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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATE

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Rays, 656:as well as from the angle of the individual initiate, but it must not be forgotten that theseRays, 660:occurred in all the races of men. Just as the initiate-disciple passes from one initiation toRays, 662:to souls on all the rays and to every type of initiate. From the standpoint of the Hierarchy, it isRays, 662:of the Hierarchy, it is not the individual initiate who is of importance, but the groups in everyRays, 667:new dedication to service is vouchsafed, and the initiate is ready to undergo the BaptismRays, 667:in order to attain greater beauty of life, are initiate and have undergone the first initiation.Rays, 671:steadily intensifying effort on the part of the initiate-disciple. [672] Thus the work of magicalRays, 672:throat center are in true related alignment, the initiate-disciple becomes a creative worker underRays, 672:to be told anent the first initiation; the initiate-disciple still works in the dimly lit "cave ofRays, 675:astral plane and the "washing by water" of the initiate. It expressed the purely Atlantean form ofRays, 675:action of fire, "is resolved into steam and the initiate is immersed in the fogs and miasmas, theRays, 675:Out of this fog and out of the glamors, the initiate must emerge; out of the present fog of humanRays, 675:emerge eventually. The success of the individual initiate is the guarantee of the racial destiny.Rays, 677:on causal levels. What is the basic goal of the initiate who has taken the second initiation? IRays, 677:consummation. What, therefore, lies ahead of the initiate who has entered the purificatory water,Rays, 679:in all men. To these requirements, the so-called initiate of the Theosophical Society (with theRays, 685:excessively hard work, during which process the initiate becomes what he is. This may entailRays, 685:but not in the form usually pictured. The initiate finds himself in the company of those who haveRays, 685:aspect of initiation - when realized by the initiate - ties his experience into a firm relationRays, 686:from blindness - a liberation which enables the initiate to see a new vision. This vision concernsRays, 687:experiences which have prepared the body of the initiate for the reception of the terrific voltageRays, 687:This voltage is passed through the body of the initiate under the direction of the planetary Logos,Rays, 687:of the planetary Logos, before Whom the initiate stands for the first time. The Rod of InitiationRays, 687:agent. The second initiation freed the initiate from the astral [688] level of consciousness, theRays, 688:This was an essential experience because the initiate (standing before the One Initiator for theRays, 688:worlds that there is henceforth nothing in the initiate which could offset the divine initiatoryRays, 688:upon manas, the fifth principle; it enables the initiate to use the mind as its major instrument inRays, 689:are not confined simply to the individual initiate, but that henceforth at all the laterRays, 689:and constructive a quality as that to which the initiate is subjected at the seventh initiation.Rays, 689:another culminating point in the career of the initiate, and indicates his entrance into anRays, 690:which He is possessed, to the head center of the initiate and from thence immediately to the ajnaRays, 690:thence immediately to the ajna center of the initiate. Then this energy is directed outward intoRays, 690:is nothing of a registering mechanism in the initiate's equipment capable of registering itsRays, 691:the twofold direction of the life energy of the initiate - outward into the world of men and upwardRays, 691:(and there are certain energies of which the initiate is constantly aware), the ajna center isRays, 692:reason all the three keynotes of his life as an initiate - before and immediately after the thirdRays, 695:stated in reality the platform upon which the initiate of the third initiation takes his stand. HeRays, 695:One tremendous experience is vouchsafed to the initiate at this time; he realizes (because he seesRays, 695:The sixth initiation is only possible when the initiate has definitely made the neededRays, 696:It is not a refusal to hold, for the initiate is at the point where he asks and holds nothing forRays, 696:importance to humanity and to the individual initiate who is, of course, a member of the fourthRays, 696:simply emphasizes the suffering undergone by the initiate as he renounces all that is of a materialRays, 697:my other books), and now stands liberated. Each initiate who makes this renunciation and undergoesRays, 697:draw all men unto Me." So spoke the Christ. The initiate is lifted up by his renunciation - whichRays, 698:time [698] devoid of the crucifixion aspect; the initiate at that great moment renounces or refusesRays, 698:process in its first three phases, the initiate rejects control of the energies which are seated inRays, 698:of life on the physical plane, if the initiate chooses to incarnate for service ends. The solarRays, 698:of the Resurrection is "that whereby the initiate performs his hierarchical obligations."Rays, 698:work and living and are under the control of the initiate - a control which becomes increasinglyRays, 699:physical plane. At this fourth initiation the initiate begins to function entirely and always uponRays, 699:is because of this permanent transition of the initiate's "living focus" - lifted out of the threeRays, 699:make holy; that is what in truth happens to the initiate; he is "made holy"; he is "set apart"Rays, 700:of abstract thought - loses its control over the initiate and is henceforth only useful in service.Rays, 700:spiritual sensitivity - takes its place and the initiate lives henceforth in the light of correctRays, 701:experience. It is with this ray energy that the initiate works as he makes the Great RenunciationRays, 701:can here be noted. As I mentioned earlier, the initiate now works from "above downwards." This isRays, 703:to bear in mind that each initiation enables the initiate to "see ahead" a little further, forRays, 704:emphasizing that aspect in the experience of the initiate which leads to revelation; i.e., hisRays, 704:but this has in no way mattered (as the initiate in the West soon learns); he now knows that theRays, 704:all men from the most primitive to the advanced initiate, the difference consisting in that whichRays, 704:which that consciousness is developing. With the initiate-disciple this is also the case; he entersRays, 704:and with all that is familiar in them, the initiate suddenly realizes that he has indeed beenRays, 707:of the revelation which is accorded to the initiate of the fifth initiation. It is too closelyRays, 707:will assert their spiritual identity and claim initiate status. This they could not do on accountRays, 708:that three energies are necessary for the initiate to employ if he seeks revelation; no matter whatRays, 709:by the direct energy of the Monad itself; the initiate will then know practically (and not justRays, 711:ninth or the final initiation, which enables the initiate - in a manner [712] incomprehensible toRays, 713:than I can possibly give you is revealed to the initiate at the time of the fifth initiation. TheRays, 714:the third initiation. From that time on the initiate demonstrates increasingly and steadily theRays, 714:purpose is slowly, very slowly, revealed to the initiate during the final five [715] initiationsRays, 715:the Initiation of Renunciation. At that time the initiate says, in unison with the great head ofRays, 715:out of matter and, from that point on, the initiate begins to glimpse the purpose of the planetaryRays, 715:Their Own use of the will in relation to the initiate, and the initiate's use of the will as heRays, 715:of the will in relation to the initiate, and the initiate's use of the will as he works for theRays, 719:of Decision also becomes possible because the initiate has, since his affiliation with theRays, 720:word to express the type of consciousness of the initiate who has taken the five initiations ofRays, 721:an initiation of any degree, He is already an initiate of that degree. They in Their totality - atRays, 723:in Shamballa use this period to instruct the initiate who has made his decision through anRays, 723:in a realized state of Being," because the initiate is a conscious aspect of that of which he formsRays, 725:holds Them. The revelation accorded to the Initiate in the first stage of the initiation gives HimRays, 725:follows the revelation of what may be, and the initiate knows that he faces the final resurrectionRays, 725:left behind entirely at the ninth initiation the initiate becomes a "fixed or stationary point ofRays, 726:as to stimulate the point of tension of the new initiate in order to make the revelation possible. Rays, 726:is needed because at this initiation the initiate is shown not only the eternal good [727]Rays, 727:and the purpose of duality is revealed to the initiate, it is again meaningless. At these threeRays, 727:major factor is the developed sensitivity of the initiate himself - a sensitivity which hasRays, 727:been revelation - each revelation "carrying the initiate closer to the Heart of the Sun wherein allRays, 728:When that revelation is accorded to the initiate, he for the first time receives his initialRays, 728:in his present. This is not so with the initiate of the sixth initiation. He is entirely liberatedRays, 729:and definitely, and the light in which the initiate walks waxes ever brighter and brighter. LightRays, 731:many deaths within the aeonial life cycle of the initiate: The familiar and constantly recurringRays, 731:but even that sentence is (from the angle of the initiate) only a part of a larger truth.Rays, 732:At the fifth initiation it is revealed to the initiate that life in form is indeed death, and heRays, 732:from all considerations of form, and the initiate becomes a concentrated point of living light; heRays, 732:of which Christ spoke and which only an initiate of the seventh degree can understand or convey.Rays, 732:or convey. After the fifth initiation, the initiate has slowly been sensing the nature of thisRays, 733:It is this revelation which is accorded to the initiate at this seventh Initiation of Resurrection.Rays, 735:Some of Them, as I mentioned earlier, aid the initiate of the seventh degree; a still larger groupRays, 735:initiations. This seventh initiation gives the initiate the right to "come and go in the courts ofRays, 735:energy to a lower; every initiation charges the initiate with electrical force, and this charging
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