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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATED

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Psychology1, xviii:go forward because of the free choice and self-initiated effort of the individual student. Psychology1, 96:illumined minds, they [96] will find themselves initiated into a consciousness of true being andPsychology1, 117:of workers, who later, as a result of his self-initiated effort, teach him to be a communicator, anPsychology1, 155:the third initiation, he has been led on and initiated by the influence of the Christ, and underPsychology1, 184:unseen than any other line of activity hitherto initiated. Of this I may not speak beyond tellingPsychology1, 235:of "results," it is as they demonstrate as initiated causes that we best arrive at theirPsychology1, 237:In the last analysis also, the aggregate of self-initiated influences, or the magnetic radiation ofPsychology1, 240:and fire, the mineral kingdom has also been initiated, and in the great world war, in the steelPsychology1, 262:the great experiment of individualization was initiated, the energies or ray influences from thePsychology1, 368:were intended to convey and to reveal to the initiated has been quite forgotten. Also, the trend ofPsychology1, 385:realize it, there to work out that which they initiated in other lives and bodies. As you may know,Psychology2, 28:others in working off the effects of the earlier initiated causes. This is a point not oftenPsychology2, 57:Plan, for we are only as yet in process of being initiated into that Plan and we are not aware ofPsychology2, 177:it is important that all should grasp the self-initiated necessity of initiation. Do we understandPsychology2, 187:This great group training experiment, now being initiated on earth through a new activity of thePsychology2, 199:as above, because only those who are initiated or in preparation for initiation can begin toPsychology2, 213:of the responding form, resulting in an initiated activity, and then there was the production ofPsychology2, 244:are brought into line with the higher impulses initiated by the soul. This is only another way ofPsychology2, 264:incapable of being anything definitely self-initiated, but are standardized by mass complexes. TheyPsychology2, 322:in this process of exhalation or breathing-out, initiated by the monad, or the One Life. The energyPsychology2, 323:when consciously undergone and definitely self-initiated. Thus the field of soul influence isPsychology2, 389:work of the Great White Lodge. The fiat which initiated this creative activity, as far as itPsychology2, 498:the desire nature or to the thought life; they initiated predisposing germ-complexes, and thereforeRays, 56:now works, and the circle the sphere of his self-initiated activity. I need not carry the storyRays, 56:there and to recognize that this self-initiated Sound - breathed forth from a point of tension - isRays, 57:in its place under the inspiration of a self-initiated inner program. Progress, from the largerRays, 65:its delusive sphere and are there aided by the initiated disciple working from the higherRays, 91:Christ's evocation of the fire of the will was initiated symbolically in the Garden of [92]Rays, 99:of their attention is not there. If they are initiated disciples, they are increasingly unaware ofRays, 147:I would remind you that the creative process was initiated by Sound, and in that Sound the LogosRays, 170:(the Master D.K.) and three senior and [170] initiated disciples; the objective is the unfoldmentRays, 174:and when the initiate has proved his right to be initiated, the process is still a groupRays, 175:of the second degree) by the Christ Who has initiated him in the first two initiations but WhoseRays, 211:even to be unaware that the results of the good initiated by the individual disciple or [212] hisRays, 212:the work done by Their disciples, though They initiated the original impulse and have given bothRays, 215:speech, even exist. Such is the silence of the initiated disciple. We have therefore consideredRays, 223:the case of the individual initiate and of the initiated group - the final blow has to be struckRays, 240:process as applied to humanity. This "shift" was initiated by the Christ Himself; he worked withRays, 255:that the great Labor Movement in the world was initiated by one of the Masters and is implementedRays, 263:take up the four major injunctions given to the initiated disciple as he prepares to work under theRays, 265:and soul is brought about through the self-initiated effort of the disciple: first of all upon theRays, 265:be regarded as the conscious adaptation of the initiated disciple to the greater whole, as hisRays, 273:Triad is to the dedicated personality of the initiated disciple, for such is the spiritual statusRays, 287:significance of the five words as given to the initiated disciple. Let us take each of these fiveRays, 287:that which contributes vital significance to the initiated life. I would have you, as you read myRays, 288:knowing of the aspirant and the knowledge of the initiated disciple? It is the difference whichRays, 288:mental plane on which his soul is focused. The initiated disciple knows the relation of theRays, 288:which is the agent of knowing, the mind. The initiated disciple is beyond registering triplicityRays, 289:emerge more clearly in the consciousness of the initiated disciple. It is a question of timing andRays, 291:of the aspirant and the knowledge of the initiated disciple has been expressed for us in a certainRays, 303:this latter task is growing, and more and more initiated revealers will be needed during the periodRays, 354:also symbolized which had naught to do with the Initiated Master Jesus. This symbolism and itsRays, 389:profit by them. Such people will necessarily be initiated disciples. Years ago (in 1922) when IRays, 402:this Path that the work of the Triangles which I initiated is related; the function of theseRays, 423:it is strictly a presentation of truth for the initiated disciple. Its line is strictly a first rayRays, 658:are understood and interpreted. Men are initiated into phases of the divine consciousness throughRays, 658:with the planetary Logos, it is He Who initiated a new process in seven phases, preparatory to theRays, 662:plus the realization of the consequences initiated and expressing themselves through the individualRays, 690:of the incoming energy largely because he is an initiated member of the Hierarchy and is also aReappearance, 6:one Who has a peculiar capacity (besides a self-initiated task and a preordained destiny) toReappearance, 72:It is clearly perceived by the Christ. The work initiated by Him two thousand years ago must beReappearance, 129:and in full waking consciousness, through self-initiated effort, penetrate into those inner realmsReappearance, 134:and sequential process. This process was initiated upon the astral plane [135] by the Buddha, andReappearance, 140:have disappeared into the fogs of theology (initiated by St. Paul) and in the discussions ofReappearance, 181:the work of salvation and of world uplift - was initiated by the Christ Himself; He worked with men
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