be initiate: It should be one of purpose, governed byRays, 33:me enlarge upon it somewhat. The attitude of the initiate-in-training should be one of rightRays, 33:divine Will. Of this Will, no one who is not an initiate has any conception. It means, secondly,Rays, 34:the fact that after the third initiation, the initiate is not concerned with consciousness at all,Rays, 37:center of Shamballa and Humanity. The individual initiate, on the way to one or other of the higherRays, 38:covered by the standing room of the would-be initiate. This statement refers to the "door ofRays, 38:initiates. The arresting of the steps of the initiate before the door in order that he may "proveRays, 38:door in order that he may "prove himself to be initiate" prior to entry. The passing of certainRays, 39:I would call your attention to the fact that the initiate has faced two major tests, symbolicallyRays, 39:constitutes a major test in its effects. The initiate discovers the depths of evil, and at the sameRays, 39:throughout the entire personality life of the initiate or of the initiate group. The scales fallRays, 39:personality life of the initiate or of the initiate group. The scales fall from the eyes, bringingRays, 39:divine will of the Monad. The revelation to the initiate of the ages of severance from the CentralRays, 40:all forms pours in upon the consciousness of the initiate, and the mystery of time, space andRays, 40:of the divine Whole is also brought home to the initiate through the medium of the clear coldRays, 40:present consciousness. Up till the present, the initiate-disciple has been functioning as a dualityRays, 41:of this experience enters into the heart of the initiate, then he moves outward through that heartRays, 41:presented as ever moving forward ahead of the initiate. He passes through door after door into aRays, 41:and expansion of consciousness. But in the initiate consciousness, after the first two initiations,Rays, 41:but in the life and realization of the initiate-soul, they are not. After the two initiations ofRays, 41:have been undergone the attitude of the initiate changes and he sees possibilities and factors and
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