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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATED

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Astrology, 64:that time the Sun was in Leo. The process then initiated upon the physical plane and producingAstrology, 104:as the result of the great evolutionary process, initiated in Aries. The life of God which in thisAstrology, 106:step of the soul (the microcosm of the already initiated Macrocosm) towards incarnation, theAstrology, 113:soul. Humanity, the individualized and finally initiated man. This is the embodiment of the humanAstrology, 168:in Capricorn, fulfiled the law under Saturn, initiated the era of intelligent brotherhood underAstrology, 183:expression of great mutable, and yet fixed and initiated spiritual Lives. It is for this reasonAstrology, 185:selfless disciple. All this has perforce to be initiated upon the Mutable Cross which isAstrology, 196:appearance and the great divine experiment is initiated. Vulcan and Pluto are related to the twoAstrology, 207:of Scorpio. These tests and trials are ever self-initiated; the disciple puts himself into theAstrology, 225:have our being. The self-indulgence which was initiated in Taurus gives way in Scorpio to theAstrology, 229:Capricorn, the man is an initiate before he is initiated. This is the true secret of initiation.Astrology, 253:experiment, experience and expression which was initiated - from the mental angle - in our AryanAstrology, 313:Heavens. In the last analysis, it is only the initiated disciple who can fathom the true meaning ofAstrology, 316:and why, in the last analysis, only the initiated Sons of God can grasp the significance of theAstrology, 320:human awareness to the conscious wisdom of the initiated disciple. These nine signs are strictlyAstrology, 331:of substance itself. Human beings, without initiated vision, are apt to interpret all the signs andAstrology, 333:crosses the water The Conqueror of Death Fluid Initiated 11. Aquarius, Keynote: Aquarius releasesAstrology, 348:called. For instance, the Leo subject who has an initiated consciousness preserves theAstrology, 360:an individual soul in form. A conflict is thus initiated which leads finally to balance. This leadsAstrology, 475:from the stage of self-hood to that of the self-initiated and perfected soul. It is not myAstrology, 495:the activity of the mind which has been initiated into the purposes of the Universal Mind. It isAstrology, 523:worldwide humanitarian, self-sacrifice (self-initiated) and firm decision to stand by righteousnessAstrology, 548:Determiner of the future. That which is now initiated in Aries will become manifested in Aquarius,Astrology, 565:Monad, thereby proving to the world that He was initiated into states of consciousness of which theAstrology, 567:enabled Him to inaugurate the Christian era; it initiated, through Him, the "age of Love" which isAstrology, 619:New cycles of Being and of consciousness are initiated by conflict. Such seems as yet to be the lawAstrology, 671:the Post-Christian Astrologers who had not been initiated." (S.D. Vol. III, 461) "This Self, theAtom, 116:here is this: every initiation has to be self-initiated. That final stage when definite help isAtom, 134:whole, finding it by means of definite self-initiated endeavor, and then unifying himself with thatAutobiography, 172:Chapter IV Let there be no mistake, the movement initiated by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was anAutobiography, 240:some of the activities which the Tibetan initiated in an effort along with other members of theBethlehem, 9:them in the light of the present. Through self-initiated experiment we can prove their validity;Bethlehem, 10:and (given the needed instruction) could be initiated into the mysteries of God. A new unfoldmentBethlehem, 11:that they may embody some experience and some initiated undertaking through which many ChristiansBethlehem, 16:of the value of the individual and his self-initiated efforts at release and illumination, with theBethlehem, 27:they have no conscious knowledge of that self-initiated program which has to be followed in fullBethlehem, 42:place. At that time, as many believe, we are initiated through the instrumentality of the Christ,Bethlehem, 79:follow His steps, and carry on the work which He initiated. As we have traveled with Christ fromBethlehem, 128:experience; then by conscious effort and self-initiated discipline; and finally by the processes ofBethlehem, 147:upon his own nature. When this process is self-initiated, then the speed with which the work isBethlehem, 192:of the time when men in large numbers could be initiated into the mysteries, required from them aDestiny, 98:worldwide humanitarian, self-sacrifice (self-initiated) and a firm decision to stand byDestiny, 147:and came to us in the dark of the year and initiated a new era in which light was to be theDiscipleship1, XV:because these people will have achieved a self-initiated perfection (even if relative in nature)Discipleship1, XV:Group initiation, made possible by the self-initiated effort of individual disciples, following outDiscipleship1, 21:is not easy unless it is entirely self-initiated. The suggestions which I make to you, my brothers,Discipleship1, 101:constitute a release, self-achieved and self-initiated. This means as much in the life of mankindDiscipleship1, 170:to give you at this time because what has been initiated will achieve its own momentum and travelDiscipleship1, 205:When this occurs, you later discover that you initiated conflict instead of having institutedDiscipleship1, 208:which grows out of conditions which are self-initiated and which are based on the effort to handleDiscipleship1, 272:around us. They are effects of causes which are initiated by man himself. In the regeneration ofDiscipleship1, 275:Be more outgoing (as a part of your self-initiated training) to those, for instance, with whom yourDiscipleship1, 292:of all degrees, probationary, accepted and initiated. You are needed in the pressure of the comingDiscipleship1, 362:needs attention - an attention which has to be initiated by a definite process of destruction. YouDiscipleship1, 611:you. You were asked to help in some work which I initiated in 1919 (when I first contacted A. A. B.Discipleship1, 730:world lies in the hands of their three groups of initiated disciples; with them, the acceptedDiscipleship1, 731:them to be used in service. In other words: the initiated disciples in a Master's group focus theDiscipleship1, 731:with the revelation, coming from Shamballa. Initiated disciples have no interest in anything butDiscipleship2of A.A.B. as a trained collaborator and initiated an unique and pioneering experiment in new ageDiscipleship2, 5:In my first attempt certain group limitations initiated difficulty and led to the closing of theDiscipleship2, 62:The term "goats" is esoterically applied to initiated disciples and to those who have climbed theDiscipleship2, 83:of dire world need, two other modes of work were initiated: the Triangles and the Goodwill work.Discipleship2, 84:there be? A.A.B. has been interested in and has initiated, with F.B., all departments. She hasDiscipleship2, 101:you to remember that this group effort which I initiated with the assistance of some of the olderDiscipleship2, 104:for the processes of initiation by becoming initiated into the mysteries of divinity throughDiscipleship2, 105:medium of an ashramic, reflective meditation, initiated by the Custodian of the Plan. The Master ofDiscipleship2, 163:resulted in the world war (1914-1945) and initiated the seething emotional and psychic turmoil inDiscipleship2, 236:expression of his own spiritual understanding, initiated by a conscious construction or creation ofDiscipleship2, 287:hidden divinity within these seeds. What he initiated then still persists and - under the Law ofDiscipleship2, 323:them the following: Into what are you being initiated? Are disciples being initiated into theDiscipleship2, 323:are you being initiated? Are disciples being initiated into the Hierarchy? Are there certain secretDiscipleship2, 338:to explain. Why should the fact of being initiated involve prevision? That is the immediateDiscipleship2, 347:on advancing and advanced disciples is that of "initiated thinking." This means thought carriedDiscipleship2, 366:and active program, formulated by you and self-initiated by you, and therefore, in theseDiscipleship2, 366:of the life of the Lord of the World, whose self-initiated program, implemented by evolutionaryDiscipleship2, 373:hierarchical group. If I say to you that the initiated disciple uses the ajna center, I am onlyDiscipleship2, 375:in the process of carrying out activities - initiated by impression. In the early stages he callsDiscipleship2, 376:interest. It concerns the first contact of the initiated disciple with the energy emanating fromDiscipleship2, 453:work would slowly weaken as the tension, earlier initiated, weakened; his ability to attract and toDiscipleship2, 454:Ceremonial - new phases of work. These are initiated in the silence of the process of abstraction,Discipleship2, 454:in my Ashram, should proceed. You have already initiated certain activities, both in yourDiscipleship2, 482:result of the disciple's own effort and his self-initiated awakening; once awakened, never againDiscipleship2, 485:of your life. This training must be self-initiated and it must ever be undertaken in order to fitDiscipleship2, 592:and the spirit of love upon the world. This was initiated in 1825, and brought about the majorDiscipleship2, 633:ever that approach and service must be self-initiated and self-implemented. The only help which theDiscipleship2, 688:attitudes and mental processes. These self-initiated decisions can and do lead to [689] basic innerDiscipleship2, 703:responsibility for some phase of the work initiated in my Ashram or by my co-disciple, A.A.B. SheEducation, 96:the Mind of God. Thus he will more easily be initiated into the purposes and plans of the Creator.Education, 116:world relations. These changes are being self-initiated by him and are not imposed upon him by anEducation, 120:the only true sacrifice is that which is self-initiated, and that when it is an enforced sacrificeEducation, 140:of this integration will be definitely initiated by the trained parents of the new age andEducation, 146:The thread of creative activity is initiated and constructed by the human being. It is anchored,Externalisation, 39:He said (following the example of Hermes, Who initiated the process of enlightenment for our race,Externalisation, 41:of the issue and the controversy, then initiated, is now upon us. The third function, therefore, ofExternalisation, 110:to regard the present crisis as being caused or initiated by events which are of so ancient anExternalisation, 113:- will help men to right the wrongs they have initiated, to learn the needed lessons and to comeExternalisation, 361:and sequential process. This process was initiated upon the astral plane by the Buddha, and on theExternalisation, 367:an unalterable determination to end the evil initiated and carried forward by Germany and Japan,Externalisation, 412:of the value of the individual and his self-initiated effort at release and illumination, with theExternalisation, 446:of Conferences and of Councils," now being initiated by the statesmen of the world, may be under
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