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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATE

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Rays, 128:those who are working with the unfoldment of the initiate consciousness in the disciples of theRays, 129:into the consciousness of the disciple and the initiate. The sixth kingdom is that of theRays, 137:that is the true significance of the words. The initiate functions in a group (always in a group)Rays, 137:the emphasis has been on what the individual initiate had to do in order to fit himself to takeRays, 137:steady inducement to thought which will make the initiate what he ought to be, because hisRays, 137:intended to become increasingly the field of the initiate's effort, and hence the constant need forRays, 138:so highly developed (even from the angle of the initiate of the third degree), that it is well-nighRays, 138:accepts them as existent in theory. The trained initiate knows that they have to become his naturalRays, 139:found to convey all the knowledge with which the initiate must stand equipped [140] when he climbsRays, 141:unfolds itself, and for the first time the initiate senses and then contacts the universal will;Rays, 141:the universal will; from that moment the initiate says, "Father, not my will but Thine be done."Rays, 141:development of this system of identification the initiate of the degree of Master of the Wisdom,Rays, 141:- Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation When the initiate has passed through the three doors,Rays, 148:significance somewhat, from the angle of the initiate-consciousness. Rays, 149:the realm of triadal existence (in which the initiate moves) is definitely an advance intoRays, 149:in motion a myriad of effects. The way of the initiate is not a complicated one, once he hasRays, 149:lies in the thinking of the neophyte. The initiate knows it not. First let us clearly define theRays, 149:rule is in the nature of a Law which the initiate may not evade. I would ask you here to refer toRays, 152:not in reality) of a complex rule which the initiate has to apply to himself once he has graspedRays, 152:matters which, step by step, are revealed to the initiate as his consciousness is expanded. TheyRays, 152:is expanded. They relate to: The work which the initiate must accomplish within himself. The groupRays, 152:within himself. The group relations of the initiate and his absolute need to work with his groupRays, 152:has to master and the four lessons which the initiate has to complete in order that a completeRays, 152:continue to use this phrase) within which the initiate has to learn [153] consciously to work,Rays, 153:measure of success has been achieved, when the initiate's understanding is somewhat enlightened andRays, 154:to use, once he can be trusted, as the advanced initiate can ever be trusted. He is then set freeRays, 154:down to the immediate practical issues, the initiate is confronted with the problem of work withinRays, 155:initiations above or beyond the third. Here the initiate has reached the point where he grasps theRays, 155:it then becomes possible to admit the initiate to further advancement upon the Way. It is believedRays, 156:Black Lodge. The major liability of the average initiate is sloth or lack of speed. Ponder on that.Rays, 156:be done within the individual framework by the initiate; I will endeavor to help you to understandRays, 156:you to understand somewhat more clearly what the initiate-consciousness would read into the Law ofRays, 156:and appreciations which will affect the initiate increasingly and bring about his eventualRays, 157:Life or of Spirit and is the law with which the initiate works; it is this law he wields. FromRays, 157:in explanation of this law. You have not yet the initiate [158] consciousness. I have therefore hadRays, 158:express this law in terms of form, whereas the initiate understands it from its formless angle.Rays, 158:of the eye of vision (turned this time by the initiate functioning in the world of causes upon theRays, 158:Plan condition all the activities of the initiate working with this law. Clearer than this I cannotRays, 158:work of transmission the seven centers of the initiate are used as agencies; their work, therefore,Rays, 158:of the etheric body of the individual initiate, implementing his life expression, but is the taskRays, 158:then channeled through the seven centers, in the initiate's etheric vehicle and out into the worldRays, 158:energies - transmitted by the individual initiate from the planetary centers - are handled by himRays, 162:the causal body also disappears and the initiate stands free in the three worlds. The astral bodyRays, 162:and register contact) they pass away and the initiate remains, possessed of power over form and aRays, 163:in certain larger connotations) with which the initiate specifically deals when wielding the Law ofRays, 163:can be seen if you remember that the individual initiate, when wielding this law, draws upon theRays, 164:however, definitely present to the eye of the initiate and prove most interesting and informative.Rays, 164:the condition of the centers which enables the initiate to know - when in process of bestowingRays, 165:conditioning and change. In the work of the initiate who is consciously wielding this law, theRays, 166:has been undergone in order to enable the initiate to function upon the cosmic astral plane, whenRays, 167:arrived at a section of the rules which requires initiate-consciousness for right and trueRays, 167:of the Laws of Life as they appear to the initiate and are interpreted by him within the sphere ofRays, 171:Ashram can then confine the consciousness of the initiate, and all differences of every kindRays, 174:and medium of activity becomes clear to the initiate-members of the group. To this H.P.B. referredRays, 174:each contact with the Initiator leads the initiate closer to the center of pure darkness - aRays, 174:is the very antithesis of darkness as the non-initiate and the unenlightened understand. It is aRays, 174:Even in the earlier initiations, and when the initiate has proved his right to be initiated, theRays, 175:Power is communicated to the candidate (ever an initiate of the second degree) by the Christ WhoRays, 175:Whose protective aura (in conjunction with the initiate's Master and another Master or an adept ofRays, 175:the first time the expanded consciousness of the initiate can contact Shamballa and the One WhoRays, 175:an impact upon the enlightened brain of the initiate, bringing something new and different into hisRays, 175:qualifications or basic recognitions to the initiate: a sense of essential being which obliteratesRays, 176:in synthesis and, again for the first time, the initiate comprehends the meaning of the ancientRays, 176:and attentive. He stands directly behind the initiate so as to arrest and distribute the potencyRays, 176:and distribute the potency passing through the initiate's body and centers; the candidate is alsoRays, 177:alternatives, as I have elsewhere told you. The initiate may pass out of this planetary lifeRays, 177:the world of meaning has revealed, so the higher initiate works consciously in the world of purposeRays, 178:all veils are rent and naught stands between the initiate and Essential Being. Rays, 178:one of the lines of development (confronting the initiate) is to function adequately in response toRays, 178:untouched as yet in any discussions on initiate-training. In the rule as given to applicants, theRays, 181:[181] which must be mastered by the initiate as he "escapes" occultly from the three worlds via theRays, 181:on to the Path of Initiation, just as the initiate finds himself (after mastering illusion) on theRays, 182:remind you that we are considering work that the initiate must accomplish, and are not consideringRays, 182:dominated by him and are not to control him. The initiate, however, works "from within the circle,"Rays, 182:be noted here that the energies projected by the initiate into the world of maya are directed byRays, 182:the central "jewel in the lotus" from which the initiate works, and these seven central focalRays, 182:of that quota of the Shamballa force which the initiate is able to appropriate and to use becauseRays, 183:along the antahkarana that the force used by the initiate must pour, and according to the nature ofRays, 183:strand or thread of the rainbow bridge which the initiate employs. There are four veils of maya,Rays, 183:But the major type of energy with which the initiate works upon the physical plane is the seventh,Rays, 183:reality an aspect of time, and connotes to the initiate the mass of creative forces with which heRays, 183:reached by the life of God. The work of the initiate, acting under hierarchical inspiration, is toRays, 184:are all aspects of soul light; the work of the initiate is to aid in the construction of theRays, 184:or lotuses. In studying these rules for the initiate, it must ever be remembered that they concernRays, 184:but such relationship is not required by the initiate who has consciously discarded all these lowerRays, 191:by the lower mind, but with the aid of the initiate consciousness. Rays, 194:the light of these remarks, and note how a great initiate endeavored to reveal some facts, inherentRays, 197:the aspirant, and a very different thing to the initiate, and that the choices made by the initiateRays, 197:the initiate, and that the choices made by the initiate resemble not those made by the disciple.Rays, 197:to that condition which overwhelms the highest Initiate as He awaits entrance into the CouncilRays, 198:the apparently impenetrable darkness. For the initiate, this blindness is still more esoteric;Rays, 198:is no longer the Initiator, but stands to the initiate as the Master does to the disciple. It is aRays, 199:this separating darkness encountered by the initiate may not be given: Veil I. That which faces theRays, 199:as yet he sees Him not. Veil II. That which the initiate encounters at the fourth initiation andRays, 199:That mysterious blindness which overwhelms the initiate when - as the Embodiment of all the forcesRays, 200:plane, so familiar an illusion to all of us. The initiate passes on to the cosmic astral plane andRays, 200:A relative freedom has been gained and the initiate stands free from much that has hithertoRays, 200:there is nothing within the consciousness of the initiate which can respond to them. The Voice ofRays, 201:the Spiritual Triad responds and of which the initiate is a part, because the Sound which he makesRays, 201:and are no longer "moved" by the OM, then the initiate becomes a Christ in expression and makes His
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