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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - INITIATES

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Astrology, 21:of senior aspirants, of disciples and of initiates. Astrology, 23:and from which they learn: The Book of Life - Initiates - the 12 constellations. The Book of WisdomAstrology, 31:two constitute the Greater Zodiac. Disciples and initiates can begin consciously to respond to allAstrology, 35:Water Atmic plane 5 9 IV Human Hierarchy The Initiates Lord of Sacrifice 4. Scorpio Planet -Astrology, 36:and that is why it is called the Hierarchy of Initiates. This can be seen by referring to theAstrology, 42:Hierarchies are the ninth and tenth, or the "Initiates" and the "Perfect Ones." All human beings,Astrology, 66:Rulers in connection with Disciples and Initiates Note: In charts connected with the Path, progressAstrology, 75:of advanced human beings - disciples and initiates. This has not hitherto been accurately possible.Astrology, 80:f. Monad Ego Personality g. Three Initiations (Initiates) Two Initiations (Disciples) Ordinary manAstrology, 92:- Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. Aries initiates the cycle of manifestation. All souls, asAstrology, 131:the revelation of the Real which is the task all initiates undertake after the final experience ofAstrology, 141:of Death. The bulk, however, of the world initiates climax their experience in Aquarius and becomeAstrology, 141:given the name of Shamballa, but the bulk of the initiates and disciples remain attached to theAstrology, 160:The reason is that certain world disciples and initiates have reached the point in their unfoldmentAstrology, 162:and the sensitivity of the disciples and world initiates. The initiates, in their turn, are beingAstrology, 162:of the disciples and world initiates. The initiates, in their turn, are being subjected to theAstrology, 162:the three Crosses. These three forces enable the initiates to take the third initiation. Astrology, 163:personality and through the potency of Leo. Initiates are brought into relation to the worldAstrology, 170:the information which is imparted to all true initiates. The ancient mode of pilgrimage in India,Astrology, 193:manner: God the Father, the Will to manifest, initiates the creative process which is worked outAstrology, 197:the horoscopes of disciples and particularly of initiates) to consider the two Pointers and theAstrology, 202:you are concerned and is only of significance to initiates of the fourth degree. It serves,Astrology, 211:the lower personal forces. Scorpio governs "the initiates," which is the true esoteric name of man,Astrology, 224:upon the physical plane. Uranus, therefore, initiates a new order of life and conditions and this -Astrology, 243:Hercules. Sagittarius and Capricorn - The world Initiates; i.e., Masters. Cancer and Scorpio - TheAstrology, 268:are progressing into a sign wherein the ranks of initiates will be greatly augmented. In the stageAstrology, 271:man, another for disciples, and a third one for initiates above the third degree. As I earlierAstrology, 276:and which is testified to by all the mystics and initiates. This is in reality that which producesAstrology, 294:lies the burning ground which all disciples and initiates must tread. The Leo subject treads thisAstrology, 302:activity of which (under impulse from the Monad) initiates the successive involutionary periodsAstrology, 335:at a right interpretation of the lives: Of initiates. Of group absorption into synthesis. Of theAstrology, 360:situation, for it incites to trial efforts or initiates a series of beginnings in order to relateAstrology, 360:the waning of the light in matter itself. This initiates the struggle which, in a human being, isAstrology, 377:by the world aspirants, the world disciples and initiates. Thus are the purposes of DeityAstrology, 392:the energy of the first ray, that force which initiates or begins and that which also destroys,Astrology, 412:man, upon evolved man or upon disciples and initiates. The type of mechanism, and the quality ofAstrology, 442:of the Cardinal Cross - the Cross of that which initiates or brings into being. This has a peculiarAstrology, 464:the path of return. Accepted disciples and initiates express the interplay along the base lineAstrology, 464:the evocative and magnetic points. Higher initiates and Masters utilize and express the energyAstrology, 467:evolution and basic purpose is only revealed to initiates above the fifth initiation. They areAstrology, 484:of the world aspirants, disciples and initiates. Today, this dual movement of energies is going on,Astrology, 485:potency - affecting the world disciples and initiates, leading them to world service on a largeAstrology, 486:consciousness. The potency of Aries, as it initiates those happenings which will set in motion theAstrology, 498:where disciples, highly developed aspirants and initiates are concerned. The old exoteric astrologyAstrology, 512:- condition the centers. It is the centers of initiates which are ruled only by the seven sacredAstrology, 513:planets; advanced humanity, disciples and initiates by the esoteric planets. 4. The Sun sign - withAstrology, 517:Base of Spine - first ray - Pluto Disciples. Initiates - Esoteric Planets Head Center - first ray -Astrology, 532:material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates has still another phase to run. But theAstrology, 593:which is the dream and goal of the highest initiates in the Hierarchy to contact - the secretAstrology, 597:That is the clue to Ray I. It is the Will which initiates. Today, as regards humanity, its highestAstrology, 607:the point of development and only the higher initiates will understand the real implications of myAstrology, 607:three aspects are: The will which conditions and initiates. The will which brings fulfilment. TheAstrology, 615:primarily the creative will as it: [615] Initiates manifestation, and conditions that which isAstrology, 615:Overcomes death or differentiation. All initiates must and eventually do express dynamic, creativeAstrology, 617:is not that of the Whole. That which initiates, sees the end from the beginning and works towardsAstrology, 620:will which releases from form life and initiates the man into the kingdom wherein the will aspectAstrology, 625:and that is something which as yet is unknown to initiates below the third degree. Herein lies theAstrology, 632:of Shamballa to the Hierarchy or to the world initiates, giving to Them that dynamic and [633]Astrology, 635:astrology... Hence, divine Astrology for the Initiates; superstitious astrolatry for the profane.Astrology, 649:parlance "the outer round" or outer circle of initiates. Of these our Earth is one but beingAstrology, 671:one the 'Night-Sun'." (S.D. Vol. III, 212) "All initiates are 'epitomizers of the history of theAutobiography, 152:I thought the leaders and teachers were at least initiates of high degree. I attended meetings andAutobiography, 159:nth degree. A number who were looked up to as initiates were not particularly intelligent orAutobiography, 241:tread. He also gives the fourteen rules which Initiates have to follow, and this treatise in fiveAutobiography, 246:and liberation. The people who were indicated as initiates and senior disciples were entirelyAutobiography, 246:and is intended to offer study to disciples and initiates at the close of this century and theAutobiography, 248:developed people, aspirants, disciples and initiates who are beginning to control their stars andAutobiography, 255:knowing full well that disciples and initiates and Masters are known by their works and deeds andAutobiography, 256:choice of those whom the organizations claim are initiates or important members of the Hierarchy.Autobiography, 265:Disciples will be prepared for initiation, and initiates will be trained to take the higher majorAutobiography, 268:the Master and His band of working disciples and initiates, he brings to humanity definiteAutobiography, 290:today is full of self-proclaimed disciples, initiates and Masters; loud voices are everywhere to beAutobiography, 291:and prostituting [291] the divine science of the initiates before the eyes of the public; spuriousAutobiography, 291:before the eyes of the public; spurious initiates and imposters are lecturing up and down the earthAutobiography, 291:and not because they are seeking recognition as initiates. Their only claim is that they areBethlehem, 22:of the remotest past into the present, for the initiates are still with us and the door stillBethlehem, 23:the desire nature to the life of the soul. The initiates of the world are facing theBethlehem, 23:world is full of people who are claiming to be initiates. They fail to remember that no initiateBethlehem, 23:or speaks about himself. Those who claim to be initiates give denial to their claim in so doing.Bethlehem, 23:denial to their claim in so doing. Disciples and initiates are taught to be inclusive in theirBethlehem, 25:may pass, scrutinized and aided by that band of initiates and knowers who are the guides of theBethlehem, 25:which carries illumination and truth to men. The initiates of the world are to be found in everyBethlehem, 27:and of all its implications. Many so-called initiates today believe themselves to have reached thisBethlehem, 27:which marks St. Paul as one of the first initiates to attain that status under the ChristianBethlehem, 44:good men who are probably a long way from being initiates. Neither is the initiate a well-meaningBethlehem, 45:Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem Not all initiates can reach the altitude which Christ reached.Bethlehem, 45:child,' - the names ever given to the new Initiates. Such is the meaning of the words of Jesus,Bethlehem, 52:the Way. It stood for that ancient Way which the Initiates of the far East trod and taught. For ourBethlehem, 102:things happen: the initiate discovers his fellow initiates, those with whom he can associate, andBethlehem, 119:only the case in advanced people, disciples and initiates. In these three words - maya, glamor andBethlehem, 260:and are not only the secret possession of the Initiates. He enacted the drama of initiation beforeBethlehem, 281:do not prate of initiation or call themselves initiates; they are satisfied to walk among men asDestiny, 18:in this center and which is manipulated by the initiates and the Masters is making one of itsDestiny, 20:as it is of all world disciples and all working initiates, finds its representatives in every groupDestiny, 36:much will be learnt of the balancing group of initiates and adepts who work entirely with theDestiny, 107:human beings and the world disciples and initiates are concerned. There is much chaos on the planeDiscipleship1, 11:contemplating the world of energies in which all initiates work and in which you each must some dayDiscipleship1, 18:of the Masters themselves and their cooperating initiates. They work primarily upon the inner side.Discipleship1, 25:the working disciples of the world, the isolated initiates in the many world organizations and theDiscipleship1, 33:of the inner world government - disciples and initiates - and to this group, I play the part of
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