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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATE

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Rays, 42:Way is the determining factor in the life of the initiate of the third degree. It is theRays, 42:and a new glory pours through the transfigured initiate who has been released from every type ofRays, 42:to refer here to the door symbology as the initiate begins to grasp the inner meaning of thoseRays, 43:This is the lower correspondence of the higher initiate-experience with which our rule is dealing.Rays, 43:its use and its appearance, finally, behind the initiate. This time the door must be found upon theRays, 43:terrible though beautiful experiment" faces the initiate. He finds that this time alignment is notRays, 43:This Spiritual Triad is essentially, to the initiate, what the threefold personality is to the manRays, 44:significances mean little to the initiate mind. Let me briefly consider them so that clarity ofRays, 45:but it does indicate that the service of the initiate and his life demonstration - regarded in aRays, 45:clear truth and of pure reason. The life of the initiate is being rapidly transferred out of theRays, 46:yet, save among the more advanced disciples and initiate members of the Hierarchy. Love governs theRays, 46:most familiar truth. In the next stage, that of initiate-development, the Son, in its turn, becomesRays, 46:and, demonstrating as the Psyche, enables the initiate to bring into expression another divineRays, 48:gone before. The "three great demands" of the initiate are based upon the "triple call" found inRays, 48:- that is, knowable to the masses of men. The initiate is, however, dealing with a world of meaningRays, 49:and to the next development in the life of the initiate, which is learning to work from a "point ofRays, 50:of the divine creating Logos. When the initiate grasps this and identifies himself with it, hisRays, 50:a temporary need. Purpose, as expressed by the initiate is permanent, farsighted, unalterable, andRays, 53:the secret of manifestation. The goal of the initiate is identification with all forms of theRays, 54:at the time of the third initiation. The initiate and the Master, along with those of higher rankRays, 56:the story further; from tension to tension the initiate passes just as do all human beings,Rays, 56:Sound breaks upon the ear of the transfigured initiate. This is the Voice referred to in theRays, 56:This Voice says, "This is my beloved Son." The initiate registers the fact that he has beenRays, 57:import, embodying one of the first lessons an initiate has to master. It is one which can only beRays, 60:where the Word goes forth to you): that the initiate stands alone in "isolated unity," aware of hisRays, 60:of tremendous growth and development. The initiate has heard the Word which came forth to him whenRays, 60:to this whole Rule lies in the injunction to the initiate that he add to his application threeRays, 60:these three demands, and by what right does the initiate make them? Hitherto the note of hisRays, 61:part of his life it is not possible for the initiate to comprehend the significance of these simpleRays, 61:be ascertained by remembering that all that the initiate undergoes and all that he enacts is theRays, 61:There is no better in your language. The initiate has ever been. The divine Son of God has everRays, 61:of God has ever known himself for what he is. An initiate is not the result of the evolutionaryRays, 61:his vehicles of expression until he becomes initiate in the three worlds of consciousness and theRays, 62:it is difficult for disciples to grasp. The initiate or disciple has reached a point in hisRays, 62:this thought which motivates the service of the initiate, and it is this concept of wholenessRays, 63:which makes possible the activity of the initiate as he sounds out his three demands. The "dominantRays, 63:organized and active substance through which the initiate can work in full control, the matterRays, 63:It is this thought which underlies the initiate's three demands which (according to the RuleRays, 63:which naught in sight could satisfy." Yet to the initiate consciousness it remains clear that theRays, 64:time left behind. Upon that great demand the initiate who has pledged himself to serve the worldRays, 64:more sea"; I told you that a time comes when the initiate knows that the astral plane no longerRays, 64:ever it has vanished and has gone. But when the initiate has freed himself from the realm ofRays, 65:will. When you can [65] appreciate that the initiate of high degree works with monadic energy andRays, 65:is the cry of the disciple or the demand of the initiate, the sound goes forth "through the fire,Rays, 66:the planetary Logos. The directing mind of the initiate indicates within the three worlds the goalRays, 66:can convey to you the right idea as follows: The initiate wastes no time in looking backwardRays, 66:understanding is distinctive of the trained initiate. He has no need to remember rules, theories,Rays, 66:planned or desired by the group with which the initiate finds himself associated. The mode ofRays, 67:obedience for the welfare of humanity. The initiate, however, works in neither of these ways,Rays, 68:one of the two most occult rules which the initiate has to master, whether as an individual or inRays, 68:influence of the purpose; the individual initiate works with the plan. The group expression, as farRays, 68:being, the Life of all that is. The individual initiate uses the attractive force (to which we giveRays, 68:to the "bright center," Shamballa, where the initiate by himself and in his own essential identityRays, 69:indeed, but quite definite to the advanced initiate, and therefore the dualistic nature of ourRays, 72:noted is that we have here the definition of an initiate. He is one who, in his two-fold natureRays, 72:in response to the invocative cry of the new initiate. A Word is returned to him: Accepted as aRays, 72:is now a recognized part, moves forward. For the initiate (as I have earlier pointed out) the pastRays, 72:its effective action. The door closes behind the initiate, who is now an accepted member of hisRays, 72:in closing informs the watching world that the initiate has passed into a secret place and that toRays, 72:and indicates also the loneliness of the initiate as he moves forward. He does not yet understandRays, 73:personality. That too is left behind, and the initiate is aware of the light of the Ashram and theRays, 73:the head has revealed. That soul light which the initiate has been aware of from the first momentRays, 73:to be perceived when the door is shut behind the initiate. That light is itself composed of theRays, 74:group in the consciousness of the illumined initiate, is called an Ashram, embodying the light ofRays, 77:light," have a meaning both for the individual initiate and for all groups of disciples and allRays, 77:of the soul, as its great light enables the initiate to see light. The coldness of that lightRays, 80:three sixes. In an ancient book on numbers the initiate is defined as "the one who has experiencedRays, 80:speaking, until the third initiation, the initiate is "occupied with the relationship of the 2 andRays, 80:and when placed the one above the other, the initiate passes from the 4 into the 2." Needless toRays, 82:Superficially it can mean that when the initiate hears the Sound, he leaves behind the desert lifeRays, 82:on the Seven Rays is written for those with initiate understanding, the obvious interpretation willRays, 82:behind" has reference to the withdrawal of the initiate from all sensuous experience because, as IRays, 82:form of words can be justifiably used) that the initiate leaves consciousness itself behind and theRays, 82:are transcended; at the third initiation the initiate grasps what is meant when the One in Whom weRays, 82:evades understanding by all except those with initiate consciousness. Fire is the sumtotal of thatRays, 83:all growth, and is vitality itself. [83] This initiate realization is all brought about by theRays, 83:That is why, at the third initiation, the initiate sees the star and hears the sound. At the firstRays, 85:the master of his own destiny, leading him to initiate those causes which are responsible for theRays, 96:the intuition. From the angle of the higher initiate, this rule is related to the activity ofRays, 96:to realize the following: The Monad relates the initiate to the Will of God, to the Council atRays, 96:the Central Spiritual Sun. The Soul relates the initiate to the Love of God, to the consciousnessRays, 96:Heart of the Sun. The Personality relates the initiate to the Mind [97] of God, to the intelligenceRays, 97:live and move and have their being, relates the initiate to that Life which works out throughRays, 97:and their relationships only emerge as the initiate keeps the rules. Let us now take this ruleRays, 103:take place, one of the first recognitions of the initiate-disciple is that form, and hisRays, 103:and has his being in the world of meaning; the initiate and the Master have their focus in theRays, 103:is the indication of life. But the desire of the initiate is not now for activity, or even for theRays, 108:points out, groping towards an expression of the initiate consciousness. Rays, 110:to the purpose as sensed by those who are either initiate, and consciously in touch with Shamballa,Rays, 116:technical term which is frequently applied to an initiate of the third degree, just as the wordsRays, 116:"little ones" or "little child" apply to an initiate of the first or second degree. This rich youngRays, 116:be destroyed. This has to take place before the initiate can enter into the Council Chamber of theRays, 116:The will of this particular "rich young man," initiate though he was, was not yet adequate to theRays, 118:Rules For Group Initiation The moment the initiate or the disciple sees, even dimly, the light ofRays, 118:so this still greater light reveals to the initiate a horizon so vast that it has hitherto escapedRays, 118:capacity and is yet but possible to vision by an initiate of the third degree, endows him with anRays, 119:for me to enlarge upon them; unless you are an initiate of the third degree, my words would beRays, 119:This is an instance of the ability of the initiate consciousness to function on initiate levels andRays, 119:of the initiate consciousness to function on initiate levels and also in the three worldsRays, 125:and registration which leads eventually to the initiate-consciousness. This sixth Rule is the polar
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