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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATED

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Externalisation, 456:complementary or supplementary to the self-initiated effort of mankind - will make that effortExternalisation, 540:reactions in the face of the darkness which evil initiated; problems of increased personnel,Externalisation, 566:immediate moment) that the work of destruction initiated by the Hierarchy during the past oneExternalisation, 567:this be only temporarily so, something has been initiated, the effects of which will never be lost.Externalisation, 568:great departments the same. The earlier Masters initiated the needed steps of preparation, and theExternalisation, 575:world - a world which, through its own self-initiated efforts, has attained a general quietude andExternalisation, 583:mission and know it to be no fanatical and self-initiated intention, but a definite task undertakenExternalisation, 635:interpretations which save a man, but his self-initiated application of his own understanding ofFire, 397:levels of the mental plane, from whence are initiated the impulses and purposes of the Spirit inFire, 417:is He, again, who holds spiritual sway over the initiated Adepts throughout the whole world. He is,Fire, 644:for all progress must be self-induced, self-initiated, and be the result of an inner activity. AsFire, 704:recipient of buddhi, cannot be mentioned outside initiated circles. It holds hid the possibility ofFire, 890:in their various groups. The manipulators of the initiated energy. These are the myriads of workersFire, 893:The second great life impulse, or life wave, initiated by our planetary Logos, when brought inFire, 977:built consciously or unconsciously. Of self-initiated thought forms or of the effect of the thoughtFire, 995:stone whence the higher expansion can be initiated. Let not the would-be student of magic proceedFire, 999:note sent forth by him, and the strength of his initiated vibration. Hence, the first thing theFire, 1021:down from the mental plane where the solar Angel initiated the work, through the astral, where theFire, 1051:produce specific effects. The activity or motion initiated and stimulated by the life of any of theFire, 1054:currents, resistance to retarding forces is initiated consciously and with scientific accuracy, andFire, 1082:of a totally different nature, carrying to the initiated and intuitive investigator many hints ofFire, 1105:body. The thought currents or energy units initiated by identification with groups, national,Fire, 1120:to the work of those centers as it is self-initiated because inherent in their very nature, [1121]Fire, 1146:kingdom, so that they appeared as man, and thus initiated a particular group. Their descendants canFire, 1184:designs of great beauty to the eye of the initiated seer. We have the transverse and bisectingFire, 1188:bodies of manifestation. The [1188] vibration initiated by the Sound, which is the expression ofFire, 1257:depicted in gold, and conveying to the initiated adept the name of one or other of the planetaryGlamour, 105:three groups: [105] Planetary causes. Causes initiated by humanity itself. Causes induced by anyGlamour, 106:A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor b. Causes initiated by Humanity itself. Slowly, step byGlamour, 114:A World Problem - The Causes of Glamor c. Causes initiated by the Individual. If you have studiedGlamour, 116:produce those glamorous which are strictly initiated and produced by the man himself. They are: TheGlamour, 125:in substance itself. Those glamors which are initiated by humanity, as a whole, and intensifiedGlamour, 168:and sequential process. This process was initiated upon the astral plane [169] by the Buddha, andGlamour, 262:is true and possible, but they will be self-initiated as a result of rhythmic living and a constantHealing, 55:i.e., effects which are the result of causes initiated in earlier incarnations. From the generalHealing, 83:the incentive whereby conscious activity is initiated. There are many words used to describe theseHealing, 242:the result of a true subjective cause) are initiated by the physical man himself, either in thisHealing, 263:colors existence - are aspects of effects, initiated somewhere, on some level at some time, byHealing, 266:what it is in them, as a race, which has initiated their ancient and dire fate, this basic worldHealing, 275:are, in their turn, the result of activities initiated and carried through in previousHealing, 291:karma, and the karma based on causes later to be initiated will not generate such dire effects asHealing, 293:the matter when endeavoring to train a group of initiated disciples in this mode of approachingHealing, 296:The factor that is of importance is the causes, initiated by man from life to life; these work outHealing, 368:in arriving at the truth through their own self-initiated effort. H.P.B. prophesied the work nowHealing, 374:and - working under soul direction or some initiated chela and in conformity with the teachingHealing, 375:soul instruction, or under [375] that of some initiated chela. These subsidiary groups will workHealing, 404:under the pull of that which he, as a soul, has initiated, and because of a sensed need to fulfilHealing, 445:(physical - emotional - mental)...if they are initiated disciples they are increasingly unaware ofHealing, 599:brings man to the point where he is "initiated into the realm of perfection and knows no furtherHealing, 616:a peculiar facility or capacity (besides a self-initiated task and a preordained destiny) to workHealing, 660:and Law X) can only be truly understood by the initiated disciple. They are, however, profoundlyHealing, 672:are therefore of practical application by the initiated disciple, particularly one who has takenHealing, 673:involves. Naturally, the perfect poise of an initiated disciple and that of the initiated MasterHealing, 673:poise of an initiated disciple and that of the initiated Master are different, for one concerns theHealing, 676:the stable, immovable orientation of the initiated disciple, whilst goodwill can be regarded as itsHealing, 676:of the personality which, in the case of the initiated disciple, is of a very high order. It alsoHealing, 677:is in the inexperienced healer or the non-initiated healer, the healer is apt to absorb theHealing, 678:they embody proven facts for those of us who are initiated disciples of the Christ or of SanatHealing, 695:Rays and will carry much information to the initiated disciple, and even in part to the intelligentHealing, 705:formulas, gathered out of the Book of Rules for Initiated Disciples. I dare not yet give the simpleHercules, 13:place, and a new and self-directed effort is initiated, which is portrayed for us in the story ofHercules, 33:seen the beginning of form life and which has initiated the creative work, there begins to be feltHercules, 60:where experience is gained and where the causes, initiated in the world of mental effort, mustHercules, 72:to live as souls, and when by our own self-initiated endeavor we are learning to serve and beHercules, 89:subconscious and potential; the other is self-initiated, self-conscious and potent. CancerHercules, 90:in Capricorn, fulfiled the law under Saturn, initiated the era of intelligent brotherhood underHercules, 172:and life to the soul and only then, when self-initiated, can he be trusted with the secrets of lifeHercules, 177:purify himself. Then we read that he had to be initiated into the mysteries. As far as I canHercules, 177:a terrible time in your own life and you are initiated as you undergo your own hell. You learn theInitiation, 59:Research groups everywhere, and he it was who initiated, through various pupils of his, theInitiation, 94:the consciousness of the human family was initiated by the Hierarchy during the Atlantean root-raceInitiation, 97:expansions of self-conscious realization, self-initiated and self-imposed. It is the line ofInitiation, 101:process of conscious control, and of the self-initiated manipulations of the above powers. He willInitiation, 117:he is governed only by will and purpose, self-initiated, and creates his body of manifestation, andInitiation, 132:lesser movements for the helping of the race, initiated by the Masters working through theirInitiation, 148:part occupied by certain ceremonial work of the initiated group around the newly admitted brother.Initiation, 151:or perforce, and through the power of the initiated vibrations build the required forms out ofInitiation, 158:seven syllables of the Word of their degree or initiated grade. The three Words which blend theInitiation, 159:and the specific will-energy of the one who initiated the sound is directed towards the livingInitiation, 224:language, or the "mystery speech" of the initiated adepts all over the world. It is a universalIntellect, 39:in nature. Meditation is primarily a self-initiated process of education, calling forth all theIntellect, 83:in this instance must be self-applied and self-initiated. Through meditation, the mind is used asIntellect, 103:the outer world, but have no inherent or self-initiated activities of their own. Intellect, 156:Then a fresh cycle of devotion and discipline is initiated, until again the vision is seen and theIntellect, 246:self-forgetting service - a service that is self-initiated, and carried forward because the soul isMagic, 48:attributes. Working out certain effects, initiated in an earlier system. Cooperating in the plan ofMagic, 103:of the race, and these are developed by self-initiated [104] effort, freedom in action andMagic, 398:Then the "yoga of devotion" or bhakti yoga was initiated for the training of the aspirants at thatMagic, 464:of any kind being generated. All causes, being initiated by a mind of some kind, functioningMagic, 464:necessarily the future, and that the causes initiated in one life work out as effects in another?Magic, 465:according to a rhythmic cyclic beat, initiated in still earlier solar systems, than the oneMeditation, 319:to answer questions and to superintend work initiated by the pupil himself, and not compelled byMeditation, 359:language, or the "mystery speech" of the initiated adepts all over the world. It is a universalPatanjali, 48:demonstration of energy (the spoken word and the initiated action) is undertaken with a fullPatanjali, 52:experience" under the Law of Rebirth, were initiated into the mysteries by the one Initiator, thePatanjali, 57:as the student - through study and self initiated effort - arrives at just conclusions. It might bePatanjali, 284:in that life is the effect of a previous cause, initiated by himself in an early incarnation; hePatanjali, 392:engendered; no effects are set up through causes initiated by the yogi that can serve to hold himPatanjali, 394:time, under proper adjustment, every cause then initiated must inevitably work out into effects andPatanjali, x:men who had achieved liberation through self-initiated effort. This period, in our Aryan race,
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